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Ghira\'s visit(2)

Alex used his two blueprints a week later after spends some time ensuring there were no side effects from having knowledge shoved into his head. the armor set blueprint was interesting as he had the crafting method imprinted into his head for a frankly crazy armor that was made of small plates of metal that shifted on impact and was near indestructible. the armor itself looked like the scales of a dragon with the helmet being a high tech item with a heads up display and no eye holes resembling an upside down egg.

The helmet was frankly terrifying as it had no discernable features only a smooth exterior , that was until alex figured out that he could change the shape of it with much problem. the armors design also took alexs wings into consideration as they too were covered in metal only this time feather shaped. due to the light weight but stupidly durable materials needed to make the armor alex would be forced to buy most of the stuff for it from the shop. the weapon blueprint was far more reasonable as it could be made out of most materials.

The weapon was two and a half feet wide and six and a half feet long including the handle and adding the fact it was seven inches thick made it a hulking blade. the greatsword had for forms thanks to the amount of space it had for the extra stuff. the first was the sword form followed by the sniper form and finally the cannon form. alex was shocked at the fact his weapon could literally turn into a cannon with a foot wide barrel. the best part was that alex wouldn even need special bullets just pieces of metal in a bullet shape.

The cannon was even more terrifying as it literally only shot out giant wads of condensed energy. needless to say when alex actually made the weapon with his parents help they were terrified at the sheer destruction the weapon could create. the few people in the village aware of the fact alex had his aura awakened prayed for his future enemies in pity. alex never made the armor since it would become pointless when he out grew it in shortly afterwards since he was only seven. alexs parents got a good few laughs at him stumbling all over the place trying to use the giant weapon at his size.

It took until alexs next birthday for him to be able to use the weapon without stumbling all over the place. alex had also gotten used to carrying the sword on his back thanks to a magnetic weapon strap he wore on a harness from his back. thanks to his intense training lifestyle alex at this point more resembled at boy three years older than he normally would have at four feet three inches tall. his thick mane of mahogany hair waved in the wind behind him as he had gotten used to having long hair at this point.

A week after alexs birthday he learned that the current leader of the whit fang and chieftain of the faunus was visiting the town with his family. this interested alex as he had a few suggestions that he felt would help the faunus grow as a race. alex may or may not have purchased a few cheap books from the library about how to raise a segregated people. he also may or may not have stolen some inspirations from earth as well cough ”ihaveadream ” cough.

Alex woke up early the day ghira was supposed to arrive filled with excited energy over the potential meeting. his parents could only smile while watching him acting like the eight year old he was since his personality thrived in his new life. alex ate his breakfast quickly before leaving his weapon at home since he couldn fly with it yet and took off into the sky. the sky was clear and sunny so alex had no problem at all seeing far into the distance with his eagle sight. yes once alexs eyes had grown a bit further he had inherited his fathers eyesight letting him see for miles while up in the air.

It came as no surprise then that alex saw the land rovers carrying the ghira and his guards from the distance. alex frowned however as he saw that in the dust clouds kicked up by the vehicle were several beowolves harassing the vehicle. alex dived down with violent force causing the air around him to whistle briefly. landing into a sprint alex entered his home and quickly explained the situation to his parents before switching his weapon to sniper mode and detaching the rest and taking off again. high in the sky alex braced the rifle on his shoulder and took aim above the beowolves and slightly to the left.

Ghira was gritting his teeth while glaring at the grim outside the rover along with his guards who were equally powerless to deal with them while they were moving so fast. thanks to paying close attention to the grim to keep them from crashing the rover ghira noticed one of the beowolves head jerk back with an explosion of black sludge erupting from it. shortly afterwards everyone heard the unmistakable sound of gunfire that told him what happened. everyone in the rover breathed easier after seeing the beowolves getting picked off one after the other.

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