suddenly understood why professionals in this world were all single-line apprentices, there was no such thing as primary education, and it was difficult for ordinary civilians to learn to write.
A personal servant like Bonn, who could be a noble's servant, had to rely on several generations of struggle, and Lina's father was Frank's entourage back then.

Education means something expensive and needs to be treasured in this world and even the gods.

Hill didn't want to say anything.
Even if the god of knowledge understood the meaning of education, he wouldn't necessarily fight for it.


He was shocked to hear Frank say, “This time, it's the nobles who will end up miserable.” Hill knew it was part of the god of nobility and kingship authority.
This person knew that righteousness was the biggest threat to the foundation of the nobility.

Then the Goddess of Love and Art, who had always been captivated by the Bod of Nobility and Kingship, would follow too.
But, since these two had taken action, then the God of Justice and the God of Knowledge would only wait and see.

Hill thought silently: “Nobility and kingship? No player will really believe in this stuff.
Even if there are people like that, not many people who believe in these will come to play the game.”

Frank turned to Hill: “You really think that one has a chance of winning? Why did you suddenly reach the undead?” 

Adrian was stunned: “Hill, didn't you always want us to avoid contact with the undead?”

Frank continued: “And after I told you about the battle of gods, you still emphasized to them to come to the Western Territory to find you.
It seems that you think William can win?”

Hill said: “There are too many of them.
50,000 people are only the first step in their mouth.”

Frank was surprised: “Do you think that His Royal Highness has enough divine power to summon more undead?”

“Although their bodies are made of divine power, it's not the foundations” Hill didn't want to say that the tablet was the foundation of divine power, and those bodies were actually made from tablets. 

There was only 1 point of divine power, which made the chip of the tablet, and this chip was also hidden.

The player's body was made of chip magic.
Hill had noticed that the spying mages were paying attention to the bodies of the undead, exploring the contrast between the magical power and the divine power that made the body.
In fact, there was no divine power in that body.

When the player used the tablet, it was taken out of the backpack.
Hill looked at it carefully, and the small bag that existed in the shape of a pocket was the tablet's motherboard, and the divine power that constituted the chip was hidden inside.
The tablet in the player's hand was a computer screen.

What a genius idea.
He was the god of time and space, and each of his undeads carried space bags, so no one would find it strange.
Because this type of bag could be made by an Archmage and players used it every dayp.
Made it perfectly unnoticed by all prying eyes.

Even if he guessed it, Hill didn't want to tell anyone.

He raised his head and said, “I can feel his divine power.
And the undead also sure that their god can summon more people!”

Adrian said with a sigh of relief: “That's fine, as long as the job is not affected, my family won't do anything casually to His Royal Highness.”


Frank said: “Then forget it, the battle of gods has nothing to do with mages.” He turned to Hill: “Where is the place you said last time? I'll take a look.
Is it suitable to build a magic tower?”

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