Chapter 1 – Haunted House Vlog (1)

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“Zhao-ge, are you sure this is the place?”

“Are you stupid?” The young man standing beside Zhao-ge sneered: “Zhao-ge is from Huaiyang Town, and this house has been haunted since long ago.
You’re Zhao-ge’s cousin, yet you don’t even know about it.”

The man who spoke just now lowered his head with a dull expression on his face.
A burst of dark yin qi fluttered in the wind and entered Yu Miao’s body, but he felt nothing, and kept his head lowered.

Zhao Yuan glanced at the few people around him.
He was their leader, and it was he who had proposed that they explore the haunted house.

The five of them were brought together to summon the pen fairy as a game.
Since they shared the same hobby, they played together a few times.
Everyone felt that the games went well, so they formed a team to explore haunted areas.

Young people always enjoyed new and exciting things, but some things are impossible to like.

— Because they could kill you.

There were five members of the team.

Three men and two women.
Among the team, Zhao Yuan was the leader, and Yu Miao, Wen Feifei, Wang Li, and Li Qun were the team members.

The destination they were traveling to this time was a house on the far left side of Huaiyang Town.

The owner of the house had long since passed away, and the originally awe-inspiring mansion was now deserted and overgrown with weeds.

Not only that, but some people even heard wailing from the house in the middle of the night.

The voice was piercing.
It was said that one time someone stayed in the house overnight, and when they left the next morning, the person had gone crazy, constantly shouting about ghosts and spirits.

No one knows what the truth was, but the townspeople didn’t dare to casually approach the mansion.

Recalling that, Zhao Yuan’s eyes flickered with unease, but he immediately covered it.

He had entered the house that time not only to explore, but also for the treasure hidden underneath the ruins.

“Li Qun, how far from the mansion are we?” Zhao Yuan gazed at the tall trees around him.
The sun was clearly shining, but he felt a sudden chill.
He reached into his pocket and touched his yellow ghost-repelling talisman in his pocket, then felt reassured.

Li Qun was holding the map.
Strands of sweat gradually formed on his forehead, and after looking at it for a while, he announced: “It’s close, about a few hundred meters away.”

When Zhao Yuan heard his words, he showed an impatient expression.
Wang Li noticed and immediately spoke: “Zhao-ge, there’s a wooden dock ahead of us.
Let’s rest a while before moving on.”

Wen Feifei gently agreed: “Right Zhao-ge.
The sun is so toxic that my makeup is almost gone.”

Zhao Yuan agreed, then took Wen Feifei’s small hand and walked forward.
The two exchanged flirtatious words as they walked, while Wang Li followed behind Zhao Yuan like a servant.

Li Qun, who was behind them, walked slowly as he followed alongside Yu Miao.

Looking closely, the beads of sweat on Li Qun’s forehead had not stopped forming since he looked at the map earlier.
There were now even more.

Li Qun was terrified.
He opened the map with trembling fingers, and his eyes could barely make out the pictures on the map.
At that moment, Yu Miao, who was behind him, suddenly spoke: “You can see that the path is incorrect.”

The whispered words caused Li Qun to freeze on the spot.

His neck stiffened as if it had cement poured into it.
With a trembling voice, Li Qun asked: “What did you say?”

Yu Miao’s voice was like a ghost: “I said the path is incorrect, ah.”

Li Qun felt a chill rise from the soles of his feet.
He wanted to open his mouth to scream, but accidentally turned toward Yu Miao’s face.
Faintly, he could make out a woman.

— The woman was wearing a red dress.
Her hair was loose, and her head was slowly lifting.

Finally, the woman’s head was raised, revealing her face through her long hair.
The woman’s face was purple, her face was bloody, and her lips were blackened.
She looked like she had been poisoned, and her eyes were crazed like a madman.

The woman reached out to caress Li Qun’s throat, and whispered into his ear: “Your flesh is so fragrant, ah……”

Li Qun’s expression was filled with terror.
He opened his mouth yet couldn’t make any sound.
HE could only let the woman bit his shoulder.
The woman wasn’t interested in Li Qun’s flesh at all’ she just drank a mouthful of blood and tossed Li Qun away when she tasted it.
Li Qun rolled on the ground a few times before disappearing.

The woman wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth.
She looked at the unconscious Yu Miao, and in the blink of an eye, was inside of her body again.

After Yu Miao awakened, he picked up the map as if he didn’t notice anything wrong and quickly left to chase after Zhao Yuan and the others.

Zhao Yuan and the others were resting in the woods not far away.
Seeing him approach, Wang Li asked: “Where’s Li Qun?”

Yu Miao glanced at him, lowered her head, and said: “He said he desperately needed to pee, so wait……”

“Alright.” Wang Li rudely interrupted Yu Miao and turned to Zhao Yuan with a pleasant voice.
“I don’t think Li Qun will be back for a while.
Let’s go ahead first.
Look at the sky, it seems like it’s going to rain.”

Zhao Yuan looked up at the sky.

The sky was dark, filled with black clouds, and it was about to storm heavily.

Zhao Yuan glanced at Wang Li, and Wang Li immediately understood: “Li Qun is too slow.
Let’s go ahead, he’ll understand.”

Wen Feifei and Yu Miao agreed one after another, and Zhao Yuan pretended to hesitate before agreeing.

It was the same as before.
Zhao Yuan was pulling along Wen Feifei, and Wang Li was holding a map, chatting and joking beside them.

Yu Miao looked at Zhao Yuan’s back.
There were faint traces of the woman’s figure on Yu Miao’s body.
There was a rare focused look in the woman’s eyes.
She looked at Zhao Yuan and murmured softly: “It turned out to be the descendent of……”

“Injustice has its head, and a debt has its creditor.1 It is the fault of the ancestors, so it falls to you-“

“- to repay.”

As soon as her voice fell, thunder rumbled dully through the sky, as if to warn the woman.

The woman sneered, then disappeared into Yu Miao’s body, and kept pace with them from behind.

The three people walking in front didn’t notice that danger had appeared at their side.

After the few people were gone, a layer of fog formed in the woods.
The fog was extremely dense for a moment before it slowly dissipated, revealing its original appearance–

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–There were no trees there at all.
Instead, there was the infamous haunted house.

The ‘woman’ was walking with a stiff posture, and behind her was the dilapidated gate.

There was also an imprint of an array left by a Daoist priest on the gate, but it was old and the seal was not strong enough.

The ‘woman’ felt the power of the array disappear.
Her dark purple lips twitched, and she suddenly burst into an icy smile.

With the disappearance of the array, the ghosts sealed inside the house began to awaken from their slumber.

Even the sky outside sensed their strong yin qi.
The sky suddenly darked until it was like night, and the gate that was open slowly closed.

— And those evil ghosts who feed on humans were floating around inside the house, preparing themselves for their moment of revelry.

~ Another quiet time and space.

“Welcome to the Escape Game.”

Gu An looked around, but it was pitch black, and he couldn’t see anything at all.

He took a deep breath and spoke calmly: “Who are you? What’s your purpose in bringing me here?”

The cold voice sounded again: “I am an avatar of the creator of the Escape Game.
You may call me Lord God.”

“I had no purpose.”

Gu An raised his head and looked at the place where the voice was coming from, his eyes glinting like knives.
“Since there was no purpose, please release me.”

“After completing the final level, you may return to the real world.”

Gu An was about to huff in anger.
He was just working at home, but then he took a nap and was brought there.

This self-proclaimed Lord God was just messing around there.

But Gu An felt that he seemed to have forgotten something.

At that moment, a voice came from within his mind: “It’s all my fault, wu wu wu wu…..”2

Gu An’s expression froze, and he was shocked for a moment.
He reacted swiftly and asked with a cold voice: “Who are you?”

The Lord God announced: “I am the Lord God.”

The voice inside his mind spoke: “An An, I’m system 521.
Don’t you remember me QAQ”

Gu An didn’t question it any further, instead turning his attention toward the so-called Lord God, and said: “I didn’t agree to enter the game.
Your behavior is that of a savage.”

Lord God: “The game detected that you agreed to enter the escape game.
I sent you an email with two options.
You selected ‘yes.'”

An apathetic and emotionless voice drifted throughout the dark space.

Gu An didn’t remember that, so he said: “I didn’t receive the email.”

The Lord God was silent for a moment before the space lit up.

Gu An was pierced by the sudden light.
He lifted his hand to cover his eyes, while 521 muttered with dissatisfaction in his mind: “This light is too stunning.
An An, do your eyes hurt……”

Gu An ignored 521’s chattering as he waited for his eyes to slowly recover.
After about a minute, he felt his eyes adjust to the light before he put his hand down to look around.

The first thing that caught his eye was the strange disk floating in the air.

The body of the disk was entirely black, with a hint of dark grey inside.
The whole disk exuded a dark, black light, making people feel very uncomfortable.

Gu An took a few glances at the disk, then turned his attention to his surroundings.

No matter where his eyes landed, it was pure white.

521 spoke in his mind: “I also have a space for An An.
I’ll show you later, oh~”

Gu An ignored 521.
He looked around for a while and found that there was no end to that place.
Other than the whiteness and the black disk in the air, he was the only one.

After the dark light around the disk disappeared, it floated in front of Gu An and said: “I found the email receipt.
You can take a look.”

Gu An looked at the large transparent white screen that suddenly appeared in midair, and was silent for a while.

He said: “You’re a voyeur.
I can sue you for the violation of my privacy.”

The disk, also known as the Lord God, was stunned.
That was the first time anyone had told him that.
After that reaction, it said coldly: “If you want to go back, you can try.”

Gu An stared coldly at the disk, than cast his gaze toward the bright white screen.

His silhouette was projected on the white screen.

At that time, Gu An was sitting in the study working.
The computer originally displayed work content, but as he worked, the computer suddenly blacked out.
When it turned back on, there was an email in his inbox.

Upon opening the email, the content contained a game invitation.

The game was called ‘Escape Game’.
Gu An pressed the return button, but the computer didn’t respond at all.
The content of the email was still displayed.

Just as he was about to switch computers to continue handling his work, the computer suddenly displayed a selection box popup.

“May I ask Mr.
Gu An, are you willing to enter the Escape Game?”

“Yes or No?”

Gu An slid his finger down, and the arrow pointed at ‘No’.

Gu An, who was outside the white screen, saw the scene and raised his eyebrows diplomatically.
He sent a leisurely look at the disk, as if to say ‘look whether or not I chose’.

The disk did not respond, but instead said: “You did click ‘Yes’.”

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Gu An’s mouth twitched slightly, but he didn’t speak.
He just stared at the white screen.

The Gu An in the white screen selected ‘No’.

But at that moment, a voice suddenly came from somewhere: “Baobei, come down to eat.
I made your favorite sweet and sour pork ribs.”

Gu An responded, but his fingers moved slightly.
At the moment when he wasn’t paying attention, the little arrow suddenly changed positions and selected ‘Yes’.

After the selection was confirmed, the email disappeared along with its contents, and the computer returned to normal.

Gu An looked at the computer that had returned to its normal state, and started working with after a slight moment of surprise, not knowing what he had just done.

The disk paused on the moment when the arrow selected ‘Yes’, then looked at Gu An and said: “You chose this yourself.
No one forced you.”

Gu An looked at the white screen with his teeth clenched.

He had no impression of the events occurring in the white screen, but he was inexplicably familiar with the voice from the white screen just now.

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