Alex hovered high in the sky seemingly still with only the tell tale sound of gunshots telling the people of the town otherwise. the beowolf pack realized that they were in danger fairly quickly as the leader who was nearly twice the size of the rest roared for them to retreat. this didn mean alex let up on them however as he killed three more before the pack hid amongst the forest trees. alex lowered the rifle but maintained his vigilance since he had learned from sparring with his training grim that the creatures can be annoyingly clever sometimes.

Ghira arrived in the small town of serg that was one of the few populated spots outside kuana koa mostly thanks to the fact an entire team of hunters retired her about ten years ago. stepping out of the rover with his head lowered from his large stature ghira saw the two remaining hunters still in good health but to his surprise and confusion neither were armed. ”who was it that helped us if it wasn you? ” he asked curious since he had never heard of another active hunter in this place much less a crack shot sniper.

Ghira watched as the people who met him at the town gate all just smile and look up. following their gaze ghira sees a figure floating so high up in the air he could barely make it out from the glare of the sun. to ghiras amazement the figure free dives straight down at speeds he has trouble following before extending their wings and kicking up a small wind storm as they land on the ground. ghira was astonished to see a young child who looked no older than eleven with deep brown-red hair and feathered wings carrying a sniper longer than he was tall.

By this point in time the rest of the people in the rover had come out and shared in ghiras disbelief. alex folded his sniper in the middle like it was supposed to before handing it to his mother who was the most familiar with his weapon beyond him. once that was done alex turned to look at ghira with a huge smile. ”welcome! i have so much to talk to you about! ” he said excitedly. cali belladonna laughed lightly and teased ghira that he seemed to have a fan and ghira was more than happy to chat with the frankly scary child.

Blake being shy around new people at this point in her life was hiding behind her mother while peeping at alex curiously. alex noticed the little girl but didn pay her any attention since he was far more interested in ghira who could implement his ideas. alexs parents managed to keep him from bombarding ghira with ideas for the moment as they welcomed the guest to the town officially. there was a small feast head in ghiras honor with the local specialty , a whole spiced grilled tuna as the center piece.

After the feast that the cat faunus belladonnas ate with gusto , it was time for gifts. thanks to alexs parents the town had prepared two satchels of dried coastal seaweed that was near impossible to obtain anywhere else. the belladonnas were thankful for the rare gift but the entire town was stunned when alex brought over his own personal gift. in a small burlap sack with the top opened and pulled down sat a rainbow colored crystal the size of a cantaloupe. the reason everyone was stunned was that this was a crystal made entirely from rainbow rock salt.

Rainbow rock salt was considered a royal seasoning since the only place it was found was the coastal cliffs of menagerie. this wasn what made it so expensive though no that was the fact that it was always guarded by a swarm of flying grim that also loved the taste of the stuff. a small vial of rainbow rock salt went for a small fortune as a result. thus it wasn hard to be stunned seeing a crystal of the stuff weighing at least ten pounds maybe more. alex wasn aware of this however and only thought it was a large shiny rock.

Alexs mother was the first to break the silence ”honey , where did you get this? ” she asked seriously. alex tilted his head in confusion ”don you remember? i told you i found a neat rock when i went fishing last month , remember? ” he said innocently. ”THATS the rock you found!? ” she asked incredulously. alex didn have much experience even in his last life with people but even he could tell something was off. ”well i didn find it so much as steal it from some grim , but nobody likes them anyways so i took it with me. i can go put it back with its a bad thing ,itll only take about a hour give or take. ” he said trying to fix the issue.

Everyone was not sure what was more terrifying , that a small child robbed a flock of flying grim or that he was confident to return the stolen item easily. in the end ghira couldn bring himself to take advantage of a child and explained what the crystal was. alex said he could easily get another if he wanted so ghira should take as leverage with the humans. ghira broke into an intense laughing fit when alex suggested this since that would actually work.

The next day ghira and alex spoke at length about alexs ideas on how to help the faunus. at first ghira simply thought to humor the child , but the more he heard the more he ignored alexs age and began to seriously discus the topic. once the conversation was over alex left satisfied with ghira having all of his ideas. ghira on the other hand felt like his long held wish of living as equals of humans wasn so hard to accomplish anymore. ghira looked over his written notes that he took during the conversation and couldn believe how solid the planning on the paper was to the point he was confident that in no more than four years he could change the world with it.

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