One by one, the mourners began to leave the public cemetery. Leaving a pair of siblings who were still mourning their parents graves.

Katya Mahesa still couldn believe that the grave in front of her was her parents grave. Katya felt that what was happening now was just a nightmare and when she woke up later, everything would be fine.

”Lets go home. Let Daddy rest in peace. ”

Katya could feel the rub on her shoulder for real. Proving that what was happening now was not a dream. It was a painful reality. Less than a year after losing her mother, Katya now had to deal with the loss of the man who was her first love.

”Come on…. ”

Juana Mahesa helps her younger sister to stand up. Not only was Katya devastated, but Juan was equally devastated by his fathers passing.

”I miss Daddy. ”

Juan pulled his sisters shoulders into his arms. Losing the most beloved figure is not easy to accept. However, life is a story that has been written in a predetermined line of destiny.

Arkana Mahesa suffered a heart attack before finally breathing his last. The company he built from scratch has now been destroyed because of the actions of his trusted people.

Life is like a spinning wheel. Those at the top are not always at the top, and vice versa. And now, the impact of Hakan Groups bankruptcy has changed the lives of Katya and her family.

It was hard for Katya to move out of the mansion that had kept her company for the past eighteen years. There were also many happy memories with her family in the white house.

Juan exhaled heavily after locking the fence. He stared at the sign that read THIS HOUSE IS IN BANK FORECLOSURE. But Juan couldn be weak. He was now Katyas only hope. Juan had to be Katyas protector, her sister.

Juan smiled and rubbed Katyas shoulder. ”Don be sad. You still have me. We will always be together and strengthen each other. ”

At least those words warmed Katyas heart. It was true. Katya still had Juan. Juan will always be there for her.

Katya let Juan take her suitcase and put it in the trunk of the taxi. They were going to move into a small, simple rented house. And start a new life with much different circumstances.

Katya looked at the family photo on her phone screen. The four people in the photo were smiling carefree smiles. Katya thought that smile would last forever. But now, she had forgotten how to smile.

It only took about twenty minutes for them to reach their destination.

Katya looked around. The rented house that she and her brother would be living in from today was certainly a lot different from their home yesterday. It wasn very big, but it was enough for them to live in.

Juan put his arm around Katyas shoulders and let out a long sigh. ”The money we have left is only enough for a rent of this size. We need to be able to manage our finances for the coming days. ”

”Yes. I understand. Its better than having no place to live at all. ”

Juna turned Katyas body so that they were facing each other. ”I promise you. Ill fix our lives so we can go back to the way it used to be. We can definitely rise above this. ”

Katya smiled and hugged Juan tightly. ”I will be strong and I will always be strong, as long as I have you by my side. ”

”Of course. We will always be together to face this. ”

The roar of motorcycle engines could be heard echoing each other. The streets that night were crowded with young people.

”Are you sure you want to join this race? ”

Juan nodded confidently. ”I have no choice. Now I have to be smart to make money. ”

”Im sure you can do it, Bro. Good luck! ”

Unbeknownst to Katya, Juan had secretly left home to enter a wild race with a prize of three thousand dollars. At the time, three thousand dollars meant nothing to Juan. But now, that money meant the rest of his life.

Juan started riding the red sports bike he borrowed from his friend – Aksa. Then he rode the two-wheeler to the starting line.

Not long after, his opponent arrived on a black sports bike. There was a stifled scream from the girls who had come to watch, as the rider took off the helmet that covered his face.

There was a look of surprise on Juans face as he saw who his opponent was tonight. But he quickly normalized his expression.

”So you
e my co-star tonight? Juana Mahesa. Long time no see, bro. ”

Juan chuckled. After four years of not seeing each other, now they met again at the racetrack. To be honest, Juan really didn want to see his former best friends face.

”I heard your father died recently. And now the Hakan Group company has gone bankrupt. Don tell me you
e racing tonight because you don have money to eat tomorrow? ”

Juan cursed himself. If he knew his opponent was Arthur Maverick, then Juan would have chosen not to participate in this race. It wasn that he was afraid, it was just that Juan was too lazy to face him.

A sexy girl stepped forward and positioned herself between Arthur and Juan. Her hand carried a piece of cloth.

”Ready? ”

Before putting on his helmet, Arthur looked at Juan with a dismissive smile. While Juan didn care and quickly put on his helmet.

”1…. 2…. 3. Go! ”

The cloth thrown into the air signaled the start of the race. The two differently colored sports bikes immediately took off, showing off each others skills on the highway.

Arthur and Juan were good friends at first. They supported each other. Until a sudden storm hit, breaking their bond of friendship. Fighting over a girls heart makes them compete with each other until they become enemies. Who won the girls heart? The answer is Arthur. And the girl had an accident while making an appointment with Arthur. This made Juan angry and labeled the girls death as Arthurs negligence who couldn take care of her.

After a few minutes, the audience shouted out the names of both players.

”Arthur! Arthur! Arthur! ”

”Juan! Juan! Juan! ”


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