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Liu Fushu, the master of Baihe Village, was the current number one miracle doctor in the world.

When the situation was turbulent a few years ago, he led three thousand of his family’s disciples and went south to eradicate the plague, and north to heal the wounded soldiers.

Now that the situation was more stable, he was still busy healing the wounded jianghu heroes – the Wulin Alliance was selecting a leader a while ago, so people with broken arms or legs were often carried into the village on stretchers.

The common people also respected Master Liu very much.
Even if they just had a general headache, they didn’t feel ashamed to bother the disciples of the Liu family.
It must be said that the people in that mountain village were all doing life-saving work.

“Last time I had a strange problem where I was vomiting up blood, and it was Xiao Qizi who looked after me.” 

“Who is Xiao Qizi? 

“The fellow in charge of purchasing firewood in Biahe Village.”

Look, even the little fellows were so capable, not to mention the true sons of the Liu family.
Pick one out at random and they would be worthy of saying “The great doctor Hua Tuo has been reborn!”

Except for the second son, Liu Xian’an.

A well-known layabout in the village, he was idle and lazy.
His only advantage may be his face.
With eyebrows like distant mountains, eyes like peach blossoms, and every movement filled with nobility and elegance, he was an utmost beauty.
However, he was like an immortal in a painting, never leaving home or having contact with the outside.
He just stayed in his beautiful waterside courtyard all day long, lying on a soft chair and watching the sky, the clouds, the blooming flowers and flying birds, and the drizzle soaking the eaves.

Standing at the gate of the courtyard, Liu Fushu said to his precious good-for-nothing son: 

“You get up and move around.”

Liu Xian’an was actually obedient: “Oh.”

He propped up his upper body and shook the folding fan in his hand twice, moving around.

Liu Fushu was dizzy with anger.

Madam Liu urged her son: “Your elder brother is in the library right now.
You can write well, go over and help transcribe the medical classics, that doesn’t take a lot of brains.
After copying them, they will be sent to the Imperial Hospital.
They will reorganize these medical books and distribute them to the whole territory of Dayan to cure more diseases and save more people.”

Liu Xian’an didn’t move, nor did he respond.
He continued to lay on the chair, gazing at a white cloud in the sky.
After a long time, he suddenly said: “What joy can be found in life, and what misery in death? It takes too much effort.”

Without further ado, Liu Fushu picked up a rod and went to beat his son.

Madam Liu hurriedly stopped him.

Liu Fushu was apoplectic: “If you were ill today, should I save you or not?”

Liu Xian’an replied: “Save or don’t save, either is fine.”

Li Fushu threw the rod at him furiously.

Liu Xian’an didn’t dodge, and a big bump was smashed into his head.

People outside the courtyard heard the commotion and rushed in to placate them.
Madam Liu was worried about her son’s head, but didn’t want to make people feel that she was too doting, so she sternly reprimanded: “Hurry to the library and help your elder brother!” And let him look at your injury by the way.

Liu Xian’an responded by standing up slowly, but he was probably a little dizzy from the knock on the head.
Instead of going to the gate, he went straight to the lake.


He fell right in headfirst.

Master Liu and Madam Liu were both dumbfounded.

The servants in the courtyard rushed forward to save him, shouting and trembling with fear.
The Second Young Master had fallen into the water, but he didn’t seem to be thrashing and struggling.
It couldn’t be that so soon……he was gone?

But of course Liu Xian’an would not die so quickly.
He just lay prone in the water, as if in a trance. Ah, so this is death.
He didn’t feel the slightest panic in his heart.
After all, human beings had no beginning nor end.

After learning through experience, he closed his eyes and calmly passed out during the process of everyone rescuing him.

Due to the extreme absurdity of this incident, soon the people of the whole village, the whole city, and even the whole country knew that Second Young Master Liu of Baiha Village would rather commit suicide by jumping into the lake than help to copy books.

His laziness became well-known all over the world.

Madam Liu could do nothing about him, so she had to turn around and soothe her husband.
Our household is large and prosperous, so what is the harm in supporting him for the rest of his life? And it’s good to be lazy.
A while ago, he was diligent and ran outside every now and then, but he was caught by the princess who was playing in the south and almost became a son-in-law.

According to the importance the emperor attached to Baihe Village, this marriage should have been possible, so why didn’t it work out in the end? The main reason was that Liu Xian’an’s various deeds were too incredible.
The emperor truly found it difficult to accept that his younger sister was going to marry such a strange man, so he ended up personally persuading her.

When the common people heard about this incident, they were all very regretful.
After all, who didn’t dream of reaching heaven in a single bound to be a relative of the emperor? That Liu Xian’an who had riches and honor delivered to his door lost it all because he was too ignorant and incompetent in daily life.

“Say, if Second Young Master Liu suddenly wakes up to reality and studies diligently, will he still be able to marry the princess?”

“What diligently? I hear that he doesn’t even know where his own library is, and his schooling doesn’t add up to two years.”

Rumors such as this passed on, and the city was very lively for a while.

It was not entirely false.
Liu Xian’an really couldn’t find the newly built library at home, but he was familiar with the old building in the back mountain that collapsed the year before last.

It was true that he escaped from school on the first morning.
At that time, he was only four or five years old, and instead of fleeing elsewhere, he just sat in the library and flipped through books.
Not picking by category or title, he flipped through the pages of the books quickly, his technique comparable to that of a chef slicing noodles.

Normal people obviously didn’t read books in such a way, so everyone thought that Second Young Master Liu was causing unreasonable trouble.
Liu Xian’an had just finished flipping through the 13,982 books in the household by himself, and when he returned to school again, he found that the old teacher with the goatee was bobbing his head in a self-satisfied manner, still talking about pretty much the same content as a few years ago.

He was outright astounded.

After he sat down, he saw that his deskmate was still scratching his head at the content from a few years ago, as if he didn’t understand it at all.
His stupefaction level was further heightened, and after some hesitation, Liu Xian’an couldn’t help but ask: “What have you been doing all these years?”

The deskmate looked at him strangely: “Studying, of course, ah.
While people like you go out to play, we’re working hard.”

Liu Xian’an wanted to ask again, but the teacher was already standing beside him.
It was fine if this kid didn’t attend class, but he should be punished for hooking others in to chat and disturbing the order of the classroom.

Second Young Master Liu was beaten for no reason, and he never went to school again.

He also never went to the library again, because he already had three thousand avenues in his mind, a whole vivid, revolving world, and atop the sea of churning clouds, the views of the ancient sages shone like stars.
Gradually, Liu Xian’an felt that his thoughts were also floating, like a soaring bird roaming the East China Sea, existing magnificently between heaven and earth.

How small and insignificant was the body compared with the eternal mind, ah.

Liu Xian’an let out a long sigh and closed his eyes, listening to the wind blowing past his ears.
He felt extremely relaxed both physically and mentally.

Thinking of that fascinatin

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