ould summon the player was the master, and William's behaviour was clearly drafted.

But this system should also be subject to many restrictions.
Since the world's will gave him the opportunity, Hill felt that the god of time and space might really be a new god, but he didn't know if he was born in this world because this way of summoning players was not what anyone could think of it.

The way the main god behind the system resolved the problem was too similar to people in Hill's previous world.


Hill did not dare to look scrupulously when William was in the lord's mansion because it was impossible for a heavenly knight not to notice that someone had been watching him for a long time.

But Hill also felt that the citizens of this town were very proud of William's blessing.
When they faced the players with releasing tasks, they were very reserved but not shaken, knowing that the players were all professionals.
It seemed that William gave enough confidence in them.


Moreover, in the face of the players, William's subordinates didn't have much response.
Hill could speculate that some of the players' conversations were blocked, but this blocking was not difficult for those who knew the truth and had a firm will to understand.

Players often held a small tablet with weak divine power in their hands, and every time they opened it, they would say a word of thanks to the great God of time and space.
This kind of fanaticism was also enough for newborn gods.
With these players, many people in this world would mention the God of Time and Space.
Whether it was fear or love, people recognized his existence.

Hill felt that the day his Majesty became a god, his divine power would never be low.


There was no need to continue watching on William's side.
Instead, Hill intended to visit the players' camps.

Although he was mentally prepared, Hill, who landed on the mountain next to the small players' camp, was still suffocated: what the hell is this?


Dozens of houses were built crookedly in the camp; maybe they were huts? Some places could tremble gently in the breeze, Hill thought.
Didn't Adrian say that William also asked them to help the commoners build houses? Was such a probability possible?

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