”Wake up! ” Was what caused her to abruptly awaken from a deep sleep, striking her head forcefully against the sturdy iron bars of the enormous cage in the process.

”Fool ” One of the barbarians snorted and then burst out laughing as he walked away to join his other slave traders barbarians who were gathered around a campfire.

She massaged her eyes and waited for her hazy vision to gradually clear when she heard a deep voice tingling with the most attractive accent she had ever heard tease her, ”You are terribly clumsy. ”

She quickly opened her eyes to see a teenage boy with long, dark hair that was slightly tousled, piercing green eyes, and a pointy nose. His features were just incredible; he appeared very rough-hewn and surreal.

She had been in the hands of the slave dealers and barbarians for such a long time that she believed that she had never seen him before.

He smirked at her and continued, ”I was brought in when you were still asleep and honestly you look extremely cute when sleeping. ”

Delphine was aware that she was at least five years older than him, which made her feel strange. Despite being taller, she was still older. She rolled her eyes and made a grimace.

”What is a handsome young man like you doing in a cage? ” She scoffed and inquired, rubbing her aching head as she grimaced in discomfort.

He chewed his bottom lip and looked at her indifferently, showing no concern for her suffering. Delphine shivered; oddly, she had the impression that he was very strong and not the kind of creature she ought to approach. However, she was curious, so she ignored his menacing aura and fixed her gaze intently on him.

”How old do you think I am? ” He enquired carelessly.

Delphine pondered intently for a long time, which gave her a splitting headache, and then she turned to face him with wide eyes. He had a perfect stature for his young age, was healthy and muscular but remained slender, which fit with his talk figure, and was tall—she couldn deny that in her twenty-one years of life, she had never seen someone as beautiful as him.

She responded, smiling brightly, ”Seventeen, ” but he just continued to look at her as if she were some kind of fool, which bothered her.

”Okay, then, how old are you? ” She inquired while scoffing.

He responded, ”Seventeen, ” turning his head away from her.

Delphine swore she would have beaten him to death if she had the strength to do so.

”Aren you too young for your voices depth? ” She asked inquisitively.

His voice was powerful, but his face was the most innocent, capable of turning instantly deadly.

”What are you? Twelve? ” He questioned, and shook his head in disapproval.

Delphine remarked with a mild frown, ”I see you don smile much. ”

He rolled his eyes as he turned to face her. ”There is nothing in this world for me to smile about plus you are a slave in a cage, a beautiful one too but dirty, I don think you have showered for a year. ”

Delphine frowned. Yes, she hadn bathed in a while but a year was too much. She did look dirty, her light brown hair was hagged and her skin was rather rough with black dirt from dust and mud.

Delphine suppressed her rage and forced a grin, saying, ” If you don know something, stop talking. ”

He firmly told her, ”I genuinely don want to know anything. I just want to get what I want and get out of here. ”

Delphine exhaled and drew nearer to him. ”You don look like a slave at all, you loo

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