Sunlight system

Spending spree

Alex started to read the manual in hopes of it containing so sort of trick to quickly growing more powerful. but after reading through the entire thing over the span of three hours he was horribly disappointed. the manual certainly saved him a lot of time by allowing him to skip the trial phase of training but it was basically just a detailed training regime. this meant that all of alexs leaps in power would come from either the system or him surviving near death experiences. this is not to say he couldn reach extreme levels of power following this regime only that it would be gradual rather than sudden.

Seeing no other choice alex looked at the rest of the features of the system that he ignored at first in favor of digesting his starter box. the other features were pretty interesting to alex since besides one of them they didn directly increase his power but improved him nonetheless. these features were (Library) (Shop) (training) and the one he was already familiar with (Semblance roulette). library apparently was filled with books on literally every subject from fashion to microbial science , though the books needed to be paid for with s.p before being permanently unlocked.

The shop function was filled with all manner of things from groceries to side effect free training drugs. alex could tell right away that he would probably sink a huge amount of points into buying stuff from the shop. the training function was simply crazy useful as well since it dragged his mind into a sort of virtual avatar that could gain combat experience against different opponents that he also had to purchase once to unlock permanently. alex knew that R.O.B was messing with him when he saw the only thing currently unlocked was a nevermore.

Alex knew what the semblance roulette did but he checked it out anyway but sucked in a deep breath at the amount of s.p he needed to use it once. alex look at the bold five hundred and knew stockpiling semblances just wasn going to happen quickly. what was worse was that there was a small print next to the roulette that said the price increased per spin. this meant that consecutive spins was incredibly unlikely in the long term unless he literally flew into the sun.

Once alex was done getting familiar with his new system his next order of business was to sit on top of his house like a weirdo in the harsh sunlight. the reason for this was because of his sunlight semblance that absorbed solar radiation to strengthen him as well as to collect s.p. alex needed to figure out how much s.p he collected daily before he could make any plans for the future. alexs parents were concerned about him when they learned of his sun soaking until they saw the faint golden glow on his skin. they were surprised alex discovered his semblance so fast but some semblances were simply that easy to figure out.

Neither of them could figure out what alexs semblance did other than that it seemed to have something to do with the sun. dusk came and alex was still fine without even a little redness on his skin which was instead slightly tanned. alex was happy to know that at the very least he didn need to worry about getting sun burn. when he checked how much s.p he had collected he was surprised to see it was only twenty two points after the seven hours he had sat in the sun.

That could have even been halved if he removed his necklace meaning a full day gave him about eleven points. hat was a little disappointing but not too bad all things considered alex thought to himself as he washed up for dinner. alexs mom made his favorite dish , spicy grilled rabbit to celebrate his awakening and semblance discovery. the next year was fairly boring for alex as he woke up every morning , went to a clearing he made near town that was the sunniest spot around and trained the regime from the manual.

Alex had learned fairly quickly that shorts and no shirt was the best clothing combination for training after soaking his normal clothes through with sweat. the second thing alex learned was that he needed a huge amount of calories in order to train. this left him no choice but to buy nutrient pills from the shop at twenty five points for a bottle of ten. each pill let him train two times before his body needed another. this meant that alex was burning through a days worth of s.p every twenty days , which was totally worth it in his opinion.

Besides his twenty day expenditure on nutrient pills alex saved up his s.p for the entire year leaving him at a whopping seven thousand five hundred and eighty solar points. needless to say alex wanted to treat him self for his birthday with some new semblances. alex had also told his parents that his semblance seemed to give him random abilities for seemingly no reason. this concerned them greatly but he managed to convince them he could reject them before his body adapted to them which is why he didn have broken abilities. they wouldn freak out after he began to show new abilities thanks to this.

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