Gu An was about to raise his leg to kick, a black cloud of qi slammed into Wang Nie, knocking him to the ground.

Gu An heard a magnetic voice coming from behind him: “An An, are you alright?”

Then he was enclosed in his arms.
Gu An wanted to struggle, but the man’s breath on him made him somewhat drunk, giving him a special feeling.

Ming Ye hugged Gu An for a while, then began to inspect him.
With an anxious and worried tone, he asked: “An An, are you hurt?”

Gu An raised his head, and what he saw was a man’s handsome face and piercing eyes, like a net, firmly catching him.

After a few seconds, Gu An replied: “I’m okay.”

Then he broke out of the man’s embrace, looked at him for a moment, and asked: “Who are you? Do we know each other?”

Ming Ye heard the words and looked at Gu An in shock.
His eyes were extremely surprised.
“An An, what are you talking about? We’re in a legal husband and husband relationship!”

Gu An frowned slightly.
He felt that the man’s head was swollen3 because he didn’t know him at all, but he had an inexplicable feeling that what the man said was true.

Gu An looked cautiously at the man.

His appearance was undeniably handsome.

Deep eyebrows, dark, obsidian-like eyes, and underneath the high bridge of his nose were a pair of pale lips.

The man had a fair complexion, his lips were light, and his hair was slightly long.

The word soft couldn’t be applied to the man at all, whether it was his tall stature or his sharp eyebrows, but Gu An inexplicably felt the man’s fondness for him.
There was no reason for it, but he felt that the man was very gentle.

Just when Ming Ye was about to speak up, he suddenly heard a voice aimed at him: “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault, don’t blame An An QAQ”

Ming Ye frowned and asked with a frigid voice: “Who are you?”

521 was frightened when it sensed the man’s hostility, so it whispered: “My name is 521.
I’m a love system, but an accident happened when I bound An An, which made him accidentally forget some things about the past.”

It continued with a whimper: “That also includes everything that has happened between the two of you.
It’s all my fault.
If you need to blame me, blame me.
Don’t be angry at An An.
He didn’t mean to forget you……”

Ming Ye: “……”

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Ze, so annoying.

Ming Ye looked at Gu An in front of him.

He carefully analyzed Gu An’s face, and after a while, chided: “You’ve lost weight.”

Then, as Gu An watched speechlessly, he took his hand and kissed it gently.
His voice was distressed, “It’s my fault.
I didn’t find you on time, and you’ve suffered so much.”

Facing Ming Ye’s distressed and regretful eyes, Gu An was silent.

Was there something wrong with this man’s brain? He said he didn’t know him, but he still caressed his hand, and even kissed it.

Gu An thought about it, and his ears became hot.

Then he got somewhat angry and said in an upset tone: “Do you do this to everyone?” Come up and kiss the back of someone’s hand?

But he didn’t say that last sentence.
He felt somewhat embarrassed.

But as soon as he said those words, he regretted it, because as soon as he did, the man’s originally dull eyes lit up.

Gu An looked at them a few times.
Still pretty nice.

Ming Ye smiled gently, then stretched his hand out to touch Gu An’s blushing earlobe.
He pinched it lightly and replied with a smile: “How is that possible, it’s only for you.”

This little bottle of vinegar is so cute,4 Ming Ye thought to himself.

Gu An glared at Ming Ye and pulled his hand away from him.
“I really don’t know you.
Have you recognized the wrong person?”

Ming Ye smiled and shook his head.
How could he possibly be mistaken, his An An was so cute and obedient.

Obviously he forgot who he was, but he still let him hug and kiss him……

Thinking of that, Ming Ye’s eyes darkened and his voice became colder.
He instructed Gu An: “An An, don’t be so obedient in front of others in the future.”

He added one more thing: “Except me.”


Gu An had a question mark on his forehead?

In what way was he obedient?

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He watched the man with a more and more strange look.
That man’s eyes were really bad.

521, who had been cowering the entire time, thought silently to itself.
‘When you were encompassed in Ming Ye’s arms just now, you were very obedient.‘

However, it only dared to say it internally.
Even if it was granted ten times its courage, it wouldn’t dare to say it.

As for Ming Ye, 521 felt an indescribable feeling.
It could sense his hostility.

The first time he saw Ming Ye, he felt the man was dangerous.

But Ming Ye also gathered all of his tenderness and gave it to Gu An.

It was very intimate and passionate.

Wang Nie, who was lying on the ground, was completely dazed.
He seemed to be hallucinating.
There were ghosts floating everywhere, talking about the bad things he had done before and mocking his incompetence……

Wang Nie’s face was covered in sweat as he resisted: “No, that’s not what happened…… I didn’t do that…… I’m not incompetent…… I’m the best……”

Then he heard a voice speak into his ear: “Since you’re so powerful, go kill that woman with the knife in your hand.”

“Kill her.
No one will say you’re incompetent.
Just kill her……”

Wang Nie appeared enchanted.
He picked up the iron knife that had fallen to the ground, stood up with dazed eyes, and held the knife as he slashed at the female ghost that was controlled by Ming Ye’s yin qi.


The knife pierced into the female ghost’s body.

The female ghost let out a wail as the wound released yin qi.

Yin qi also burst out from the entire house, and the monstrous yin qi surrounded the group of people.

A vortex composed of yin qi began attacking them.

TL Notes: Chapter 4 done! This one is shorter than the last few.
The word count fluctuates a lot throughout, but none of them are super short iirc.

If you’d like to motivate me, I have a Kofi page linked if you click here!


The word for ghost and spirit is different here.
One is more of a departed/dead soul, and the other is like a monster type ghost. [x] See footnote one.
This references the disparity between ghost and spirit. [x] Arrogant and narcissistic [x] Vinegar means jealousy, like being sour. [x]

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