d the others to contact the player because these people would definitely make them collapse, but he wanted to see it himself very much.

Hill made an excuse for himself.
But first, he needed to confirm whether William was the incarnation of a god or a transmigrator with golden fingers.
After all, Salar was so close to him!

After Adrian left, Hill asked Liszt to help him cover his whereabouts, secretly told Alice where he was going, and left the territory.

He waited for a few days near the border city and then waited for an opportunity to get into a carriage carrying furs.
This kind of caravan goes in and out of the kingdom all time and could easily enter Salar without being suspected.


Sure enough, the soldiers guarding the gate were focused on counting the number of carriages, not checking the inside.

After entering Salar, he wore a robe and a hood to hide his face.
He flew all the way and saw many mages in the same direction.

The mage had always been very interested in gods.
So they secretly researched the origin of gods and analyzed the source of divine power.
It is estimated that all the legendary mages at the top have done it.


There had always been a saying in the mage: curiosity is the source of the mage's progress, and it is also the source of the mage's decline.

Suddenly a new god appeared, and these mages couldn't sit still.

Now, most mages were still patient.
However, after knowing tens of thousands of undead would appear, it was estimated that even a legendary would come.

After thinking about it, Hill thought it would be better to go and see it as soon as possible.
But first, he must see William with his own eyes.

After 10 days, Hill finally arrived at William's territory.


He could fly all the way.
Hill estimated that from here to his territory, it would take more than half a year for this group of players to appear in a big way.
Three years definitely was not a problem for William if he still wanted to fight for the throne.

Hill was relieved.
Even if Frank didn't come in three years, he could safely seal the territory.

At that time, the land that slopes to the left mountain range along the valley's entrance would be made into a town center to earn money from the players.

Hill would let the Tree Man take root on all land except for the magic tower and the forest area as long the players didn't enter the valley anymore.

And he would appear in the town from time to time as the tower owner.
It is estimated that it could prevent the curiosity of most players.


Just let the players regard him as the village chief of the new map, as long as he was not regarded as a big boss.

As for Frank, as long as he was regarded as the super backstage behind the little lord, those players would try their best to find quests from Lord Hill.
As long as Hill survived, life would go on.

Hill looked at the players with a string of strange names above their heads William's territory came and went in a hurry, built houses, and hunted.
Then, he silently said: “From now on, I am a hidden npc, to test the players's the bottom line, with a series of missions.
And used the tittle of lord as means!”

Hill quietly landed on a big tree that stood a thousand meters away from Lord William's mansion.


As the contractor of the wood elements, his breath could easily be blended with the trees.

This tree was estimated to be tens of thousands of years old and already had consciousness.
As soon as Hill found a branch with a good view and just sat down, some branches and leaves stretched out to hide him tightly.
Hill's elf bloodline allows him to easily see the lord's mansion thousands of meters away.

William deserved to be the protagonist of a western fantasy novel or game.
He was tall and handsome, blond and blue-eyed, a living prince charming who had come to reality.

The force of the Heavenly Knight gave him confidence, and William, who did not need to worry about the assassination, stood at the gate of the lord's mansion for an hour every morning wearing a prince's formal attire and sent ten adventure missions to the players.

Hill's stomach hurts from laughing after seeing these players fighting for William's attention daily.


Finally, Hill could be sure that William was a transmigrator.

Although the prince looked indifferent and rigid in front of the players, the expression shown when his face turned away was enough for Hill to make a few sets of emojis.

There was a little loli named Perfect Bald Head who bravely rushed to the front daily.
He will beg William to send a task with a soft voice.
That cute, gentle tone always makes the corners of William's eyes jump.

Every time after receiving a task from William, this bald loli would walk just a little distance away and change to a man's rough voice shouting, “brothers gather!”


Hill felt that William wanted to beat the bald loli up.

Their group is about a dozen people who seemed to be a guild, calling families and friends, hanging out, and laughing together.

There was also a girl named Old Aunt who kept saying that she would also take on a mission from William and that Prince William must send a message to me, dear Old Aunt, ah, ah, die without regret!

It's a pity that she was unlucky, and William never gave her the task.


Hill looked at the blue veins behind William's ears as he listened to these conversations and expressed his heartfelt sympathy.

There was also a group of players whose all professions were swordsmen and knights, tall and robust.
Often hand in hand in a circle, crowding out the scattered players, a knight called Doomsday Love took the lead and constantly pestered Prince William to talk for half an hour.
Even after the prince gave them a task, they would chat for one hour.
Finally, William pushed everyone away and turned back to the lord's mansion.


Seeing William, Hill couldn't help to sigh.
When this Doomsday Love was talking, William's hand kept rubbing against the dagger around his waist.

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