Chapter 02: Scene

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It was around the time when His Highness Vincent, me, and Miss Ulysses entered the Royal Academies that “The Novel” began to become popular.
In a country where only those above a certain level of status learn how to read a book,
there is even a story like this that costed many trees to be cut down for many re-editions.
It was such a big hit after an unprecedented short period of time that if you say you haven't read it,
someone will recommend you to read it.
The title is called “The Holy Maiden catch Stars in the Night Sky” or “The Holy Maiden's Stars” for short.
The protagonist, a poor commoner, receives the blessing of the stars and learns that she was a Baroness.
When she is adopted by a baron's family and sent to the Royal Academia, she brings a new perspective of the life to the formal old style of the nobility.
The most important sons of the nobility approach the humble and poorly-behaved protagonist with amusement, and the beauty of her heart and soul captivates everyone even the Prince of Wales, Dauphin.
After this, it's the well-know Cinderella story.

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It's not even enough to make you blush about it being indecent or having any unexpected twist.
Social Status is something absolute for people in this world, that's why it's so chaotic and attractive to see a story that breaks through this.
No wonder it was so popular among the aristocracy that it even became a theater play.
The story, however, needed a villain.

Prince's fiancée, the Duchess, dislikes the commoner protagonist and harasses her at every moment.
The first half of the novel follows the protagonist, who does the right thing despite the teasing of the Duchess and her minions,
as she gains friends in Academy.

“Prince's fiancée, the Duchess – that's me, isn't it?”

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I'm sure the author is just trying to borrow a little of the real political situation from the story…
I wonder if there are people in the world, would read the story happily even if the author has written about them in a bad way.
Also, I can't forgive the fact that His Highness Vincent in the beginning of the book is pictured as an idiot, he's supposed to have fallen in love with the protagonist and worked hard at his studies to become the king she deserves.
But His Highness had been diligently studying for the future even before he entered Academy.
We are both old enough to go to school together, but we have rarely appeared in public as a couple.
However, it is known that we are one.
If the author uses as information source a friend's daughter I think that such a subtly realistic sense of distance is one of the reasons is the reason why it's such a big hit.
For those reasons, I was one of the few people who did not genuinely enjoy this novel.
No, let's go ahead and talk about it first…

The protagonist endures a painful but beautiful first year, and on the Eve of a party to celebrate his sixteenth coming of age, he receives a confession from the Crown Prince.

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Then the Prince accuses the Duchess of continuing to harass her at the party and breaks off the engagement.
The duchess has been abandoned by her family, and she runs away from her kingdom as if in exile.

On the other hand, blessed by the nobles and the people, the heroine and the Prince make a vow of love.
I think you'll understand if I tell you this far.

His Highness Vincent and I actually, are in a royal position while Miss Ulysses is just a provincial Baroness.
It wasn't until a little after our entrance that the students realized the similarity of the story and reality.
I don't confuse fantasy with reality, but I know that there was expectation in my eyes of everyone as waiting to see the same scenes that happened in the novel come to live.
His Highness Vincent and I lived our school life with great care, he didn't talk to Miss Ulysses in a friendly way, but he didn't treat her in a special or cold way either, maintaining a moderate distance and treating her as a stranger in a very gracious way.
I, in spite of His Highness Vincent and Miss Ulysses don't share any relation, I tried to avoid my Ladies friends saying something about Miss Ulysses behavior.
Then, at the coming-of-age party I finally went to, I found myself in the middle the climactic scene just before the end of the film, and how confused I was at that moment.

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Apparently, it was a trick of His Highness.
The events of some moments ago ran through my mind like a lantern light, and when I remember I'm still in the party hall, I put all my strength into my legs to stand up again.

''Your Highness, I'm sorry.
Thank you very much for everything you did for me until now”

As she stood up, she gently pushed His Highness Vincent's arm and asked him to move away.
Even as his fiancée, it would be improper of a decent lady and gentleman to be so close in public… to the worst, the engagement has been called off just now.
However, although I pushed His Highness Vincent away, he held my hand firmly and did not let me escape.
Somehow, he is different from the usual himself I know, I wonder if it's not truly a dream.
Just in case, I tried again, this time with my right heel I step firmly on his foot.

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