her beauty. Instead, it made her look fragile, and in need of protection.

She is every mans dream. The portraits did not give her justice.

”My lord, the Baroness is here! ” John wasn shy yelling his words at him. When the words slowly sink in, Nicholas turns rigid, his appreciating eyes losing its glow.

He heard that the Baroness, his wife, was the kind of beauty no one would ever forget. Her beauty was celebrated around Clevon that the ton would like to covet her for themselves.

Baroness Astrid Krona, the definition of beauty in Clevon and its nearest continents, was standing before him.

Nicholas finally understands the deranged man who shot him years ago.

A surprised squawk came from behind him and he did not check to see John mumbling an apology under his breath. He did not stop him either when he turned tail and ran away. In fact, he envied the footman.

”Weve finally met, husband. Im exhilarated, ”

She had this airy voice, breathless, like shes out for your soul while parading as a fairy of hope. A hint of flirtatiousness could be heard from it, engulfing his overwhelmed senses. He was struggling to mask his expression from this wicked temptation.

”I wish I could say the same, my lady, ”

An enchanting giggle came from her, eyes fluttering playfully. A voice of a seductress but an appearance of that of an angel.

”You are interesting, ” Is what she hummed as he tried to keep his mind sane. He needs to draw a line with utmost urgency.

”Pray tell what a mere barony can do for you, Princess? ” He asked, using her title before she became his wife.

The little pout she made could undo him. Such rosy pink lips. She did not seem bothered by his rudeness. Instead, she took a step forward. Eliminating the space between them with each graceful step. Even in this distance he could smell her heady scent of roses. Her parfum was potent and he hated it. The scent is too much.

”Your house, for instance, husband, is ideal for my amusement, ” she said, subtly insinuating something he doesn want knowledge of.

Gruffly, he gives the baroness a perusing look. They are an arms length from each other now, and he was doing his best not to step forward and succumb to temptation.

”I suggest you leave, my lady. You are not welcome in this house. As a matter of fact, this house won be yours for long. The King already has the divorce document and is only in need of the seal of approval. I have no plans of housing you if that is your intention, ” He said, a little weirded out with his bare chest in front of a lady. Another thing the ton frowned upon.

It was quick, however, he saw the cold, sharp gaze of her eyes from hearing his words. It was gone in a flash that one would think he only imagined it. She did not take notice of the word divorce and only scooted closer to him.

”You will receive me with an arms wide open, husband, and house me for as long as I want. After all, youve written missives of promises intending just that, ” She smiled, and held out a crumpled letter in his direction.

Crumpled. His eyes turned to slits when he recognized it. Albeit old with time, he will never mistake the letter in her dainty hands for someone elses. It is the letter he wrote to her years ago. Is this her trump card?

Nicholas sneered in his head, bitter and offended that the woman would use his foolishness against him. Did she absurdly think that he is still head over heels for her?

He takes the crumpled letter, noticing the satisfied smile on her lips. With not a pause, he tore the flimsy letter into two, tearing it one more time to get his point across.

The Baroness reaches for the mutilated letter, attempting to save it. It was for nothing. The shredded paper floated down the grass, some pieces of it flying away with the cool breeze.

This time the anger in the womans eyes showed as she bared her teeth at him.

”What did you dare do? ” She gritted her teeth, glancing up at him.

”You will leave the premises of my home at this instant, or I will have the footmen assist you on your way out, ” He coldly said.

Nicholas never thought he would borrow Mrs. Moores words at this moment. The defiant look on the Baroness was irksome.

”Lets see you try, husband, ” She said, lifting her chin up, and crossing her hands over her chest. The typical look an arrogant noble usually wore.

He smirked, ”John, Allan, escort the Baroness out of the barony, ” He called out. He almost burst into laughter when he saw the quaking of her eyes, but she stood her ground.

Although reluctant, the footmen rounded the corner and marched in her direction. He was aware that his staff were eavesdropping. When she refused to move, Allan reached for the ladys arms. To their surprise, the Baroness dainty palm flew and collided with the footmans cheek in a jarring slap.

Time stopped as the heterochromic gaze clashes with the vivid green ones, glaring in disbelief. One was wearing an arrogant look while the other was wearing an astonished, protective glare.

It was a start of something that one could never escape unscarred.

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