Chapter 12 – Haunted House Vlog (12)

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After the vortex disappeared, Ming Ye slowly removed the hand covering Gu An’s eyes.
He blinked, as if he hadn’t yet adapted to the new environment.

Ming Ye lowered his head and softly whispered: “What’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable?”

“No.” Gu An looked around.
The scene in front of him was really different from the house he remembered.
He glanced up at the sky and asked uncertainly: “Is it evening?”

The sky was dark, but it wasn’t pitch black.

Ming Ye responded: “The yin in this house is too strong, so the time outside changes differently.”

“The sky around this house depends on the concentration of yin qi to distinguish between day and night.”

Gu An asked curiously: “How do you know these things?”

Ming Ye grasped Gu An’s hand and held it against his chest, then whispered: “An An, have you felt it?”

Gu An was somewhat confused: “What?”

The feeling under his palm made him curl his fingers, since Ming Ye had put Gu An’s entire palm against his chest.

Gu An’s movement caused his palm to caress Ming Ye’s chest, inevitably lighting a flame in him.

For a moment, the air around them felt slightly ambiguous.

Gu An obviously felt that the aura from Ming Ye’s body had changed, but he didn’t know what that change was.
He just thought that it was unique to Ming Ye.

By the time he realized, Ming Ye’s eyes had already darkened.

Gu An felt hot and rushed to retract his hand.
He put it behind him as a blush crept up his earlobes.

Ming Ye’s throat bobbed.
He seemed as if he couldn’t bear it, and his eyes squinted.
After a moment, he approached Gu An’s blushing earlobe and bit it, as if releasing his emotions, but didn’t dare to use force.
He just bit it gently and used his teeth to rub it a few times.

His voice was hoarse as he begged for mercy: “Baobei, stop teasing me, I don’t have much self control when it comes to you.”

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Hearing that, Gu An’s face turned to the side and his cheek brushed against Ming Ye’s lips.
For a moment, the pair was speechless and looked at each other silently.

Ming Ye wanted to lower his head and kiss Gu An, but the moment he started to, he heard a series of footsteps.
He became as still as a stone, no longer moving.

He turned around to guard Gu An behind him, then looked to the side.

He saw a man and a woman running in their direction with panicked expressions.

Gu An poked is head out from behind Ming Ye and looked ahead.

The people approaching were Zhao Yuan and Wen Feifei, who had crossed paths with Gu An before.

After Zhao Yuan and Wen Feifei were parted from Gu An, the two passed the night as they continued hiding under the bed with a rolled up blanket.
After a long time, they still didn’t see dawn outside.
Before a few people arrived, they had planned to turn back and leave.

Zhao Yuan thought that the treasure his father mentioned would be easy to find, so he wanted to pack light and didn’t bring much except a cell phone and some necessities.

But there was no signal there at all, and he couldn’t even use his cell to call for help.
After running for a long time, his stomach was already starving.

The two got out of under the bed.
They glanced outside the door for a while, but didn’t notice anything suspicious, so they carefully lit their path with a small lamp and walked foward.

Zhao Yuan remembered that his father mentioned the treasures were hidden in the main building of the haunted household, so as long as he entered the main house, he would be able to find the treasure.

Zhao Yuan didn’t tell Wen Feifei about the treasure in the house at first, but she wasn’t a fool.
Obviously she noticed that Zhao Yuan was keeping something secret.

Under Wen Feifei’s threats, Zhao Yuan had no choice but to tell her.
The two decided to work together to find the treasure, and the two would split it equally.

Zhao Yuan wouldn’t hand over the treasure to someone else.
When he found the treasure, he planned to deal with Wen Feifei.

Wen Feifei planned the same.
The two people with their own plans carefully explored the house, afraid of disturbing the ‘monster’ sleeping in it.

The two wandered for a while before entering the main house.
After entering, the pair didn’t dare to enter any rooms with tightly sealed doors, but then they found an open door.
From the outside, the space within didn’t seem small, so the two entered.

As soon as they entered, Zhao Yuan went further in to look around, while Wen Feifei hovered just inside.
She noticed a teacup on the table while glancing around, and when she picked it up, she heard a sound slowly approaching the two of them.

After sensing that someone had moved something inside the house, the woman who was sealed in the well transformed into a cloud of yin qi and floated out of the well.
The golden light that kept her sealed in the well was like a dying old man; it was helpless and couldn’t keep the yin qi from getting out.

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The yin qi entered the unconscious Yu Miao’s body.

Yu Miao suddenly opened her corpse-like eyes, then stood up and walked toward the main house.

‘Yu Miao’ walked step by step toward Wen Feifei, seeing the teacup in her hand.
Amidst Wen Feifei’s screams, she rushed over and grasped her neck, causing the teacup to crash to the ground with a loud noise.

Her scream was heard by Zhao Yuan further inside the room.
He immediately ran back, but before he could scold her, he was struck silent by the scene in front of him.

‘Yu Miao’ turned her head slowly.
It twisted back in an unnatural gesture, and she showed Zhao Yuan a sinister grin.

Zhao Yuan was so frightened that his legs went weak, and he almost collapsed to the floor.

‘Yu Miao’s’ eyes were red.
When she saw Zhao Yuan, she released Wen Feifei and tossed her to the side, then turned around and walked toward Zhao Yuan.

Her pallor was horrifying, and her rotten odor drifted throughout the narrow room.
This couldn’t be stopped, since the woman was injured by the array and couldn’t change her appearance too much during a possession.

Her dark blue complexion and the swelling that resulted from soaking in water for so long were displayed perfectly on Yu Miao’s body.

Zhao Yuan didn’t dare to look at ‘Yu Miao’ at all.

When he saw ‘Yu Miao’ approach him, he immediately turned his head and ran, but ‘Yu Miao’ watched him and immediately caught up.

One person and one ‘ghost’ ran a few laps throughout the house., until Zhao Yuan ran out through a doorway.
He thought he was saved, but who would have thought that he would just have returned to the place where he first came in.

After running laps for so long, he found that the creature seemed to react slowly, so he deliberately ran to the narrow area.

Sure enough, when ‘Yu Miao’ passed through such a place, her body was very stiff and allowed Zhao Yuan time to escape.

When Zhao Yuan was about to escape, Wen Feifei was grabbed by ‘Yu Miao’.
Either because it was too rough, or because she was so frightened, she lost her voice.

Wen Feifei knew that if she was on her own, she would definitely die in that house, so she looked at Zhao Yuan with pleading eyes.
Seeing that Zhao Yuan was unmoved, she knelt on the floor without hesitation and kowtowed to Zhao Yuan.

Zhao Yuan had never seen such an act before, so he immediately reached his hands out to help her.
When he saw Wen Feifei’s forehead become red and swollen from kowtowing repeatedly, and the ink-black handprint from where her neck was grabbed by that creature, his heart softened.
He took Wen Feifei’s hand and lead her out.

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The two ran around the house, then ran into Gu An and Ming Ye.

Zhao Yuan was somewhat wary at first, but when he spotted Gu An behind Ming Ye, he immediately showed a gleeful smile.

He shouted: “Great master, as long as you save me, I can give you half a million yuan!!”

Gu An didn’t respond, simply looked at him coldly.

Zhao Yuan thought that Gu An didn’t consider it enough payment.
He knew that powerful masters usually charged extra, so he grit his teeth and spoke: “If you can keep me safe, I’ll add another 1.5 million yuan!!”

Gu An spoke coldly.
“I’m not a master, and I’m not short of money.”

Zhao Yuan wanted to respond, but Wen Feifei, who was beside him, tugged his arm and shook her head at him.
She could see how extraordinary those two people were, and was afraid that if Zhao Yuan’s impulsiveness angered them, she wouldn’t be able to follow behind and beg for benefits.

Zhao Yuan frowned and shook off her hand.
When he tried to get closer to Gu An again, an icy, piercing gaze landed on him.

He looked up and saw that the black-robed man standing in front of Gu An was staring at him.
Seeing him lift his head, the man opened his lips and spoke: “We don’t have time to look after you.
One more word, and I’ll prevent you from speaking again.”

It was a blatant threat.
Zhao Yuan immediately shut his mouth, not daring to speak any more.

Ming Ye glanced at the pair.

A mass of black qi emerged from the palm of his hand, wrapped around the two of them, then turned into a gust of wind and made them disappear.

Seeing that the pair had disappeared, Zhao Yuan was afraid that they would encounter that creature again without them, so he ran away, paying no heed to Wen Feifei behind him.

Little did he know that Wen Feifei, who stood motionless with her head down behind him, had already been possessed by the woman.

Ming Ye found a distant area to land.

He lowered his head toward Gu An’s ear and asked softly: “An An, where do you want to go?”

Gu An blinked his eyelashes in discomfort and repsonded: “To the well.”

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The woman in the well was the missing young mistress of the Lin family.

He knew all about the missing daughter of the Lin family as well as the source of the bones and evil spirits.
It was just the truth about the deaths of everyone else in the Lin family and how to get rid of evil spirits that had yet to be discovered.

Thinking of that, Gu An raised his eyes with a serious look on his face before asking Ming Ye: “Do you know how to get rid of the evil spirits in the house?”

Ming Ye lowered his head so he could see Gu An’s red lips and exposed snow-white neck.
He lowered his head and set his fingers against Gu An’s lips, caressing them a few times.

He watched Gu An’s expression again.
It was cold and apathetic, but there was still some confusion in his clear eyes, as if he didn’t understand what he was doing.

Ming Ye recalled that he had previously left vicious marks one by one on Gu An’s snow white skin.
He couldn’t resist it; he looked into Gu An’s eyes and sighed lowly.

Gu An noted that the question he had asked Ming Ye just now hadn’t been answered, so he asked again: “Why do you know that the time in the house changed?”

Ming Ye pinched Gu An’s cheek as he responded: “Baobei-er, didn’t you notice any differences between us?”

After he said that, Gu An contemplated deeply.
After a while, Gu An said: “You don’t have a heartbeat.”

He looked at Ming Ye with a suspicious expression on his face.
“So you’re not human, but you said you knew me before and that we were lovers.
Are you lying to me?”


Ming Ye, who was stunned by Gu An’s expression, was displeased.
“How could I lie to you, baobei?”

He put his arms around Gu An’s shoulders and guided him closer.
“An An, you must realize that since you’ve lost your memories and the ones in your head are incomplete, you can’t assume everything, ah.”

Ming Ye coaxed Gu An with his angry face, blood dripping in his heart.

His voice was as cold as ice.
“521, when will An An recover his memories?!”

Immediately afterwards, he added: “Don’t pretend to be dead, I know you’re not.”

521, who just returned: “……”

Why am I facing this life and death problem as soon as I return QAQ

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