rry for being impolite ”….

she said calmly, bowing her head, seated on the bed.

”Thats not what I want to hear ”. He said still staring intensely at her.

”You know what, whats your name? ”.

He asked adjusting his position.

”Ava ”…. she replied without sparing a glance at him.

”Ava who? ”….

She fell silent because of this question. ”You
e not deaf ”…he assumed for her.

”I know Im from a middle class family and I cannot be compared to you. But can I choose to speak and not?… ”

Not that she didn hear his question but she was thinking of a response.

Whats with this girl. He thought. ”I never judged you just because you are a middle class person. I only asked you for your full name ”.

”Its Ava George ”.

”Was it that hard to say ”…he said to her. He took off and left the room.

She sighed heavily when he left. Once again he left his phone in the room.

She wants to believe its unlocked, but when she picked it up from the table, it wasn .

She frowned and put it down, but when she looked at it again and smiled maniacally. She took the phone with her back to the bed.

When he got to the dining room, his food was already prepared according to schedule. He ate slowly although he had forced himself to eat because he had no appetite.

He took out his car keys from his left pocket and left the house.

Ava stayed till afternoon, all alone. She hadn heard from Mrs Alani or from Mr Gael.

She decided to go downstairs and check for them. She searched the entire room but she saw no one.

The staffs saw her roaming about the house but non of them could ask why she was restless.

Thanks to this, she actually got the opportunity to walk around the magnificent mansion. She smiled a lot most especially because, the house met her taste.

She also concluded that Mrs Alani and Mr Gael are not at home, because they can be in their room all day


He walked into Nylas living room which is seen immediately after her front door.

She was coming down the stairs with her black curly hair that covered her side face, moving from side to side. With the mini white lace gown she wore, he was speechless.

”You can stop daydreaming now as you can see me ”….she said with her perfect smile.

”Hug me ”…he said to her after a long stare.

”No thank you ”…she said picking up a glass cup, pouring some alcohol into it.

”care for some? ”, she asked looking at him.

”You know I don drink alcohol ”. ”And thats why I have a fridge of bottle water just for you ”.

”You could replace them with juice, but you choose water so you could make fun of me whenever you look at it ”, he stated. This isn the first time she teases him because he can drink alcohol.

She laughed and said…

”You live In a mansion, money is everywhere and anywhere, probably in meetings you as well see alcohol, how do you not drink alcohol? ”.

She has been curious for a while now, how on earth can he be drunk with just a cup of alcohol.

”I don attend meetings ”. He replied frowning at her.

This isn the first time she always talks about topics aside from the both of them.

He despises having physical conversation with her. Then again he can resist seeing her pretty face for a day.

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