they were not supposed to point at. While its hand oozed out green blood, while revealing hints of white bone matter.

”Skree? ”

The demon screeched in confusion as it pulled back its hand, then gazed back at Damien. ”Like what you see? ” And he responded with a light question.

The demon then stared back at its hand, then at Damien again. Its eyes squinted as it screeched out in anger and pure murderous intent. Unfortunately…

”…SKREEE-– ”

Damien saw everything coming and ”Noisy ”, threw a powerful punch towards the demon, with that single word. He did not care about its feelings at all.

He threw a left, straight punch, then without pause followed with a rising uppercut with his right hand, giving the demon a double hit combo.

Each of his fist dulled its senses, and brought immense pain. Even as durable as demons and monsters were, they were not impenetrable.

But he was not done, he followed up after with two straight punches. Each of his punches directly aimed at the oval head of the demon, and packed with considerable strength.

His fists were even painted with fresh, warm green blood. The oval shape of the demons head, was not so oval anymore.

It was a pity that it had mouths on its chest and mouth, restricting him from using more hits to accumulate his combo attack, but it was fine either way.

To him, this thing was already dead. It stood no chance whatsoever. But standing no chance, did not mean that the demon would not retaliate.

By the time he sent the fouth punch, and about to follow up with yet another one, the demon held its fingers on its left hand together, forming a makeshift spear head.

It then pieced towards Damiens chest. It was clearly smart, but Damien was smarter. He sidestepped the sneak attack and was about to pull back, when a powerful fist smashed towards him.

His fast reflects kicked in, causing him to block the incoming fist with his arm. But the brutally damaged hand of the demon still landed on him, and sent him sliding back across the floor, a few meters away.

Luckily for him, Damien managed to keep his body stable and did not fall over even as the momentum pushed him back. He was as sturdy as a mountain against the wind.

Superhuman Strength alright. Its ability is not for show. He thought as he stood up and adjusted his posture. The daring smile still on his lips.

”…. ”

Juliette, who had her heart stuck at her throat in fright, finally breathed in a sigh of relief. She once again realized she was still weak. She could not even follow their attack patten at all.

Meanwhile, Damien checked his arm and saw that even with Superhuman Strength, the demon could not even bruise him. His defenses were naturally high after all.

He then suddenly laughed to himself, flexing his muscles and loosening his joints. His laugh was low, yet bone chilling cold.

It was like a death sentence to anyone who was unfortunate to be facing him.

And indeed. Damien was about to end this fight once and for all right now. Time was of the essence. He dud not forget that.

”Skreee… ”

The demon checked its right hand, which was even more damaged due to its sneak attack. But it was not worried, it would heal.

What it was worried about now was Damien.

His presence was now a threat towards its life. Its instincts screamed at it to pull back, yet it saw no hope even then.

Hence it continued to screech out in warning, in hopes of trying to scare back the prey. No, the predator after its life. ”Skreee… ”

”Not today buddy. ”

Damien whispered under his breathe, right before charging towards the demon at full speed. His speed was monstrous, and wind stirring.


Both the demon and Juliette were surprised.

Especially so, as Damien was functioning under the effects of adrenaline, which boosted his speed and strength even more!!

He crossed the few meter distance between them instantly. The demon, in a fit of panic, sent out its left hand to piece towards his rushing figure in anger.

But Damien had other plans for it.

Thus, right before he arrived near the demon, he slid across the ground and intended to pass by, right in between its leg. Nobody had thought he would do that, let alone the demon itself.

As for the purpose of his actions…

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