om its original position.
Seeing that Ye Zhen was looking at her, Xiao Lin looked back calmly.
But when she turned around, the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but curl up.

She seemed to be very proud of herself.

Xiao Lin was bold and smart, but she had messed with the wrong person.
So, instead of pretending to look for the daily report, Ye Zhen just put everything back into place when she checked the scene.
Not only that, even the texture of the clothes and the long hair of the actors and actresses were exactly the same as the daily report when Ye Zhen reported everything verbally.

But this was a big scene, covering nearly a thousand square feet and shot by dozens of people!

In the end, not only did Xiao Lin look at her in horror, but the others also sensed that something was wrong.
Seeing her empty hands and her efficient work, Master Yao couldn’t help but ask, “Are… Are you okay?”

[TL/N: So, basically she should have the daily report to look over every detail and check if everything is alright, but she doesn’t, so she did the whole work really well with just her memory.]

“It’s okay.
It’s just that the daily report is missing.”

Master Yao understood in a second, “Have you been tricked by someone?”

“En.” Ye Zhen said, nodding her head.
Looking into Master Yao’s worried eyes, she said frankly, “But it doesn’t matter.
I have a very high retentive memory, so writing the reports is just for show.”


Were these the legendary rear waves of the Yangtze River, driving the front wave forward and crashing it into the sandy beach?* Master Yao covered his chest in agony.

[TL/N: It means that each new generation excels the previous.
The younger generation will replace the old one eventually.]

Even the main character, Xi Gu, saw the signs of new developments.
After work, he came up to her and asked, “I heard that you were a little low-key and overbearing today?”

“Even you know about it.” So, how was I keeping a low profile?

“I asked, and Ah Jue doesn’t know yet.

Unable to understand the big star’s smile, Ye Zhen lowered her head and continued to write the daily report in silence.
Afterwards, she made three copies as usual.
When she handed them to the planning office, Xioa Lin tried to avoid her, and now it was Ye Zhen’s turn to block her way.

With an expressionless face, Ye Zhen forced Xiao Lin to step back to the corner.
When she was about to verbally give her a “color see see”*, Xiao Lin couldn’t hold it anymore and cried out, “Wu wu wu, you’re so terrible… Wow, you are not human…”

[TL/N:  It means “I will teach you a lesson so you can behave better”.]

She hadn’t done anything yet, so how could she not be human? Ye Zhen exhaled and said, “Where is the daily report?”

“There, inside!” Xiao Lin pointed to the high pile of daily reports in the corner of the wall and explained, “I casually put it there back then, but I don’t remember which pile it is.
It’s true.
I’m a normal person.
I don’t have a good memory like you…”

If Xiao Lin hadn’t accidentally helped her… Ye Zhen pulled out a chair and pushed Xiso Lin onto it.
She said with a strong voice, “I’m going to look for the daily report right now.
You’re responsible for explaining if anyone comes.”

“Okay, okay, Sister Ye,” Xiao Lin finally came to her senses and said tentatively, “If anyone asks, can I tell them that you are looking for the daily report to see the previous ones?”


“Sister Ye, you are so kind.”

Ha ha.

After taking the good person card, Ye Zhen began to search for the reports of the former script supervisor.
She soon found the person’s name, Tan Jia.
After turning to the page where the name “Tan Jia” was signed, she found that the last report was dated February 13th, which was the day before Ye Yi’s accident.

The whole report seemed very normal.
It was a solo scene for Ye Yi, and he had also passed after one “NG”.
So the daily report was not long.
However, when Tan Jia’s handwriting described the arrangement of the props, it trembled a few times, as if she was not concentrating on writing.

And this was the most sought-after treasure from the great Tang Dynasty that was auctioned off in Macau.
The protagonist fought to recover this treasure, which was one of Yang Guifei’s burial objects — a gilded, hollowed-out national beauty, a spherical silver sachet.

Translator ramblings^^

but, this lin girl just switched up so fast lol.

man… there was so much stuff that I had to give context to.
but, it’s ok if it could make yall understand it a little better ig^^.

i have had constant health problems the past months and now i have difficulty breathing… my shitty life is becoming so much more shittier that it can’t get any more shittier.
i started this as a way to escape my so-called reality and also to entertain yall, so i hope you enjoy reading my translations.

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