Ch5 – Poisoned

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However, Sui Yan’s good mood didn’t last for very long.
A moment later, there was a clamor at the entrance of Wanhua Tower, and a young man dressed in brocade clothes entered, surrounded by a group of people.

The owner of the establishment smiled in satisfaction.
It looked like this person was very wealthy. 

Sui Yan continued to play with the rabbit-shaped bun’s ears as he sadly looked at the table full of sweets.

He had impulsively purchased so much food and spent so much effort moving it onto the table, but he had overestimated his newly recovered body, and he felt full after eating two sweet buns.



He was worrying about what to do with the rest of the food when someone rudely sat in front of him.

Sui Yan was confused.
He looked at the scowling youth before him and said, “This Young Master……” 

The youth glared at him, “Don’t play dumb! Weren’t you at the edge of death? How come you’re so lively now?”


Sui Yan was at a loss.

The youth slapped the table, shouting, “I know! You must be here to fight with me over the beauties here! Sui Yan, why are you so shameless? Are you going to fight with me over everything that I want!?”

Sui Yan, “……”


Sui Yan came to eat his sweet buns, but he was scolded by a stranger for no reason.
His mood was completely ruined.

Sui Yan impatiently said, “Who are you?”

The youth was full of disbelief, “Did you go crazy after falling into the water? You can’t even recognize me?”

This sounded familiar.
Sui Yan frowned and thought for a long time before he finally figured out who this was. 

This brocade-wearing youth was named Jiang Enhe.
He was fourteen, the youngest son of Jiang Zhiyuan, the military affairs commissioner.

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When Sui Yan was young, he was willful and arrogant, and he provoked a lot of people in the capital using his identity.
He had become enemies with all of the sons of nobles and officials and he had the greatest enmity with Little Young Master Jiang.

Sui Yan couldn’t remember what had started it, but whenever he met Jiang Enhe, there would always be a big fight.

Sui Yan narrowed his eyes and lazily said, “Oh, so it turned out to be Young Master Jiang.
What? After getting a mad dog, did you get rabies too?” 

Jiang Enhe nearly exploded, “You!”

When Sui Yan saw this, he suddenly remembered that they had become enemies over a teacup dog.

Sui Yan suddenly laughed, thinking that he had really been shameful when he was young.
No wonder all of his peers had avoided him.

Just as Jiang Enhe was about to flip the table out of anger, guqin music drifted from the second floor, breaking their confrontation. 

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Jiang Enhe immediately straightened his posture and looked towards the figure covered by a beaded curtain on the second floor.
There was no sign of his previous anger.

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Sui Yan’s expression became odd.

After the song ended, the patrons of the establishment began to applaud.

Jiang Enhe was clapping so hard that it seemed like his hands would become swollen.
His face was flushed, and he even elbowed Sui Yan, saying, “Hey! It sounds good, right? This was played by the top beauty here.
You usually can’t even listen to it.
You have such good luck!”

Sui Yan thought, If my luck was good, I wouldn’t have met you today. He avoided Jiang Enhe’s elbow, saying, “What are you here for? The courtesans? Tsk, that seems about right.
Somebody your age should be getting some experience.” 

Jiang Enhe’s face became even redder, and he slapped the table, “Don’t compare the two of us! I’m here to listen to music, not to visit the beauties.”

Sui Yan mocked, “Coming to a red-light establishment just to listen to music? Little Young Master Jiang has such refined tastes.”

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Jiang Enhe glanced at the table full of sweet buns as he retorted, “Then what did you come to do? Eat sweet buns?”

Sui Yan, “……” 

Sui Yan didn’t want to lose face in front of someone so immature, so he bluffed, “Of course not.
I’m eating the sweet buns to try something new.
I came for the top beauty.”

Jiang Enhe glared at him, “See? I was just saying that you came here to fight with me over the beauties!”

Sui Yan, “……”

Sui Yan was speechless, “The one who played the guqin just now is the top beauty here?” 

Jiang Enhe, “En!”

When he saw Sui Yan’s expression contort, Jiang Enhe thought he had misunderstood and hurriedly explained, “Yuejian sells her skills, not her body.
She’s not like the others here!”

Sui Yan held back a smile, “En, I know.”

Jiang Enhe frowned, “Why does it sound like you’re taunting her?” 

Sui Yan coughed, saying, “No, why would I do that? The song just now sounded very nice.
I don’t know if Little Young Master Jiang has a good relationship with him.

Youths don’t hold grudges for very long, so when Jiang Enhe heard Sui Yan praise Yuejian, his eyes lit up.
He grabbed Sui Yan’s hand and ran upstairs.


“I didn’t think an idiot like you would have such good taste,” Jiang Enhe exclaimed, “Not only can Yuejian play guqin, she’s also good at chess and painting.”

Sui Yan was dragged upstairs before he could think things through. 

Jiang Enhe greeted the person behind the beaded curtain, “Miss Yuejian!”

Yuejian’s gentle voice came from behind the beaded curtain, “Young Master Jiang, please come in.”

Jiang Enhe lifted the curtains and brought Sui Yan inside.

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The legendary top beauty at Wanfeng Tower sat next to a guqin.
Yue Jian was dressed in a long red dress with his hair pulled into a complicated updo.
His makeup made him seem even more gorgeous. 

Sui Yan looked strangely at Yuejian.

Yuejian was really very beautiful, so much so that Jiang Enhe’s gaze stuck to him, following his every move.
However, Sui Yan seemed to see something.
He tilted his head and bit his lips, but he still couldn’t hold back his laugh.

Jiang Enhe was in the middle of reminiscing with Yuejian and he stomped on Sui Yan’s foot, warning, “Don’t be this rude to beauties!”

When Yuejian heard the word “beauties,” his expression stiffened, but he still managed to keep a gentle smile on his face. 

Sui Yan resisted the urge to laugh, saying, “Sorry, that was rude of me……pfft.”

Jiang Enhe was going crazy, “What is wrong with you?”

Sui Yan coughed, saying, “Nothing, nothing, it was my bad.
My apologies to Miss……Yuejian.”

He picked up a small glass of wine and calmly raised a toast towards Yuejian. 

Yue Jian felt that Sui Yan was looking at him very oddly, but he couldn’t detect any malicious intent, so he could only smile and drink as well.

Yuejian was two years older than them, and his every move was elegant.
It wasn’t surprising that Jiang Enhe had become so enamored with Yuejian.

Sui Yan rested on his chin on his hand and glanced at Jiang Enhe, who was acting like a male peacock and strutting around Yuejian, fanning his tail.
He wanted to laugh, but he didn’t dare to.

Yuejian frowned as he watched Sui Yan, but he couldn’t chase him away.
After thinking about it, he suggested, “Chatting is boring.
Why don’t I play the xiao for these two distinguished guests?” 

Jiang Enhe’s eyes lit up.

Sui Yan coughed, saying, “That……that’s not too good, in front of everyone.”


Jiang Enhe was oblivious, but Yuejian heard Sui Yan’s hidden meaning.
He struggled to maintain his fake smile, glaring at Sui Yan.

Sui Yan laughed. 

Yuejian didn’t bother to look at him any longer and asked someone to fetch his jade xiao.

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The xiao was very valuable, and it seemed to be a gift from a high-ranking official.
Yuejian’s pale, slender fingers lifted the cyan xiao towards his lips.
Suddenly, Sui Yan said, “Wait.”

Jiang Enhe was taken aback as he watched Sui Yan stand up and walk over to snatch the jade xiao from Yuejian.

Jiang Enhe, “Sui Yan!” 

Sui Yan ignored his shout and gently wiped the xiao.
He found a layer of fine powder on it.

When Yuejian saw it, his face instantly paled.

Sui Yan sighed and quietly said, “You have so many enemies.
Even after you fell into such a humble place, they still want you to die.”

Yuejian looked at him in amazement. 

As one sat and the other stood, Sui Yan suddenly said two words to Yuejian when Jiang Enhe wasn’t watching.

At the same time, there was a sudden commotion downstairs, covering his voice.

However, Yuejian seemed to have heard what Sui Yan had said, but he couldn’t believe his own ears.

Sui Yan frowned, whispering, “It’s not convenient to talk here.
I will come to find you another day.” 

He put down poison-laced xiao and turned to leave, but Yuejian hurriedly grabbed his hand, “Wait!”

Sui Yan was caught off guard.
He stumbled and unexpectedly fell backward onto Yuejian’s lap.

Sui Yan, “…….”

Jiang Enhe, “…….” 

Duan Mingchong, who had just lifted the curtains to look for someone, “……”

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Sui Yan, “I can explain this!!!!!”

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