The beginning of the story (3)

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[Arne was in a bad mood because the emperor did not seek her even after arriving in the Empire for a month.
To have been brought by the one and only royal family and king of the kingdom because he needed her, and then to have left her alone.
It didn’t make sense to her either.

Arne said that after the emperor’s duties were finished, she would receive something.
She even had a bizarre thought.
She was worried about the Sorano Kingdom, so she couldn’t sleep properly at night.

Arne did not move even a single step from her temporary residence for several days after she had arrived in the Empire.
Her frustration reached her neck.
In the middle of the night, she went to the Imperial Palace.
Only the light of the moon shone in the dark sky.

“…… Who came to the garden at night?”

There was already a guest in the garden Arne visited.
Dystria looked at the intruder.
He felt a little offended that his break was interrupted.
Unless it was a close confidant who brought information, the garden at night was only his.

Green eyes and dazzling blonde hair, Dystria knew at once that she was the king of the Sorano Kingdom.
He was overwhelmed with work, and he completely forgot that he had brought the king of another country.
Dystria marveled at his own indifference and glanced slowly at Arne.

She was so beautiful that rumors had spread to the Empire.
What’s more, she had white skin that looked soft to the touch and a slender body line.
She had a body that made his manhood move.
Dystria didn’t pay attention to her enough that he had brought Arne and then forgot, but it was true that she was beautiful.

“It’s rude.”

Arne’s green eyes shone brightly.
Dystria was intrigued by Arne’s attitude.
Even if she didn’t know who he was, she was the woman who had been neglected for quite a long time in a foreign country with threats rather than polite speech.
Even if her self-esteem was lowered by her feelings of humiliation or insult, she still didn’t forget that she was the king.

Seeing Arne like that, Dystria’s heart twisted.
He hated people’s inability to grasp their place.
So he became curious about Arne.
How long will she be able to maintain that dignified appearance? He imagined that the woman in front of him would be ruined, and was delighted by his current envy.]

“Aren’t you aware of your situation?”

Was this the original conversation? I was a little perplexed by the private meeting with the Emperor, which was different from what I had expected.

The Emperor was looking at me with pitiful eyes.
The red eyes staring at me glistened with eerie madness.
As described in the book, he had dark hair and he was more handsome than I had imagined.
The body also looked solid.

Ah, just looking at it is stimulating.
It was more than I anticipated.

While appreciating Dystria’s face, I suddenly came to my senses.
This is not the time to be like this.
I seriously thought about the flow of the original story.

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Was the original story a little twisted because I had wandered around too much? What should I say?

I thought carefully about how to overcome this situation and restore the twisted original story.
But this thought did not last long.
I was the type of person who didn’t like to think very much, and I was an activist.
So I said whatever came to mind.
Perhaps Arne said this in her first meeting with Dystria…….

“It’s rude.”

Dystria’s eyes changed strangely.
It was like finding an interesting prey.
He laughed out loud.

“Ha? You are a very interesting sight.”

Contrary to his smile, his expression was cold.
As expected, this is real life.
I thought that the original story I had pondered on the carriage was really useless.

“You probably didn’t call me for an interesting sight.”

“Didn’t you realize that the real reason I called you wasn’t to decipher Gore?”

“That’s not the only reason.”

The space was filled with silence for a moment.
Did I choose the wrong option? I swallowed and anxiously waited for Dystria to speak.

“Even if you don’t want to know, you will soon find out the real reason I called you.
Get out.”

I read the original story and thought I knew the Emperor well, but now I’m not sure.
I had no idea what the Emperor was thinking.
Well, it’s not even a continuation of the next episode, so tell me now.
Why did you call me? Still, I was worried that I might be taking the wrong route to a meeting that was not in the original story.

After the private meeting with the Emperor, I was grateful that I did not take the wrong route, where I received the noble of Sorano’s finger as a gift, and I overcame several stages of personal harassment like in the original story.

However, there was one thing I didn’t expect.
When I received the noble’s finger, unlike in the original, Rewan was beside me.


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* * *


Rumors spread that Rewan had challenged Dystria to a duel.

Rewan, who was scheduled to die even if he stood still, accelerated his dead flag.
And now, the first part was progressing in a completely different way from the original.

I didn’t want this kind of confusion.
The dim moonlight illuminated the room.
I emptied the cold teacup and got up from my seat.
The night air was cold.
I think I arrived here when the tepid wind was blowing, but the season was changing.

Wasn’t the beginning like this? I thought the description of the psychological warfare between the Emperor and Arne was quite interesting.

After walking aimlessly, I arrived at the garden.
It was the garden where the Emperor often came to rest at night, and he probably met Arne here for the first time.
Now, though, it doesn’t mean anything.

“I really don’t know.
Either you or your knight.”

A slightly annoyed face with a slightly hoarse voice.
There was Dystria in the garden, too.
He slowly approached me.
He looked threatening.
Dystria seen in private seemed a little sharper.

“Is that knight the only one who saw the gift I sent you? You’re looking well.
He meant to save you, did you not know?”

“I understood enough, but I just thought there was no need for that.”

It was a meeting that was not in the original story.
Oh, there was no private interview in the first place.
Didn’t we first meet in the garden? It has no meaning at all now.
I thought of the character Arne and played her.

Dystria stopped right in front of me.
Our eyes met.
As if the gazes that collided searched for each other, we did not avoid each other’s gaze for quite some time.
His bright red eyes gleamed with madness, just like when we first met.
He raised the corners of his mouth and smiled.

“You’d better expect to see the results of your arrogance.”

It was a very beautiful smile.
It was a smile that would have been beautiful if his eyes hadn’t gleamed horribly like a wild beast that found its prey.
But that arrogant, beastly appearance suited him well.

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He tapped my shoulder a couple of times and left the place first.
Even though Dystria had disappeared, I couldn’t leave the place for a while due to the unexplained pressure.
It was a strange feeling of heat radiating from my shoulder.

[“Did you receive the present well? Looking at your face, I can see that he was well received.
Do you like it?”

“I have no idea why this is happening.
Didn’t you say you need me? You shouldn’t treat me like this.”

“You believe in that simplistic excuse.
Are you more naive than I thought?”

Arne bit her lip.
Even while she was being treated like this, she did not know that her eyes were obedient.

Is it the attitude that comes from the position of a king? Dystria was interested in Arne.
If he destroyed her country and made her his slave, she would soften a little.
He instructed Raphael to discover the power and wealth of the Sorano Kingdom.

Dystria gave a languid smile.]


* * *


Rewan returned bloodied.
Is this the result of arrogance? He was slightly hurt.

I was treating Rewan’s wounds.
Although he was taking care of me gently enough that there was no discomfort, he was not kind enough to send a doctor to take care of Rewan’s wounds from the duel.
Giving medicines and bandages was also something to be grateful for.

What’s more, he came back in a moderate manner, considering that he had requested a duel with the Emperor.
In the first place, returning alive with wounds from the duel meant that there was a considerable difference in skill.
Rewan was one of the best swordsmen in the Kingdom, but to be defeated like this.
The level of the Empire was really great; I thought it didn’t fit the situation.

“It would not have been a fight for honor.
What were you fighting for? What did you lose in return for defeat?”

I asked, disinfecting his wounds and bandaging them.
Rewan was quiet.
His shoulders trembled slightly.
He was crying.
Without a word, I stroked his pure white hair.
He responded to the touch and looked up at me.
There was despair in his eyes.

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“I risked my life.”

He risked his life, so how did he come back alive?

The question almost came out of my mouth.
Instead, I urged him to answer what was taken instead of his life.
No, actually, I wondered if there was anything to take away from us.

Seeing his gloomy figure, I stopped insisting and calmly waited for his reply.
Even as time passed, I did not know that Rewan’s mouth would open.
Without a word, he drew his sword from his scabbard.
His eyes showed determination.
I noticed that he was about to die.
I grabbed the tip of the sword in my hand.
The cool feeling of the metal made the nerves of my whole body stand up.

“If you can’t say it, don’t do it.”

The sword in his hand trembled.
He dropped his sword and Rewan’s eyes were full of despair.
Rewan bit his lip.
Blood was dripping from my clenched hand.
He opened his mouth as if he had decided to speak, looking into my worried eyes.

“I would rather die than insult my Master.”

A low sigh.
And a short silence.

“What they want in lieu of my life.”

Rewan squeezed his eyes shut.
And the words were heavy, one letter at a time, as if to vomit his pain.

“…… It is your purity.
Your Majesty.”

After finishing his declaration, Rewan burst into tears.
He bit his lip as if to stop his tears.
He cried silently.
I didn’t think he did much wrong.
It was rather good.
It felt like a ray of pleasure had come to my boring life.
Frankly, I was happy.

He wiped away the tears and bit his lip.
Rewan confessed his sins.

“…… Incompetently I sold my Master.”

Somehow I laughed out loud in this miserable, cruel situation for him.
I smiled unknowingly.
Did he think he had committed an unforgivable sin to Arne? I am the one who enjoys it unbearably inside.
If he thinks he has sinned against me, what will he think of me, or of this miserable Arne?

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