Chapter 6 – Haunted House Vlog (6)

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Watching the gardener kill the servant, Gu An frowned.
With an ugly expression, he watched the gardener stun Lin Wan and prepare to take her away when he suddenly stood up to stop the gardener.

Ming Ye held Gu An’s shoulder from beside him and gestured for him to continue watching.
Gu An looked confusedly at Ming Ye.
His brows were furrowed, and he seemed slightly upset.

“Don’t frown.” Ming Ye smoothed down Gu An’s brows.
A wisp of black qi emerged from the tip of his slender index finger before he curled his thumb to form a ball and tossed it at the gardener.
He turned his head and gestured to Gu An: “An An, look.
Our attacks don’t work on him.”

Gu An stared straight at the black ball.
Its speed was very fast.
It only took a few seconds to reach the gardener, but then it passed right through his body.
After hitting the wall, it still didn’t stop, but continued to fly forward.

Gu An was puzzled: “What’s going on?”

Ming Ye did not disappoint: “We’ve entered the memory of the house.
These are all things that occurred inside.” He paused, then looked at the gardener and Lin Wan before saying: “We’re just passersby here.
We can’t interfere or hurt the people here.
We’re just watching a real ‘movie’.”

Gu An’s eyes lowered, as if he were considering something.

The gardener not too far away held the unconscious Lin Wan in his arms as he walked out of the garden.
The dim light obscured his face, making it difficult to see his emotions.

If there was enough light at that moment, they could have clearly seen the confliction in the gardener’s eyes, as well as the frequent flickers of love and hatred within them.

After a while the gardener walked out of the dim area.
There was a bit of light in front of him, and the darkness in his eyes faded away.
He placed Lin Wan on a stone bench, then took a small bottle from his sleeves.
He shook out a black pill and fed it to Lin Wan.

As Lin Wan swallowed the pill, the gardener watched from beside her for a moment, then took a step back and disappeared into the night.

It didn’t take long for Lin Wan to wake up.
She seemed to have forgotten what had just happened, and stood up to walk back to her bedroom.

Gu An watched as both of them left.
At that time, only he and Ming Ye remained in the garden.
He strode toward the rose bush that had fed upon the gardener’s blood.

Ming Ye, who stood behind him, stared at the arm that had been tossed away in a trance.
His eyes flickered with emotions, as if a storm was brewing.

521 felt the air pressure emanating from Ming Ye’s body and was so scared that he didn’t dare to breathe, just trembled within the depths of Gu An’s mind.

After a while, Ming Ye smiled deeply as his eyebrows darkened.

He gently pressed against the inside of his cheek with the tip of his tongue.
There was a smile upon his face, but it didn’t reach his eyes.

He looked at Gu An, who was standing by the rose bush.
He had countless thoughts within his mind, and he wanted to hide Gu An somewhere only he knew.

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— Let Gu An’s eyes only look at him, think only of him……

The feeling came and went quickly.
Ming Ye calmed down and walked toward Gu An with a gentle smile on his face.

But the thoughts from just now lingered in his mind.

Ming Ye knew that he wasn’t a good person, but his An An didn’t like people who were too bad.

So he tried his best to pretend to be what An An liked.
After so long in disguise, even he almost forgot what he used to be.

However, the corners of Ming Ye’s mouth twitched into something like a smile, and his eyes were frozen.
If his An An didn’t remember him quickly, he didn’t know what he would do……

Ming Ye completely suppressed those dark and hopeless thoughts.

With a gentle smile on his face, he walked toward his beloved.

Gu An was engrossed in observing the roses, and was unaware of Ming Ye’s dangerous thoughts.

Looking at the blood that remained on the rose, he reached his finger out to swipe along the blood-stained petals.
The flesh of his white finger was stained slightly red.

Because the sky was too dark, Gu An couldn’t see clearly.
He brought his fingers closer to his eyes and carefully analyzed the gardener’s blood, as if looking for something.

“An An, be careful not to prick your hands.” Ming Ye had found a lantern somewhere to light up the rose bush.

The light inside the lantern flickered slightly, and the yellowish light shined on Gu An’s eyebrows, reducing the sense of coldness around his eyes.
It made him look very passionate.

Ming Ye’s eyes landed on Gu An’s lips.
After watching for a few seconds, his throat bobbed a few times, before he looked away.
His eyes drifted, not looking toward anything specific.

Using the light from the lantern, Gu An could easily see the appearance of the roses and the blood on his fingertips.

The rose petals on the outside were blooming, while the buds on the inside were shut tightly.
The bloodstains on his fingertips were thick and dark in color.
He lightly sniffed it, and there seemed to be a fishy scent underneath the sweetness.

The scent was very light, and dissipated as the wind blew.

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Gu An had barely smelled it before it was blown away by the night breeze, and he frowned.
The smell seemed to be the light scent of medicinal herbs

The reason why the gardener’s blood carry the scent of herbs was perhaps because he interacted with them for years, and the scent lingered on his body.

But that was just on the surface.
The gardener tasted of them internally.

Gu An parted the rose branches, wanting to see what the other roses were like.
As he ran his left hand along the stem of a rose, he accidentally grazed a thorn.

The thorn pierced the flesh of his finger pad, and a bright red drop of blood condensed.

Ming Ye calmed down his surging qi and blood.
He went to see Gu An and looked at the droplet on his fingertip, asking anxiously: “AN AN, are you injured? Does it hurt, ah? I’ll blow on it for you.”

As he spoke, he took Gu An’s hand and blew lightly on it, then put it into his mouth very naturally.

Ming Ye sucked the blood from Gu An’s fingertips and swirled his tongue around a few times before releasing him.

Gu An looked at his damp fingers with stunned eyes.
It took him a few seconds to react, but he couldn’t help but curl his fingers, saying: “Thanks.”

Ming Ye swallowed the sweet blood in his mouth and watched Gu An’s flushed ears.
He lowered his head to kiss between Gu An’s brows: “An An, you never have to say thank you to me.”

Gu An’s fingertips still felt the warmth of Ming Ye’s mouth.
Not hot, but it scorched him inside his heart.

He couldn’t help moving his fingers, as if he was unused to the feeling.

After a while, Gu An felt that his ears were no longer warm.
He raised his head and directed seriously: “Don’t kiss me so casually in the future.”

“No.” Ming Ye raised his eyebrows, responding with a sense of logic: “We are legal husbands, intimate contact is essential.”

Gu An didn’t agree with Ming Ye’s words.
“But I don’t remember.
I feel like an ordinary friend to you right now, and I don’t like it when you do anything to me.”

As soon as the words were spoken, Ming Ye’s body froze.

His voice was slightly deeper: “An An, you know, like this……”

Gu An’s face was not pleased.
He glared fiercely at Ming Ye, snorted coldly, then turned his head to the side and no longer responded to him.

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Ming Ye’s words echoed in his ears.

— Like being struck by the sun.

Ming Ye’s eyes deepened.

Thinking of Gu An’s words just now, he was very uncomfortable, but he knew well that Gu An only did it because he had forgotten some things.
It wasn’t intentional.

It was precisely because of this that Ming Ye felt uncomfortable.
He had nowhere to vent his emotions, and there was a faint urge to go berserk, but he remembered that he couldn’t do that in front of Gu An.

Because it would scare his beloved.

Ming Ye couldn’t bear to aim his anger at Gu An, so he changed targets.
His voice was like a demon returning from hell, snappish and cold: “I’ll ask again.
When will An An regain his memory?”

521 was startled by his voice, and it cautiously observed Ming Ye’s face.

Ming Ye had a faint smile on his face in order to not alert Gu An, but 521 saw the hint of madness in his eyes.

It believed that if Ming Ye could see it, it may have been killed a long time ago.

“For this problem,” 521 pushed the pot to its boss: “I need to ask my boss for help.
Don’t worry! My boss will definitely solve this problem perfectly!”

“Is that so?” Ming Ye smiled doubtfully, his voice like a bone-chilling wind: “I hope it’s as you said, otherwise–“

“–I’m about to be rude to you.”

A gentle sentence filled with infinite killing intent.

521 was terrified upon hearing it.
After assuring Ming Ye, it left Gu An with one sentence: “I have to leave and do something for a while,” and disappeared.

Gu An didn’t pay the matter much attention.
He pulled his eyes away from the roses and looked at Ming Ye.
When he saw the smile on Ming Ye’s face, his eyes froze, and he felt uncomfortable.

“If you don’t want to smile, don’t.” Gu An directed.
“It’s ugly.”

Hearing that, Ming Ye let the smile drop from his lips.
Although his face was expressionless, Gu An could still feel the tenderness radiating from his body.

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— Tenderness toward him.

Thinking of that, Gu An turned his head away.

His voice was very quiet, but Ming Ye could hear it clearly: “If you want to kiss in the future, you must ask me in advance.
You can only kiss me after I agree.”

Ming Ye’s eyes widened.
He laughed gently, and the heart inside his chest swelled with joy.

He looked tenderly at Gu An, and a sigh flowed out from his lips.
His An An had always been so obedient.

Even if he lost his memory, he still couldn’t bear for him to feel sad.

He seemed to love An An even more.

In this place, time flew swiftly.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day in which Lin Wan and the rice merchant’s son were engaged.

The Lin family was surrounded by festivity.
The rice merchant and Mister Lin set an auspicious date, the sixth day of June, which was in only three days.

In no time at all, two days passed.

On the eve of the wedding, Lin Wan couldn’t help herself anymore.
She asked a servant to send a letter to the gardener, saying that she had something to ask him that night, and for him to come to the garden.

After the gardener received the letter, he didn’t open it immediately, but set it aside.
He raised his head and drank the brown herbal medicine beside his hand.
The smell of the herbal medicine was exactly the same as the blood dripping from the roses.

He looked at the sun outside the window, and his heart was desolate.

That night, Gu An and Ming Ye stayed in the same place.
They watched the gardener stun Lin Wan and carry her to a hidden room.

After doing all that, the gardener went to the rose bushes with no expression on his face, then began to feed the ghosts using his body.

At that time, everyone in the Lin family was still immersed in joy, not knowing that danger was approaching.

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