s, but he knew in his heart that the players feared the monotonous routine.
How could they be afraid of war? They didn't even feel scared of the gods.


In their mind, no matter how powerful the gods and demons were, they were 'Bosses' that they could solve sooner or later.
With some experience, they would know all the routines.

The ambition of this god of time and space had been revealed.
As long as most of his divine power was handed over to the system, the summoned players would be able to drown the human continent.

Even if you had to combine all populations of all human kingdoms in this world, there would only be 230 million humans.
On the other hand, Hill knew how many people were there in the different world.

Hill raised his head and said to Frank: “I want to find an excuse to tell the undead my address.
They are welcome to visit me when they go to the West.”


Frank raised his eyebrows: “It seems these days that you have seen a lot of information.
We need to have a good conversation when we go back!”

Hill knew that Frank agreed.
So he quickly turned around and looked for a player.

The little wizard looked at basic alchemy before, had walked to the stove, and tried to cook the potion.
Hill gently sat down on the branch above his head: “Wrong, those are the seeds of Savory grass.
You need to put Silybum seeds.”


The Savory Grass seeds were thrown away, and a handful of Silybum seeds were placed.
Then the player suddenly looked up at Hill: “Who?”

Hill lowered his head and smiled at the player: “Hello, I'm Hill.
Hill Bolaño.”

ChirpCrooked said hesitantly, “Hello, I'm ChirpCrooked.
Excuse me, is there anything I can do to help you?”

Hearing this mission-specific language, Hill smiled: “I'm curious about the legendary undead, so I came here to take a look.
There are so many of you.
But, you are the only one who is serious about identifying herbal medicines, do the undead didn't use medicine?”


“No, it's just that our herbs are different from yours, so we can't recognize them.” ChirpCrooked said, “The undead who came first usually prefer to fight, and there will be more researchers in the future.”

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