t ago.

“Gyahahahaha! These old men are trembling like kids! It's pathetic! Hey!”

A vulgar mockery resounded and in front of the village chief, there was a man who looked like a skeleton.

His cheeks are thin, his eye sockets were hollow, and his body is as thin as a dead branch.

――Even so, in his hand was a large sword that was larger than the height of his body.

“You… have a greatsword² in your hand, don’t tell me… that is…!”

I stared at the blade that was


blindingly bright.


A crimson faint light overflowing from the great sword.
Such a sword can't be any ordinary weapon…!

“That’s a 『Magic Armament』…!?”

“Hey! This is my partner,『Crimson Blood Stained Sword―Dainsleif³』!”

Along with the words, an abnormal situation arises.

Fresh blood was rising from the corpse of the villager who had been cut earlier.

They were sucked into the Crimson Blood Sword – Dainsleif as if they were diving in themselves.

And then…

“Aaaaaaaah! Here it is! Here it is!”

The skeletal man shouted charmingly and a thumping sound, like a heartbeat, overflowed from the great sword.

At the same time, the owner's muscles swelled up and he transformed into a large man, leaving his face as it was.

“What the…!?”

“Hihihi! This is my partner’s ability! The features of Dainsleif are『Blood Sucking』and『Intensification of Mayhem』.
It absorbs the blood of those who cut it and temporarily strengthens me! Gheeheehee!”

The man laughed as he turns away.

His eyes are shining brightly.
His cruel will to see people as nothing more than prey pierces through the village chief and others as glints in his eyes.

“That's why…
you're also going to be nourishment!”

The man's eyes shoot out at the village chiefs and others with a cruel intent that sees people only as prey.

“Damn it!”

He raised the bloodstained blade and so, the lives of the men and women were about to end, when a shout rang.

“I won’t let you!”

At the same moment, the skeleton man flew to the side with a startled expression on his face.

Furthermore, he also held his great sword like a shield, and a powerful thrust was released at the center of his body.

His body, which had turned into a large man, was blown away more than ten meters.

“Ugh! You… you bastard…!”

“Wha…you are Kurou-kun!?”

The skeleton man and village chiefs widen their eyes.

At the end of their line of sight stood a boy named Kurou, wielding a jet-black sword.

He took a glance at the village chief and others with his cold but amazing looks, and then lashed out at the Skeleton Man.

“―You wicked man.
I'll bring you to justice for ransacking my village!”

The sentence of absolution and condemnation echoed through the air, and the villagers are also convinced by his dignified appearance.

He is―a hero who appeared to save them from this predicament!


If push comes to shove: When push comes to shove is an American idiom that describes that critical time when a decision must be made, when a commitment must be made, when action must be taken to back up words.

Great sword: Here it’s not Great sword as in a high ranking sword, but a type of sword called Great Sword of 50 to 72 inches in size, that needs two hands to wield.

Dainsleif: It is a legendary sword from Norse mythology.
Basically, this sword was also referenced in Black Clover, as a wielder of bone and space-based Union Magic Spell.

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