hur was leading at the start, but as he approached the finish line his bike slowed down, until Juan came out on top.

Instead of being happy to have conquered the race, Juan got off the bike and approached Arthur in anger.

”What are you doing? ” Juan grabbed Arthur by the collar. ”You lost on purpose, didn you? ”

”Relax, Brother. You won, why are you mad at me? You should be happy that you beat me. ”

Juan roughly released his grip on Arthurs shirt. ”Don try to pity me! I don need your pity! ”

”Thats it, Bro. No need to get angry. I know you really need this small amount of money. No need to be arrogant. You
e already poor now. ”

”FUCK! ”

Juan slap Arthurs right cheek, knocking the man back a few steps.


Arthur rubbed the bruise on the corner of his lip, then smiled mockingly. ”Just accept the fact that you
e already poor. Don be so proud. ”

”FUCK! ”

The two young men beat each other up. Although many people were there, no one rushed to separate the two. Instead, they were having fun with this fight. They cheered each other on, making things even more heated. Not a few also captured the moment for the sake of content on their social media.

Arthur fell to the asphalt. He laughed mockingly because he managed to provoke Juans emotions.

”Good. You
e getting better at martial arts. ”

Arthur stood back up.

”Now I ask you to take re-race seriously. Im win because I can be. Not at your mercy! ”

”JUAN! ”

A shout from behind brought all eyes to a girl who was none other than Katya.

”What are you doing here? ” Juan asked worriedly to his sister.

”I followed you earlier. Sorry. ”

Juan sighed softly. ”Katya…. Why don you wait at home? ”

”I was worried. ”

”Katya? ” Arthur spoke up. He looked at Katya closely from foot to head. This girl had changed a lot from the last time Arthur had seen her.

”Artur, ” Katya murmured.

Arthur stepped forward with his hands crossed. ”You look even more beautiful and mmm….. sexy. ”

Suddenly Juan took a step forward, hiding his little sister behind his massive back.

Arthur laughed. ”Why, bro? You
e covering up my beautiful view. ”

”Don mess with my sister! ”

”What kind of things? Your sister is beautiful. Sexy. Im attracted to her. ”

Juan was about to beat Arthur up again, but Katya held him back.

”Lets go home please. ” Katya squeaked in fear.

”Wait a minute, honey. We just met again. Don rush, ” Arthur said, making Katya frown in displeasure.

Juan quickly swatted Arthurs hand away as he was about to touch his sister. ”I told you not to mess with my sister! ”

”Come on. Lets go home. ”

”I accept your challenge! ” exclaimed Arthur, bringing Juans movements to a halt. ”Lets rematch. But this time its a bet. ”

Juan paused to stare at Arthur intently.

”If you win, Ill give you ten thousand dollars. ”

The crowd cheered as soon as they heard the fantastic monetary nomination.

”But if I win, ” Arthur said, deliberately dangling it first and looking lustfully at Katya. ”Your sister becomes mine. ”

”Shit! ”

Juan, who was about to beat Arthur up, was immediately prevented by Arthurs friends.

”You don have to worry either. Ill still give you a gift as a welcome from me, after we haven seen each other for several years. Ill give you five thousand dollars in business capital. ”

The nominal amount is indeed no joke for Juans current situation, which is in need of large capital to open a business.

”Why are you silent? Are you afraid to fight me? Don you dare? You suck! ”

The crowds cheers made Juan even more angry.

Shit! Juan did not accept being mocked like that by Arthur.

”Juan, lets go home. Don listen to him. You don suck. You
e great and Im proud to have a brother like you. ” Katya tried to calm Juans anger. She knew that Arthur was only provoking Juans emotions.

”Katya, honey. Your brother sucks. He sucks. What do you have to be proud of about a loser like him? ”

Katya gave Arthur a disapproving look. This was not the Arthur Katya had known in the past. Now the man looked like a total asshole. Katya hated him.

Juans hands were clenched tightly. Not wanting his pride to be further trampled on by Arthur, Juan didn think long and chose to accept the bet.

”I accept your challenge. ”

Arthur smiled with satisfaction. Supported by the crowds exclamation at Juans answer agreeing to the bet.

”Why did you accept the bet, why? ” Katya was disappointed with Juans answer.

”You just relax. I can definitely beat him. Trust me. ”

Now Arthur and Juan were ready to go racing again. On the side of the road, Katya was anxious that something might happen to Juan. Especially considering that she was the betting material in this race. Katya was terrified that Arthur would come out on top. She didn . Katya didn want that to happen.

As long as the race was going on, Katya only prayed that Juan would beat Arthur. However, it seemed the universe was not on her side this time. It was Arthur who came through the finish line first.

Juan kicked the tires of his bike in a fit of rage. ”Argh! Fuck! ”

Katya ran to Juan, but a hand from behind held her back.

”Where are you going, honey? ”

Katya tried to release Arthurs grip on her hand. ”Let go! Juan help me! ”

Juan raised his gaze. Staring guiltily at his sister. He couldn do anything else. He had lost this bet. And Katya had to take the brunt of it.

Arthur tugged at Katyas waist. ”Thats what you call a big brother? He sold you, fool! ”

Katya shook her head with tears streaming down her cheeks. ”Juan help me! Juan! ”

Juan looked down deeply. Cursing his own stupidity. He couldn bear to look at his sisters pleading gaze.

”What kind of brother would sell his own brother? Argh! Shit! ”

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