oment, she was frightened. The man that stood before her, was… she felt he heart skip a beat, as his blue eyes were purely oozing murderous intent.

And pure killing intent.

His smile clearly one of a devourer, a predator about to tear its prey from limb to limb. It frightened to the core, yet for some reason, excited her as well.

Her hand completely loosened its grip on him. Damien felt that and turned to look down on her, his smile subconsciously growing even more daring.

His gaze like that of a god.

His eyes subconsciously stared deep into hers, with hidden softness and gentleness within. None of the killing intent nor murderous intent held within.

”… ”

”So, sweetheart, dearest, princess, would you… ” He knelt down before her, lifting her chin up a bit more, with his fingers as his intoxicating voice continued, ”would you allow me to became savage, and protect you at all cost? ”

”Yes, but… ”

And she responded obediently, her eyes absorbed into his handsome face, and powerful predatory gaze. She seemed mindless, his eyes being her current world.

Yet even then, her subconsciousness, her instincts kicked in as she added without even realizing it herself, ”Yes, but… not your life. It… Its mine. ”

”… ”

Damien was slightly surprised and caught off guard, but a moment later, he stood up and chuckled to himself. Only one word leaving his lips at that moment, ”Roger that, sweetheart. ”

”…. ”

At the same time.

But different environments.

The Gray couple were sitting together within the room, still not accepting the offer.

Both wore clothes that were movable within, and then gazed at each other. With goodbye smiles, even though Damien told them that they would he together, they accepted.

”… ”

”… ”

Nothing happened.

Both stared at each other in silence. The one choosing to break the silence being Damiens mother, Esther. She smiled meekly and asked, ”How do we accept? ”

”… ”

David was speechless. The reason he was still here, was because he likewise did not know the answer to that question.

So what the hell was he supposed to say?

”I think you scream out yes or something. ” He ultimately shrugged his shoulders as he suggested. Esther nodded at his words and inquired back.

”Like this? Yes. ” She said the last word a bit loud, with conviction and determination.


And along those words, bright light bloomed around her body that sorounded them. David was caught off guard and hurriedly covered his eyes in shock.

Moments later, the bright light receded and Esther was nowhere to be seen.

”… ”

David was now more than just speechless. He stared at the location Esther used to be at, and immediately clicked his tongue.

”Oh shit. Yes. ” He also said the same word, with conviction and determination as well. He was chasing after his wife, hoping that they would be going to the same place.

But he doubted it.

For he remembered his sons words, (You should accept it together, to go through the trials together… like the couple you are. And make sure you both make it out alive.).

Those words said that they should accept together, which they already failed. Then the last statement could be deduced that, whereever they were going to, was not a safe place.

Brat, next time be specific with your guidance. David clicked his tongue again, as white light lit up the whole room and took him away as well.

None of them were ready for what was to coming. It was even more so, when they saw what they were up against.

David found himself with a gigantic forest, with trees so tall, they threatened to touch the sky. They seemed like pillars of the world.

And in front of him, was a being of ten meters in height. The being was chubby, and quite ugly. But thay was not the matter.

The matter here was that, David had to fight that thing. He could already see it coming. Especially when his sons words always rang within his mind.

Fuck… boy, there are many ways to kill either than through this. David was already regretting his decision, let one his wife, Esther.

”My, oh my. ” The woman, who was within a different environment of a plain, covered her mouth with her palm as she smiled.

Before her, was a beast like animal that had lightning flashing in, and out if existence around its body. And as a fast person, Esther could tell… that her opponent was faster!!

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