his room to take a shower when he heard… ”If this film relates to me does that mean my tears are true? ”

He stood still hearing this statement from her. He looked down at her, for a minute he was lost then continued in his steps.

Before he was out of sight, he said. ”Give that to the staffs before they leave ”.

She was confused on what to give, she looked at what could be in her possession to give, there was nothing.

She replied shouting ”what in particular? ”.

He came back and said, ” the ice cream ”…. and left.

She looked at the three of them.

”Im eating this one ”.

She went back to the ice cream she had already eaten and gave the staffs the other two.

Later that evening,

” Im sorry, but I haven heard a knock on my door, you
e probably in the wrong address ”.

” Please send to me the address again ” a man on the phone spoke.

Azai cut the call and sent the man a message.

He came downstairs to still see her watching the TV, this time a different movie and she was so engaged in it which was what bothered him.

”Whats with you today are you this bored? ”…. he asked with a curious intent.

”I love this channel, its… ” there was a door bell.

”Whos there ”,…. she asked.

A male voice replied to her. She looked at Azai.

He walked to the door and opened it, there he saw the veterinarian.

He smiled, ”where is he? ”

”Where is who? ”…. she asked him getting up from the couch.

”His dog ran in through the door and jumped on him. He caught him and hugged him passionately.

Honestly, seeing him this happy and because of a dog, Ava was dumbstruck. And not just because of this but because she was scared of animals.

The dog looked in her direction. Azai looked at the dog and looked at her. She looked frightened.

”Don move ”…. he quickly warned.

This statement isn what would stop her from running far away from that animal.

She took a race to the room. Dax, the dogs name, ran after her.

Azai was in the same position he was in when the dog came in. He was speechless about what just happened.

Dax was soo close to biting her legs off, when she quickly slammed the door on his face.

She was trembling, staring intensely at the door.

He kept hitting the door trying to get to the handle but could not. She locked the door, just in case he tried to open it.

Azai came upstairs looking furious, but when he saw dax his anger subsided.

Dax is his pet for four years now but he rarely visits him. His mum calculates whose pet and how long they stay in the house.

No ones pet is to exceed one day. She doesn like animals as well.

He roughed his fur and walked to the door. He knocked softly because he knew she was already scared.

Despite the soft knock, she still flinched when she heard the knock.

”Ava, its me open up ”….

”Is he there? ”…. she asked him with an unstable voice.

”Yes….now open up the door ”.

”Never ”.

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