ked my eyes for a moment and pondered.


‘I think so, but…………’


For some reason, my heart was feeling too complicated to answer meekly.
As I was quiet, Kim Dae-seok suddenly asked straight away without patience.


-Are you not coming?


I’m coming.
When I get home, I will wash up and log onto the game right away, so wait.”




My house was right in front.
After I hung up the phone and entered the house, I immediately finished taking a shower and sat down in front of the computer.




As usual, I tried to access the game, but I changed my mind and went to the Zenoris website.


I thought it would be better to leave the guild before joining the game.
If people say hello through the guild chat for nothing, things will get complicated.


Fortunately, leaving could be done on the website as well.
Without hesitation, I went straight to the guild management page and clicked the [Leave] button next to the guild name ‘Early Evening’.


//You have left the guild//


I looked at the message on the screen for a moment and then turned it off.
It was supposed to be like this.
Of course, I feel a little uncomfortable when I think of the guy who surprisingly cared for me for the past week, but it can’t be helped.


Above all, was the plan somewhat successful? Even Yoo Chae will have a lot of emotions when he sees me finally leaving the guild.


Thinking like that, I felt a little uncomfortable.
Swiping my bangs, which were slightly wet, I logged into the game.


I went to bed early yesterday because of my part-time job, so I turned it off as soon as the raid was over.
Hence, I was standing in a black zone, where the dragon raid happened.
After leaving the guild, the guild name above the username was blank, and the guild chat window was greyed out and disabled.


[Soeso: Heh heh]


[Soeso: Central]


[I’m sleepy: Okok]


After replying to Kim Dae-Seok’s message and moving to the central city, I realized that there was no one but Kim Dae-Seok on the window of my friend list.
Guild chat is so convenient, I didn’t even think about adding friends.


‘No, of course, even if I remembered, I would have not added any friends either.’


I was going to leave anyway, but I made friends with the guild members in Early Evening, so I wasn’t sure how to interact with them if I added them as friends and then left the guild.
I’m rather glad I didn’t.


When I arrived in the central city with useless thoughts, Kim Dae-seok, who was waiting for me at the warp point, ran straight up and opened the party window.
Next to him was the Guild Master of〈One Heart One Will〉.

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[All] I’m sleepy: Let’s go ㄱㄱ ㄱㄱ


I didn’t expect the Gil-ma to come right away.
Still, it wasn’t bad because I wanted the conversation to be quick.
After I entered the party, guild master, Unyum, greeted me.


[Party] Unyum: Hello haha


[Party] I’m sleepy: Hello


[Party] Unyum: I heard a lot about you from Dae-seok haha


Kim Dae-seok called him Hyung, so he must have been a man, but I felt a very neat and gentle energy in the chat.


[Party] I’m sleepy: Is that so?


[Party] Unyum: Yes, He says you are very good


[Party] Unyum: Of course, I also heard about your guild work, and your personality looks so good.
So, are you on good terms with the Early Evening guild?


Unyum was wearing a bright red sword on his back that didn’t match the character’s smiling face.
I think that weapon was for a Berserker.


‘Are you slashing mobs with a greatsword with a smiling face like that?’


After a few small conversations with me, Unyum said with a bright smile.


[Party] Unyum: Sleepy-nim, would you like to come to our guild?


[Party] Unyum: It’s totally welcome haha


[Party] I’m sleepy: It’s me that should be saying thank you


Because Kim Dae-seok had already said everything, the procedure was simpler than when joining Early Evening.
I wrote a few words of greetings in the guild join request that Unyum sent me and clicked the OK button.


[Party] Unyum: I gave a rough explanation to the guild members.


[Party] Unyum: You can stay here comfortably!


At the same time as that chat, guild name was created above my username.
The re-energized guild chat was filled with unfamiliar names.


[Guild] Kyokyokyoko: Hello~


[Guild] Beecher: Hehehe~


[Guild] Popabam: Wow, there’s a newbie~<


[Guild] Seol Ji-hye: Hi young one ㅇ.ㅇ


[Guild] Jang-hoon: Hahahaha


[Guild] I’m sleepy: Hello


I was introducing myself again…
However, this time, it was fortunate that everyone seemed to have good personalities.


[Guild] Soeso: My friend haha


[Guild] Soeso: Real friend~


[Guild] Beecher: You have friends? LOL


[Guild] Unyum: Sleepy-nim is a newcomer so a real newbie


[Guild] Unyum: Please help him a lot with quests and raids haha~


[Guild] Jang-hoon: Yep


I laughed lightly at Unyum’s cheerful chat.


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[Whisper] Soeso: So?


[Whisper] Soeso: What do you think about the atmosphere?


[Whisper] I’m sleepy: It’s good


This was going pretty well.


Of course, I didn’t see the same troubles like in Early Evening, but there’s no need to have anything like that to play a game anyway.


[Party] Unyum: Sleepy, what level are you now?


[Party] I’m sleepy: I’m at 212


[Party] Unyum: Heh, hasn’t it been less than a month since you started?


[Party] Unyum: That’s really fast.


[Party] Unyum: Then can I help you with the raid quest? hehehe


[Party] Soeso: ㄱㄱ I want to go too


[Party] I’m sleepy: Thanks thanks


[Party] I’m sleepy: The Dragon Raid is red now


[Party] Unyum: Indeed red


[Party] I’m sleepy: I’ll scroll and take a look


When I was just about to open my inventory and click on use Scroll to move.
Suddenly, the system was overtaken by another window that appeared in the center of the screen.


The ‘Early Evening’ guild has declared war on the ‘One Heart One Will’ guild.


War voting is in progress.
The voting period is 3 days.


[War Voting] Are you in favor of going to war? [Agree] [Against] [Hold]




[Party] Unyum: ??


[Party] Soeso: ?


[Guild] Jang-hoon: ?


[Guild] Beecher: What?


[Guild] Popabam: ? ;;


[Guild] The greatness of chicken: Huh?? Gilma, are we at war?


[Guild] Speechless: Suddenly…?




New names:

〈One Heart One Will〉



Seol Ji-hye






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