Chapter 8 – The script is wrong

 Although Wu Ge is very disrespectful, Xiao Ming and Bai Xue still give full support to their colleagues, but… this is of no use.

    The only thing that the three of them could conclude after analyzing the whole morning was that Brother Wolf should belong to the second type of suicidal personality, depression.

    What does this represent? It means that the task of saving Brother Wolf is even more arduous.

    He is a standard tall, rich and handsome, a superb domineering president, and a high IQ that surpasses ordinary people.
Why would he want to commit suicide? You said people committed suicide, but why did this kind of guy choose to commit suicide during my Little Red Riding Hood novice mission?

    But no matter how she complained about how weird Brother Wolf was, to survive, Little Red Riding Hood had to gnaw on this piece of wolf meat.
So to nibble on this sweet and delicious wolf meat, Little Red Riding Hood spent half a day checking the life of Brother Wolf.
From childhood to adulthood, even the smallest details, and the more she looks at it, the more she feels that it is better to just let Brother Wolf die.

    He still doesn’t know how to cherish such a perfect life, so why live??

    Of course, this impulsive thought, Little Red Riding Hood, only lasted for one lunch.
After lunch, Little Red Riding Hood turned to read materials about depression.

    But depression is such a broad and profound disease, how can one understand it in one afternoon? In desperation, Little Red Riding Hood resolutely changed her mind after dinner and began to read some positive-thinking books.
She was motivated to see Brother Wolf next time and conquer him with touching words.

    Just keep reading, Little Red Riding Hood accidentally fell asleep.
It seems that these words are not only touching but also hypnotizing.

    At the same time, in Brother Wolf’s apartment, Brother Wolf suddenly wanted to eat an apple.
He steered his wheelchair to the kitchen and picked up a large, delicate, and imported red-colored apple from the dining table.
In fact, Brother Wolf is not very obsessed with imported apples.
This red peel, he doesn’t know how much wax is on it.

    Of course, Brother Wolf, a person who dares to commit suicide, would not care about this bit of wax, but Brother Wolf cares about the taste.
So before eating apples, he has to peel them.
Immediately, Brother Wolf picked up a fruit knife from the table and began to peel the apple seriously.

    Little by little, layer by layer, the red apple peel was cut off by a fruit knife, revealing the sweet and delicious pulp inside.
Brother Wolf looked at the snow-white flesh under the peel and suddenly had a strange feeling.

    Peeling off the red skin on the outside will reveal the white flesh inside, which is very beautiful in red and white.

    Wouldn’t it be so beautiful if the white skin on the wrist was cut open and the blood in the veins spurted out?

    Brother Wolf thought, the fruit knife in his hand unconsciously rested on his wrist.


     The loud crash interrupted Brother Wolf’s trains of thought.
He turned his head irritably and saw a woman who fell like a dog gnawing mud at the door of the kitchen.

    Brother Wolf felt that this posture was quite interesting, so he kept silent and just looked at it for a while.

    As for Little Red Riding Hood was suddenly awakened.
Before she got up from the ground, she saw someone as soon as she looked up.

    And that someone was holding a knife against his wrist.
This is a scene from a horror movie.
The startled Little Red Riding Hood jumped up, almost conditioned reflex, and rushed over, snatching the weapon with one hand in a blink of an eye.

    Of course, she was also completely frightened.

    “It’s you again.” Looking at the empty right hand, Brother Wolf looked a little complicated.

    “Suicide again!” With the same three words (1), Little Red Riding Hood’s tone was much more excited.

    “Someone told you again?” Brother Wolf looked suspiciously at Little Red Riding Hood.


    “Then why did you suddenly come here?” Brother Wolf doubted.

    “What do you think?” Little Red Riding Hood hadn’t recovered from the shock, and her voice was several decibels higher than Brother Wolf’s.

    “Every time you come here, it’s very timely?” Brother Wolf said meaningfully.

    “Can I still save you if I’m not in time?”

    “Then do I have to thank you?” Brother Wolf sneered.

    “Then…” The smile was so terrifying, and when she met Brother Wolf’s gaze, Little Red Riding Hood froze instantly and almost forgot, that this guy was going to commit suicide, how could he thank her, “Anyway…you will thank me in the future.
Yes .”

    It doesn’t matter, he can’t die anyway.

    “Heh…” Brother Wolf put down the apple in his hand, turned the chair, and walked toward the living room.

    Little Red Riding Hood hesitated for a moment, picked up the half-peeled apple on the table, and followed him out, taking a bite of the apple while walking.

    Brother Wolf returned to the living room, and when he turned around, he saw Little Red Riding Hood eating an apple, and he immediately rejoiced: “You know what? No one in this world has ever eaten an apple I cut.”

    “There is always a first time for everything.” Little Red Riding Hood replied with a smile, as expected of a local tyrant’s apple, not only delicious but also juicy and crunchy.

Is he kindhearted? But why is there a murderous aura?

    Little Red Riding Hood looked around suspiciously, and suddenly met Brother Wolf’s half-smiling expression.
Little Red Riding Hood immediately shivered, and quickly put the apple that she had bitten twice on the coffee table beside her, and was very careful to point the part that has not been bitten towards Brother Wolf.

    Then she smiled ingratiatingly towards Brother Wolf.

    Brother Wolf glanced at the apple, but he didn’t say anything, he just took back the suffocating pressure all over his body, and immediately took out a pen from under the coffee table: “Tell me, how much is it?”

    “Ah?” Little Red Riding Hood was a little puzzled.

    “My parents invited you to give me psychological counseling.
How much did it cost?” Brother Wolf asked.

    “This… I don’t know, it’s all collected by the company.” In fact, Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t even know whether the company has received any money.

    “That’s okay.” Brother Wolf signed the pen in his right hand and the checkbook in his left hand and then tore it very handsomely.

    This is… this is… a classic scene in a dog-blood love drama? ??

    Anticipating what was going to happen in a while, Little Red Riding Hood flushed with excitement.

    Brother Wolf smiled and looked at Little Red Riding Hood, and then, while Little Red Riding Hood was stunned, he pressed the button of the phone: “Send in two people.”

    Huh?? Why is this scene familiar? Little Red Riding Hood has a bad premonition.

    After a while, footsteps sounded outside the door, and then two familiar burly men entered the living room: “Boss.”

    “Throw this woman out, and promise that she will never appear in front of me again.” Brother Wolf waved the check, “This check is yours.”

    “Yes!” The two burly men strode towards Little Red Riding Hood.

    Until she was dragged and thrown out of the apartment again, Little Red Riding Hood still didn’t come back to her senses.

    No, isn’t the development of this plot wrong?

    Brother Wolf, why didn’t you follow the script?

    Brother Wolf, who was alone, looked at the apple that had been nibbled twice on the coffee table, and suddenly felt that this scene didn’t seem very beautiful.


The author has something to say: In fact, I am just too lazy to choose a name, I did not deliberately use the name of the fairy tale protagonist, you have to believe me.

PS: Collect fairy tale names, men and women are not limited (can’t think of a suitable name)


Both of their sentences have 3 Chinese characters originally.

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