The fearless Hill was still distracted for days and couldn't even meditate.
He wandered in the small forest outside the tower every day, looking at the distance in a daze.

However, one day when feeding the black cat, a white cat jumped into his arms gently, meowed a few times, raised her head, and licked Hill's cheek gently.

Hill looked down at the cat's blue eyes and smiled softly: life is always full of surprises and twists and turns, but the occasional little surprise can cheer him up to keep going.

The white cat began to play in the magic tower from that day.
Although she still had to return to the forest to rest, she was willing to stay by Hill's side during the day.  Then one day, Hill squatted in front of the white cat and asked, “Can I know the name of the beautiful lady?”


The white cat took a bite of the little fish that Hill offered: “Alice!”

Hill sighed silently and patted Alice's little head: “Hello, Miss Alice!”

Alice looked at him elegantly, pushed Hill's hand with her paws, bit the little fish, jumped gently on the window frame then lay down steadily.

Hill had returned to his regular life steps, except for adding Alice by his side.

When Adrian came back three months later, Hill had completely stabilized.
He could also ask Adrian what he guessed with great interest.

“What a crazy race!” Adrian was going crazy.
“I thought the undead meant their lives wouldn't end! But they'll come back to life! Soul and body are separate! Their bodies seem to be made by gods, the soul can be recovered and used without damaging! The divine power of the god of time and space is actually wasted on making their bodies!”

Hill calmed him up and said, “Don't waste your saliva.
Let's go to the study room and tell my grandfather simultaneously!”

The calls were connected.
Probably been waiting. 


Adrian took a sip of wine, loosened his neckline, and slumped on the sofa.
His eyes were blank, and he said: “I sometimes think they are devils who steals divine power, otherwise how could such a race be created! They don't have shame if it is good thing for them.
Rob each other, and they will fight each other for a little benefit.
Prince William's men are maintaining law and order every day!”

Hill said: “Then they should be very useful, right?”

“Very easy to use! There is no professional pride! You can instruct them with a little money.
William asked them to build houses for the commoners, and they are all willing to do it!” Adrian said with emotion: “I don't know where this god got the soul.
It's the neutral camp.
I saw several Paladins of the God of Justice throw the detection camp on them! It's actually chaotic neutral and lawful neutral!”

Hill replied softly: “Because they don't deal with civilians, right? “

“That's true! William seems to be dubious as well.
It's all his people who are dealing with the undead! Speaking of which, they are very good at talking, and they are very happy to build commoner's house!” Adrian said doubtfully: “William also arranged them in a valley far away from the commoners and nobles.
They have to walk a long way to build houses for commoners every day, but they are not angry at all!”

Hill thought silently: “I will also happy to built it! What! The game actually has a house to build and play! I used to play the keyboard game, and it took 10 years to open the house, and it collapsed when it didn't work.
And I'm still continued to play happily!”

Adrian continued.
: “I originally wanted to watch them for some more time, or go down and communicate with them!”

Hill looked sideways: “Are you crazy?”

“I think they can get along with the eavesdroppers who are talking to them.” Adrian said: “It's just to talk to them to give me some favors, but I can't!”

“You will let Prince William know when you talk to them! Don't attract that person's attention! My grandfather is still in the capital!” Hill strongly objected. 

“Yes! Yes!” Adrian said hurriedly: “I haven't done talking about them yet!”

“What else?”


“I eavesdropped on them, saying that the test or something is coming to an end.
More people are coming soon! I counted the number of them, there are already more than 1,000 people, and they are still coming!”

“Yes! Teacher!” Adrian sat up quickly and spoke.
He and Hill were talking when the communication was on.
Fortunately, Frank could only hear.
Otherwise, if he were seen to be uncouth, he would be punished.

“The other terrible thing is that they have a gadget in their hands, and they can communicate with each other.
And it's a multi-person communication.
Sometimes when something happens, everyone know almost instantly.
They can also directly notify William, and that's how Edward and Charles' people are exposed.”

“No wonder there's no news from the capital.” Frank laughed: “It's okay, we can still observe for a while.
If there really are that many undead, I'll find the king.
And I'll ask permission to go to your side.”

Hill said immediately, “Better come quickly.”

Frank replied, “Edward and Charles should be the most anxious now! They looked down on William at first, and took advantage of William.
The person who left has actually become the worst enemy.
The gods do not allow wars between human beings and wars between countries.
But William has the right to inherit the Salar kingdom, and is related to the new gods, so there will be no temple to intervene in this matter.

Adrian replied: “That's pretty good, no matter who was the person behind the scene back then, it can be finished together now!”

“we still doesn't know if William is the favored servant of the god or the future god? But if he becomes a god in this kingdom, many people are going to be unlucky.” Frank laughed out loud.

Hill thought silently in his heart: I wonder if that William is the so-called God of Time and Space.
Hill has also read some online novels that summon the player, and they are usually kings and gods.
If William was a transmigrator, he would probably be a god in the future.
No, it may also be a pawn of a god, and the system that can help him summon people maybe a god.
In any case, Salar's future will not be calm.

Hill suddenly raised his head and asked Frank: “It is said that the old king has three years left? If Prince William brings the undead back to the capital within these three years, will he be able to directly seized the throne?”

Adrian asked in surprise: “You! Do you think the undead can form an army? How many are they?”

Frank said, “There are more than 1,000 people to test the stability of the summoning, so the undeads must have tens of thousands of people!”

Hill thought to himself: How many thousands? If it is really an online game, it is estimated that there will be hundreds of thousands of such players for an interesting games, right? After all, such a smart NPC is attractive enough!

Hill raised his head and said, “Grandfather had better start packing.
If something goes wrong, just leave.
I remember that the contract between grandfather and the Salar royal family can be terminated at any time.”

Frank replied: “Yes.
As the contract state, you can occupy a magic tower only after you become a wizard.
If you don't want to be the tower owner, you can leave at any time.”

Adrian said quietly: “Originally, this tower belongs to our division, but it turned out to be in vain.
How sad.”

Hill replied: “Fate is the most important thing, or do you want to be a god's envoy?”

“Forget it!” Adrian said: “Salar Holy Kingdom, hehehe,  the Holy Kingdom hasn't appeared for tens of thousands of years.
I didn't expect Salar to have this honor!”

Frank finally concluded: “Don't talk nonsense! I'll find a way to pass the informations to prince Edward and prince Charles.
By the way, put away the important things.
If there is going to be a war, I'm leaving right directly! I'm not interested in the royal family's internal war!”

Hill knew in his heart that if it were an invasion by a foreign enemy, Frank would stay and stick to the end.
But the fact that the Salar royal family had targeted his daughter made Frank never want to get involved in this kind of feud among them.
What's more, with the participation of gods, in the next few years, or before the god of time and space raises the throne, all the gods' eyes will be fixed on Salar.
Moreover, almost all the civilians of Salar have faith, and they must be safe in the future.
As for the nobles, Frank would not care about their life or death.

He hurriedly said before Frank cut off the communication: “Grandfather should come over as soon as possible! I also need grandfather's help!”

Hill felt that these players probably came from the high-tech era.
Otherwise, such a smart NPC would need a powerful server before they could believe it.

From the first time he came into contact with this flawed society.
He felt that the noble's behavior was disgusting, and the attitude of treating human life lightly could be judged as a psychopath in the previous world.
But, like Adrian, who only looked down on the commoners and Slaves.
Those who disdain to do anything to them were considered as remarkable people.

The life gap between aristocrats, professionals, commoners, and slaves was like the coexistence of modern society and the era of slavery.
Hill's magic tower kitchen utensils were all alchemy products using elemental spar, and the commoners couldn't even see such utensils, and some farm slaves couldn't even use firewood.
Almost all powerful forces firmly kept those terrible class contradictions

Hill, who couldn't draw a sword and was alone, could only disguise and hide out of sight.
But when hundreds of thousands of players appeared, they were bold and not afraid of death.
When they saw the injustice, someone would definitely take action.
When they saw the illiterate, there would definitely be someone to teach the poor innocent civilian children.
This world, which had maintained a slave society for hundreds of thousands of years, would finally become none.
The change was coming.

Hill would not hesitate to resist the nobles who oppressed the commoners if he were among these players.
Suppose it was just a game.
Who would be afraid of divine punishment?! What's more, how can human gods punish players who help common people, that was the foundation of their beliefs, and the only thing those gods could do in the end is to rob them.
There were hundreds of thousands of professionals! Hill believes that the God of Time and Space couldn't control the players' determination to convert.
As long as the benefits were enough, they didn't know what the players could do.

A serious and indifferent person like Frank would die of anger if he confronted the players head-on! Their thinking was something that Frank would never comprehend.

In the past, Hill still wanted to build the territory a little bit, but now he had given up.
So let's called Frank over and build a magic tower together!

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