”That son of a bitch ”, Skylar said through clenched jaws,his eyes fixed on the two disappearing figures. ”Thats my mate, ”added,his eyes blazing with rage.

”He doesn know,neither does she ”,the boy sitting beside him said making Skylars head snap towards him.

”Hey take a chill pill ”,the boy said raising his hands in surrender.

”So what are you doing going to do now? ”the boy asked.

”Shred him ”,Skylar growled.

”Dude relax,how about you sit him down and explain things to him and tell him to back off nicely, ” the boy said but Skylar scoped and walked away.

The alluring mix of strawberry and mint from his mate lingered in the hallway as he walked towards the gym hall, reminding him of yesterday.

They had just finished basketball practice and he walked to the changing room with Dave and four other boys.

”I saw a cad pull up earlier and this black girl walked out and went straight to the Deans office with her luggage, ” Mike, one of the boys said.

”Yeah so? ” Dave asked uninterested in whatever Mike was saying.

”I think shes a new student, ” Mike shrugged and the rest of the boys except Skylar burst into a roar of laughter.

”Whats funny? ” Mike asked confused.

e in the middle of the semester Mike and you know this school doesn accept any new student in the middle of the semester. Even if the person is from THIS COUNTRY, ” Dave replied, emphasizing on ”this country. ”

”Maybe shes here to see someone, ” Alex chipped in.

”Who? There are zero blacks in this school so you can tell me her relative, ” Mike said, throwing his towel over his neck.

”Dave, can you change so that we can leave? ” Skylar interrupted their chat.

”Ive decided to take the jersey home, ” Dave replied whiles picking his bag from the chair. ”Bye guys, ” Dave waved the others before walking away.

”Im looking forward to the game this Friday, ” Dave said breaking the silence as they walked through the quiet hallway.

”Me too. Itll serve as entertainment because my life has been so boring this days, ” Skylar sighed and they continued to walk in silence.

”Mate! ” The beast in Skylar roared making him stop. ”What? ” He asked.

”Mate! Shes here, ” Luca, his wolf replied. Skylar lifted his head and took in a deep breath that grew stronger every passing second, it was an amazing smell of strawberry and mint. This can be happening, he shouldn be feeling like this. He didn need a mate at this moment.

”Whats wring? ” Dave shook Skylar out of the trance he was in.

”Shes….shes he…here, ” Skylar stammered.

”She?Who? ” Dave asked unaware of what was going on.

”I can smell her, ” Skylars last statement was enough to make everything clear to Skylar.

”Really? But I don see anyone her….. ” He paused mid-sentence when he spotted two girls walking towards them. ”What? Mike was right, the black girl is actually a new student, ” Dave gasped. ”When did… ”

”And shes my mate, ” Skylar said with his gaze fixed on the two girls.

”Yes thats the only logical explanation now because you see Irene all the time but you have never felt this way towards her, ” Dave said but Skylar remained silent.

”I think we should at least talk to them, ” Dave said and took a step forward immediately those words left his mouth.

e doing no such thing, ” Skylar said firmly, whiles holding Daves arm to stop him.

”Why? ”

”Because I said so. Well talk about this at home, ” Skylar replied and walked away.

”Hes just so stubborn. Never listens to anything I say, ” Dave scoffed before running after him.

”This is just the first part of the class and you
e already tired? ” A familiar voice pulled Skylar out of thoughts. A low growl left his throat as he looked in the direction of the voice.

”Kill him! ” Luca growled as he stared at his mate being friendly to another guy.

”Here have some water, ” Ace said, handing over the bottle to Abena.

”Thanks I needed that, ” Abena smiled but before she could take the bottle, someone else snatched it.

”Shes not drinking that, ” the unknown guy said staring at her coldly. His voice was loud enough to draw the attention of the other students. Abena quickly bowed her head to avoid looking at them.

”S…..Skylar? What is wrong with you? ” Ace Who was also surprised by his behavior asked.

”Stop offering her water, ” Skylar said, tossing the bottle into the recycle bin.

”Why? Why can I offer her water? ” Ace said stepping closer to Skylar in a challenging way.

”Why are you being nice to her? She doesn deserve to be here in the first place. Ask her to look around. Does she see anyone with her skin color? ” Skylar paused and shifted his gaze back to Abena.

Meanwhile deep inside him, his wolf was hurting badly because of the way he was talking about their mate. ”What are you doing? ” Luca whimpered.

”Whats right. ” Skylar replied.

”I wish I could kill you right now, ” Luca said angrily but Skylar blocked him off and shifted his attention back to the girl in front of him.

”What do you want here? Couldn you stay in your **ing country? ” Skylar bent down and asked.

”Skylar enough! ” Ace finally lost his temper. ”What is wrong with you?What has the innocent girl done to you? Don have any compassion? ” Ace asked angrily holding Skylar by his collar. ”Shes new here and she isn even familiar with things around, yet you
e attacking her for nothing. ”

”Get your filthy hands off me, ” Skylar snapped punching Aces jaw, the force makes him land on the floor.

”Ace! ” Abena gasped falling to her knees close to Ace who was wincing in pain.

”Im fine. Don cry, ” Ace groaned, wiping the blood that was running down his lips.

”Skylar What is the meaning of this? ” Dave who walked in just in time to see Skylar punch Ace asked.

”Hes being friendly to her, ” Skylar said angrily.

”Yes, but it doesn give you any right to do all this, ” Dave said.

Abena helped Ace get if the ground and the two picked up their bags and started walking away.

”Call Irene and ask her to bring me the keys to their room. ” Skylar instructed Dave before going after Abena and Ace.

”This guy always wants to go his way,, ” Dave sighed and dialed Irenes number.

”Outside the gym hall, Skylar forcefully grabbed Abena arms and pulled her away Ace despite her protests. He dragged her to the elevator and soon they were on their way to the eighth floor.

Irene who was already standing in front of the door gave Dave a whats-happening look when she saw her roommate being dragged by Skylar.

”Ill tell you later, ” Dave told her and she nodded.

”Open the door, ” Skylar said but Irene was too surprised to even react.

”I said open the damn door, ” he raised his voice this time and Irene quickly opened the door with shaky hands. Skylar shoves Abena into the room like a piece of paper and locked the door, ignoring her screams and her banging the door.

”Ok can someone finally tell me whats going on? ” Irene asked in frustration whiles looking at Dave.

”Just follow me, ” Dave replied running after Skylar.

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