d with a .
This means that Yoo Chae, that bastard did not even log out and was deliberately not accepting my friend request.


[Whisper] I’m sleepy: Add me as a friend


[Whisper] I’m sleepy: Don’t ignore my words, you fuck


As I ground my teeth and sent a whisper, the server chat came up again.


[Server] Yoo Chae: I’m sleepy, I’m not going to receive any of your messages until you come out of that guild so stop sending me whispers/friend requests ㅠ


[Server] Yoo Chae: Until you come out of that guild, I won’t receive any friends and whispers requests


[All] Aurel: Ooooooh ;


[All] kwon: hahahahahahaha


[All] Blue bird green: Wow, it’s really an all-time greatest win to watch this happening in real time hahahaha


[All] Tegongi: Oh, TMI?


[Guild] Unyum: ㄷㄷ…


[Guild] Beecher: Why is he like that really????


[Guild] Popabam: Now it’s just..
it’s funny..
ㅋㅋ Bang!

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Unable to hold my anger by only seeing the Server chat like a dog, I slammed the keyboard with my fist.
After starting Zenoris, this 250,000 won gaming keyboard flashed colorfully again, flaunting that it has already been hit for the second time.


Taking a deep breath, I opened the Zenoris website and went to the payment window.
I bought 5 ‘giant loudspeakers’ for 6,900 won and typed a message with all of my sincerity.


[Server] I’m sleepy: Add me as a friend right away, you bastard.


[All] Yong Chan-kang: Pffffttttt


[All] Be generous: Heuk hahahahahaha


[All] Nitro Georgia: Sleepy Hyung typed-back hahahahahahaha


[All] Blue Chopper: What’s with that username? lol


[All] snstmsns: The couple quarrels all over the place;


[All] Jealousy: ㅄ Cool down


[All] Wangane Mandu: I’m not laughing, really hahahahahaha


[All] What is this: Are they actually comedians?


[All] Red Lava: Please give me a server transfer ticket


[Whisper] Soeso: Did you buy that?


I left the screen with the friend list window open, but the only answer that came back was that there was no sign of login, and it was still questionable whether he had the intention to accept my friend request or not.


[Server] Yoo Chae: Hyung, me too, I really want to be friends with you, but I can’t until you come out of that guild okay? ㅜㅜ


[Server] Yoo Chae: Can you understand? Even so, don’t doubt my love…
I want to be friends with you..
Come back soon ㅜㅡㅜ


[All] I want to be rich: Ah, Fuck!! Fuck ah!! Fuck!


[All] Jun-ai: Bleeegh bleeegh


[All] I’ll take care of you: I might have witnessed a legend in my life, to see this not on Guild chat but on server chat


[All] kan123: Don’t start acting like it’s a couple fight


[All] Kim Moo Deok-bae: How do I block Server Chat please?


[All] Full roll: What are the red pepper bastards arguing so much about?


[All] Neo-Crash: Cassack bread Cassack bread Cassack bread Cassack bread


[All] Kokotori: Hey, take care of your Gilma properly ㅡ ㅡ;;


[All] Haerun: I’m sorry about our Gilma


[All] Harpy jean: Ah, why does this chat function even exist


After the server chat of the unimaginable Yoo Chae, the whole chat had a seizure, and the guild chat became quiet as if cold water had been sprinkled on it.
I barely managed to catch up and use the second loudspeaker.


[Server] I’m sleepy: If you ask me to put everything down and come, do I have to come to yours? I’ve already said everything a week ago that I’m going to leave the guild, so why are you doing this now?


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[Server] Yoo Chae: That’s right, that’s why I’m trying hard to appeal to you to come back


[Server] Yoo Chae: It’s too much to say that it’s rude…
I’m just trying to get along with Hyung and raid dungeons together in the same guild as before…


[Server] Yoo Chae: I hate you! ㅜㅡㅜ


Me… what? I hate you? Shit, do you hate me? Is that really a chat from a 23-year-old boy’s hand?


[All] Forty: hahahaha Fuck hahahaha I hate you! ><


[All] cobb990: I think it’s quicker to just turn off the game


[All] Wangane Mandu: I think I’m going crazy


[All] Senior Moon: To turn off server chat Go to Settings


[All] Feel the difference: Thanks;;


[All] Melon Musk: ? I came back here after eating, it seems that it’s still in the middle of this lol


[All] You gossip: I don’t know what’s going on now, but why Yoo Chae? Why suddenly the hate??? ;;


[All] Twice 2’s Jihyo fan: Then that means that the newbie’s taken~


Even though the temperature wasn’t hot, my body heated up from the soaring tantrums.
Aggravated by having my threshold crossed without restraint, I tilted my head back for a moment and exhaled harshly.


[Server] I’m sleepy: You’re messing with me right now?


[Server] Yoo Chae: No? I’m not kidding, come out of that guild quickly


[Server] I’m sleepy: Even if I leave here, do you think I’ll go back to Early Evening?;


[Server] Yoo Chae: That’s okay because Hyung QvQ you already know what will happen if you do haha


[Server] Yoo Chae: I’ll try to appeal to you again!!




Biting my lip and lowering my head, I wrote down the question I wanted to ask on the loudspeaker.


[Server] I’m sleepy: Where do you live?



TL Notes:


Melon musk meme – It's a old meme I do believe.



So, the function of Whisper is that You can talk to them, without having a connection to them like a guild, but if you can change the settings of Whisper to not accept any messages from strangers.

(But so far I think they only use whisper, instead of Friend.
SO I think it can be used for Friend to.)






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