The Magic testers arrived first. The Royal family had dozens of such stones. The King was quick to place it on her chest. The room fell silent once more with bated breaths as they waited. Royal magic testers were national treasures as each one could test for multiple magics at once and give the tiers as well. Although the one the guards had garbed was a very basic one only testing the most basic six, it could test for all nine magic tiers. After two minutes the Kings face paled. After five the brothers stared down at their father. After six a symbol finally began to form causing Mary to thank Kun. This caused everyone to look. First to appear was the form of a flower. It could have been mistaken for the Earth element if not for the feeling it gave off. A feeling of calm and comfort, Healing. So they continued to wait. Another form grew in the white fog. Another flower, this one most of them knew. A Hydrangea, looking at it gave the feeling of swimming in cool waters on a summers day. Without a doubt Water. Quicker now another formed… A rose. If the Hydrangea was water, the Rose was the fire. As if someone had lit a fire in the harth the room temperature rose. From the fog yet one more formed. This one was lacey, weaved with thin strands similar to a ladys intricate embroidery or beautiful lace. It formed a flowing design of flowers and leaves.

Still, it shocked everyone present. The feeling was unmistakable, Summoning magic. The feeling of something otherworldly staring at them, something that found them beneath notice. All summoned creatures were like that. Only their summoners were of note. Everyone else was either food or beneath notice. They began to spin clockwise. It was over of the basic six Iris had an affinity for four of them. Slowly the colors changed as they did the remaining guards came back with a disheveled Healer. His appearance was messy and his hair ruffled. The colors shifted from white to grey and yellow. Into yellow and orange. Finally, her healer sign stopped in the green color with hints of blue. It separated from the group and hovered. The rose was the next to stop, solid color of dark blue. It joined its Green counterpart off to the side. The hydrangea continued through the blue almost turning red but not quite. Leaving only the Summoning mark to get darker. It eventually stopped in a deep purple.

”Gods have mercy on us all, ” Marry breathed out.

”We drugged her, ” the twins swallowed dryly.

”No magic my ass, ” A guard cursed. It was none other than Alexiss. Chosen Alpha of the pack. The pack was sworn to be her Queens Guard. If she had tried to bolt they would have to be willing to kill her to take her down. It might not have been common knowledge but the darker the color of your symbol the more control and power you had in that element. Black was the darkest color, naturally. There were different shades of black but few ever reached black that it was rare among even the nobles. Most of the common populace thought green was the darkest. There were a few that got a very dark green but even they were weak compared to a pale red. Considering she was no more than fourteen at the moment her potential power was terrifying. At her age, she could still rise through the color tiers. Let alone the shades.

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