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The fisherman

It didn take long for alex to realize that he may have shot himself in the foot with how eager he was to get more semblances. when all of his semblances were passive he didn have any issues but when he suddenly got three active type semblances he discovered how time consuming it was to train them all. most hunters didn have this problem since they only had a single semblance or maybe in extremely rare cases two but alex had several which made them a huge time sink. despite the sharp decrease in physical training time alex now had he didn complain.

For those wondering what alex did with his large amount of solar points he saved them after calculating how many points it would take to get all the materials to make his armor and upgrade his weapons materials. the answer came up to a whopping fifty thousand six hundred and four points meaning he needed to save up a large amount of points for the future. the reason it cost so much was because alex chose materials that could grow meaning that once he made the stuff he didn need to worry about it again unless they broke somehow.

The next two years were just like before with alex basically having free reign to do as he wish (mostly training) but when he turned ten that changed. at this point his parents hired tutors to teach him formally and to say he was unhappy about it was an understatement. alex had gotten into the habit of purchasing all the information he felt he needed from the library. as a result when he began to be taught a normal level of material that he deemed useless he was heavily against it. the good news was the town managed to expand decently since the surrounding forest may or may not have suffered alexs frustration.

Another new change was that shortly after ghira left a large amount of white fang members migrated to the town for some reason. alex could practically swear that he saw a few tailing him at one point in time. they seemed friendly enough though so he didn bother with them all that much. funnily enough the white fang members in the town were found out by the one who sent them there to be practically ninjas later. this was a direct result of them needing to learn how to remain hidden from alexs scary sharp senses.

During these two years alex grew another seven inches and was quickly closing in on five feet tall. everyone had basically confirmed that alex was going to be very tall when he finally finished growing. for a child alex was almost horrifyingly muscular , with very well defined muscle groupings in the perfect proportion so as to not hinder his flexibility. this was thanks to the training regime alex had followed religiously for years now. alexs mother had taken to sparring with alex since she was a fairly skilled huntress and needed to exercise.

This sparring was in fact little more than her size advantage to bully him by dodging his slow weapon and smack the top of his head and saying he was dead. alex didn know if this was supposed to motivate him to improve but it worked since he learned that his is apparently very quick to anger when provoked correctly. in his anger alex dropped all form of technique and just swung the sword as fast as possible not caring about what the thing destroyed. this proved dangerous for alexs mom since the weapon was getting hard to dodge as it moved recklessly but definitely fast enough to push her reaction speed to its limit.

Kairos decided that he needed to end this fight since it had devolved into a game of whack a mole with deadly force , and his wife was the mole. this wasn actually that hard since alex had stopped focusing on his surroundings which hunters should never do. running across the yard kairos approached his rampaging son and slipped him into a rear naked chokehold. alex seemed to freeze after being caught off guard as the surprise seemed to have made the rational part of his mind take over again.

Alex broke out in a cold sweat as he looked out the field that looked like a bombing sight with craters all over the place. what is worse is that he can see his mom panting and shaking from stress and he ran. alex took to the skies leaving his weapon on the ground as horror filled him at how close he came to killing his mom. he could hear his parents yelling at him but he just couldn bring himself to return right now.

Alex flew to his favorite get away spot , a small cave on the side of the cliffs that was close to the sea below. it was a small place barely the size of a room with a thick waterproof plastic door keeping the unwanted stuff out. alex had flattened out the floor and ceiling when he found this place originally but left it barren otherwise. he curled up against the wall trapped in the thoughts of what might of happened if he wasn stopped. he didn even notice when night fell outside the cave as he sulked with an old friend , self loathing.

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