Chapter 11 – Haunted House Vlog (11)

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The rice merchant fell sick that night after he brought back the Lin family riches.

Several doctors said one after another that his time was coming to an end, and it was time to prepare his funeral.

The rice merchant’s wife, concubines, and children all burst into tears.
Early in the morning of the next day, the rice merchant was breathing his last breath, and his tearful family prepared his coffin.

At that moment, an old Daoist approached the rice merchant and announced that he was corrupted with evil.
As long as the evil was driven out of his body, the rice merchant’s disease would be cured naturally.

The rice merchant’s family was suspicious of the old Daoist’s actions.
Following his movements, a wisp of black qi floated out of the rice merchant’s chest, and the old Daoist quickly stuffed the black qi into the precious gourd bottle.

When the rice merchant awoke, he learned about his actions and welcomed the old Daoist as a guest.
He told the old Daoist about everything he had encountered at the Lin household.
He counted on his fingers, and considered that he had once given Lin Hai a secret manual, and that the only remaining daughter of the Lin family was extremely yin natured.

The old Daoist traveled all across the world and often gave ‘treasures’ to some destined people.
When those destined people began using secret methods, all of the wickedness around them would converge on their treasures.

The more lives taken, the more powerful the treasure.

With the power of his treasures, the old Daoist had won the appreciation of many important people.

With those connections in hands, he set up a life extension and transfer array, which was used specifically to transfer the fortune and lifespan of the blessed person to him.

Because he didn’t absorb too much at once, no one had discovered him even after many years.
Even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to stop him.

The old Daoist had a talent for evil and wickedness, and ordinary Daoists weren’t comparable to him at all.
Even if he was caught, he still had ways to escape.

And with regards to Lin Wan, the old Daoist felt intrigued.

He wanted to use Lin Wan’s life to upgrade his treasures.
The lives of extremely yin natured people were often unbearable for ordinary people, but his treasures loved yin qi more than anything.

When the upgrades to his treasures were completed, he wouldn’t need to cast life extension arrays so frequently, and his treasures could easily prolong his life.

The rice merchant was saved by the old Daoist, so he was obedient toward him.
If he told him to go east, he wouldn’t dare to go west.

The old Daoist spoke to him: “The Lin family still has one daughter left alive.
She has a wicked aura surrounding her, which can easily bring calamity upon people.”

When the rice merchant heard that, he began to think.
There were so many merchants in his group, but he was ill and had a relationship through marriage with the Lin family, so that must be why he was impacted by Lin Wan’s unlucky star!

He immediately clapped his hands and echoed the old Daoist’s words as he said: “I see, it turns out that her unlucky star was the cause!”

“Let’s see how I can take care of her!” The rice merchant was about to get out of bed and leave, but was stopped by the old Daoist.

The old Daoist raised his horsetail whisk, holding it in the posture of immortal cultivators.
He had only just spoken those words, but his arrogance was gone.
“Miss Lin has not shown any signs of injuring anyone yet.
When she shows any intent to harm someone, it will not be too late for us to take care of her.”

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With just a few sentences, Lin Wan’s fate was sealed.

The rice merchant clapped his hands in agreement.

But then he thought for a moment before asking: “But what if she never shows any intent to harm someone? Then will I have paid in guilt for nothing?”

“Don’t worry.” The old Daoist sent the rice merchant a look, then slowly announced: “She will definitely have such a thing in mind.”

Wasn’t it so simple, just do something like throw a basin of dirty water on her.

At that time, someone would naturally beg him to take action.

The old Daoist stroked his beard, smiled mysteriously, and said nothing.

~ That evening ~

The old Daoist used the yin qi in the treasure to fabricate creatures resembling ghosts one by one, and then instructed those creatures to go to wealthy households.

Specifically those with elderly people, since the elderly are more likely to believe his words than young people.

As the old Daoist predicted, someone knocked on the rice merchant’s door early the following morning.

The old Daoist easily took care of the ‘ghost’ attached to the person who asked for help.
After the ‘ghost’ disappeared, leaving behind a floating ‘林’ character meaning Lin, all that remained was the smell of incense.

Other than the old Daoist priest, everyone else’s expressions changed.

Many people came to ask for help.
Everyone knew that in Huaiyang Town, the Lin family’s incense shop was the most famous, but that the Lin family had also suffered a disaster.

In front of them, the old Daoist pretended to count on his fingers.
After a while, he spoke solemnly: “The Lin family has one daughter remaining.
It is her who has attracted all of these creatures.”

As soon as those words escaped his mouth-

Everyone began speaking, and their words were full of disgust.

“I wondered how the Lin family could disappear so suddenly? It turned out to be the dirty things she brought in! Such bad luck! If Boss Lin knew about it, I wonder if he would regret giving birth to such a daughter!”

“Stop talking about the Lin family, you’ll become unlucky.
Great master, what should be done about this matter?”

“That’s right, Great master, you must save us!”

The old Daoist was flattered by a few people saying nice things.
Most of those people were merchants with mouths sweeter than honey, and the old Daoist couldn’t resist.

He stoked his beard, swished his horsetail whisk, closed his eyes, and began to count.
After a while, he opened his eyes and announced: “There is a well in the Lin’s courtyard where a real dragon once dwelled.
As long as Miss Lin is placed into the well on the night of a full moon, the real dragon’s qi will naturally destroy the qi of the evil spirits within her body.”

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Most people agreed with that approach, but a few were still hesitant.

“You still care whether she lives or dies? She killed her own family.
Do you want her to also kill us?”

“Besides, this is to prevent the harm of our people, and she’s no longer a human! What can we do sympathizing with her!”

Just a few words shook the hearts of those people.

After all, if they gave up Lin Wan, then everyone would live.
If everyone would face death due to a single person, then it’s likely that no one would agree to do so.

After speaking, the old Daoist asked them to leave first, as he needed to prepare some things.
The following morning, everyone would go to tie up Lin Wan, then wait until the night of the full moon before tossing her into the well.

The rest of the people had no opinion, and they all returned on their own.

Early the following morning, the group went to the Lin household with a mighty aura.
After some searching, they found the disheveled Lin Wan who looked like a lunatic in a hidden room.

After a series of blows, Lin Wan had some problems with her nerves, but she still maintained her logic and knew what was right and wrong.

So when they reached out to announce her guilt, she immediately rebuked: “You must be mistaken, I can’t possibly be a witch.”

Lin Wan took a few steps forward, tugged on her hair, and exposed her face.
She pinched her cheeks and pulled up: “Look, where am I not human anymore! I’m human!”

The young men present, some of which had once admired Lin Wan, all held disgusted expressions at that time.

If they had known that Lin Wan was like that, they would have needed to be blind to be interested in her!

An old man who was traveling with them pointed at Lin Wan.

He spoke loudly: “Lin Wan, is it not enough for you to want to destroy the Lin family?! Do you need to kill everyone in our Huaiyang Town before you stop?!”

“What are you talking about?” Lin Wan tilted her head and laughed: “How could I have destroyed the Lin family? I’m still alive and well, so how could the Lin family be dead?”

The old man’s hands were trembling.

The rice merchant suddenly pointed at Lin Wan from the side and scolded her: “You calamity! You almost killed me, yet you’re still pretending to be innocent here!”

Lin Wan recognized the rice merchant, and she spoke in displeasure: “I saw it, you took my clothes and jewelry, you’re a villain!”

She smiled once more: “I also saw you hugging and kissing a woman, and there were many people watching, hehe.”

The rice merchant was publicly exposed by Lin Wan.
He showed an embarrassed smile and quickly responded: “Her mind is clouded, she’s talking nonsense!”

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That wouldn’t have tricked a three year old child, but they weren’t there to discuss the rice merchant’s affairs, so naturally they wouldn’t talk too much.

As soon as the old Daoist entered the Lin household, he went directly to the well.

The others didn’t dare to follow him and could only go find Lin Wan.

After a while, the old Daoist appeared holding a large hexagram divination plate in his hand.
As soon as the hexagram got close to Lin Wan, it began to spin frantically, and a golden light appeared on it, pointing directly at her.

The old Daoist took out a golden rope, then stepped forward and pulled out a talisman paper that had symbols painted on it with cinnabar.
He stuck the talisman paper on Lin Wan’s body.
She immediately stopped moving and obediently allowed the old Daoist to tie her up.

When everyone saw that, they couldn’t help but become more awed of the old Daoist.

The old Daoist gave Lin Wan to the rice merchant.

Everyone awaited the arrival of the night of the full moon.

After they left, Gu An and Ming Ye came out from behind the wall.
Gu An looked at the backs of the group and frowned: “What do those people want to do to her?”

“I don’t know.” Ming Ye said as he took Gu An’s hand.
“But we’ll find out soon.”

Gu An lowered his eyes.
The time there passed very quickly, and in barely a moment, a few days had passed.

Ming Ye pulled Gu An to walk to the courtyard where the well was located.
As they walked, he said: “An An, walking is so tiring.
Why don’t I carry you?”

“……” Gu An waved his hand.
“No need, I can go by myself.”

Ming Ye asked again and again, but Gu An still gave the same answer.
Ming Ye couldn’t help but feel somewhat aggrieved.
He obviously let him earlier, but he won’t let him today.

Gu An watched Ming Ye out of the corner of his eyes, and pursed his lips.
He couldn’t get used to Ming Ye.
A few days earlier, he allowed him to hold him.
Who knew that this would be what happened when he let him; he accidentally let the bullet shoot too soon.1

Thinking of that, Gu An quietly blushed.

When the two arrived at the well, time flew quickly, and several days had already passed.
It was already late at night, and the moon hung above the trees.

There were people standing by the well.

The old Daoist stood by the well and slowly lowered Lin Wan into it with a rope.
The moonlight in the sky was soft, yet bright as daylight.

Lin Wan’s mouth was open as she softly sang: “The moon is full, the soul approaches, skin and flesh come to celebrate.
Bones are made into a bench, ah, the soul sits on it, ah, swaying its head and legs to eat the flesh, ah……”

“The moon is full…… the soul approaches…… bones are made into a bench, ah…… swaying its head and legs to eat the flesh, ah……”

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With the deliberately elongated phrases, it pierced directly into the heart of any listener.

The old Daoist glanced at the moon hanging in the sky.
It was almost time to act.
He shouted loudly, and after chanting a few incantations, he released his hand, and Lin Wan fell into the well with a thud.

He shut the lid of the well and sealed it with a special array.
After finishing all of it, there was a lot of sweat on the old Daoist’s forehead.

“Alright, you don’t need to……” Before the old Daoist could finish speaking, a singing voice came from the well, soft but harsh.

“The moon is full…… bones are made into a bench, ah…… swaying its head and legs to eat the flesh, ah……”

The song echoed, and many evil spirits suddenly appeared in the yard.
They saw the old Daoist’s group, and happily showed off their sharp teeth.

The old Daoist took out his treasure, but the evil spirits hadn’t been born from death, and the treasure naturally couldn’t deal with them.
In that way, the old Daoist was in disbelief after an evil spirit tore off his arm.

He rolled on the ground in pain, and the evil spirits jumped o him, sucking the dense yin qi from him body.

The yin qi that had maintained the old Daoist’s body was sucked away.
He suddenly became dry and thin, and there were obvious aging spots on his exposed skin.
He looked at his hand that was covered in aging spots, and quickly turned his face away, not wanting to look at the spots that symbolized being elderly.

He struggled to get to the treasure that had fallen to the ground, but he was unfortunately held down by an evil spirit before he could reach it, and he couldn’t move forward even half an inch.

Although evil spirits don’t enjoy eating old people, the old Daoist had yin qi in his bones, which attracted them.

The swarming evil spirits quickly devoured the old Daoist and wiped him clean, not even leaving bones behind.

When the others saw that the old Daoist was eaten, they ran away, but how could they outrun evil spirits? They were all caught.

They all screamed and begged for mercy, each one louder than another.

–It continued for a long time.

At the same time, Gu An and Ming Ye also stepped down.

A black vortex appeared, and it gradually swallowed the two of them.
Then, the scene changed.

The two of them exited the house’s memory.

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So many regrets, I was so bored and then had to rush to TL this all in just this morning QAQ

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Actual phrase here is that he set off some specific type of gun too early, but I unfortunately don’t know the type of gun in english, so yall get this.
Either way, it could be a euphemism for off-screen sexual intimacy, but more blatantly means Gu An let Ming Ye carry him on his shoulders too soon [x]

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