Stealing the Yuri Protagonist Harem (Xianxia)

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Truthfully, Luo Wusheng didn’t really care about whether he would be able to listen to Yao Ji music at all.

This was just an excuse for him to improve his favorability with the courtesan in front of him, after all, he knew very well how lacking the entertainment in this world was.

Previously, Lu Wusheng had heard all kinds of “divine songs,” that this woman in front of him could play, but he did not take it seriously, he didn’t think that the other party’s playing could move his heart.

However, as the girl named Yao Ji gently stroked the strings, Lu Wusheng realized that he had guessed wrong.

Yao Ji’s slender and fair fingers lightly moved the seven strings of the Guqin.
(Tn: Guqin is a chinese instrument, a more traditional guitar)

Like flowing water and a gentle breeze, the qin music resonated and made Lu Wusheng momentarily lost in it.

Now he felt regrets for not being cultured enough in his previous life.
He could only say three words in response to such music:

“Damn, it’s beautiful!”

This was the kind of music that should exist in a world of immortals and heroes!

It wasn’t until the end of the song that Lu Wusheng gradually came back to his senses.

He looked at the girl in front of him, and his gaze had completely changed.

He really wanted to pull this girl to his side and have her make his own exclusive background music.

Even if the other party turns out to be not the Empress of the Immortal Nation, gaining favorability points with her is more than worth it!

Thinking of this, his expression suddenly stiffened.

Not good, he had been so caught up in listening to the music that he had forgotten how to gain favorability points.

“Sir, what do you think of this piece of music?”

Yao Ji held down the strings and asked with a smile.

“…It’s amazing, this song should probably only exist in heaven, this kind of heavenly tune is rarely heard on earth.”

Lu Wusheng tried his best to recall this sentence from his nine-year compulsory education, and calmly evaluated it.

Hearing the young master’s evaluation, Yao Ji’s face showed a hint of surprise.

“I didn’t expect the young master to have such poetic talent… This is the first time I’ve received such a compliment,” Yao Ji smiled with satisfaction.
“I have some experience in this field and I am pleased with the young master’s evaluation.”

“Miss Yao Ji, please don’t be humble.
I must say, this is the first time I have heard such a wonderful piece of music in this world,” Lu Wusheng’s tone was very sincere.
“Your Guqin skills are truly worthy of the title of a flower courtesan.”

His praise clearly pleased Yao Ji, and she smiled with her hand covering her mouth.

“I wonder how many songs the young master would like to hear tonight?”

“If it’s possible, I hope there won’t be an end to the music.”

“If the young master can afford it, Yao Ji will naturally accompany the young master all night…” Hearing his words, Yaoji’s smile couldn’t be hidden anymore.

(It seems that praising her musical skills can increase my likability towards her… This likability is so easy to gain, all I need is to be someone who speaks the truth, right?)

Luo Wusheng thought to himself.

However, he felt that he couldn’t stop there.

Just as he was thinking, the music started again.

Luo Wusheng was once again mesmerized by it.


The Six Gate Bureau.

Night Crow looked at the latest intelligence report that had just arrived, tapping a finger on the table.

“I can’t believe it has developed to this extent…”

He received the latest intelligence from his spy, and from what they have gathered, Bai Xiaoyao has quietly returned to the Demon Artifact Pavilion.
When she couldn’t find anyone there, she asked a few passersby about the whereabouts of Luo Wusheng and his group.
At first, it seemed like a dead end since Luo Wusheng and his group operated very secretly, and the passersby who saw them leave didn’t know where they went.

But just as Bai Xiaoyao was about to give up and return, a person passing by accurately provided the whereabouts of Luo Wusheng and his group.

“It’s the Taoist Artifact Pavilion…”

According to the intelligence report, that person was not an ordinary passerby but a lazy rascal who often loitered outside the Taoist Artifact Pavilion.

Combining various pieces of intelligence, Night Crow used his sharp intuition to uncover the truth.

This intelligence was provided by the Taoist Artifact Pavilion to the rascal, who was paid to pass it on to Bai Xiaoyao.

“Why? Is Lin Qingfeng trying to cause trouble for the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint? Even if he does, it would only affect the reputation of Luo Wusheng  a little bit… And where did the Taoist Artifact Pavilion get this information from? The spies didn’t detect anyone monitoring the Demon Artifact Pavilion besides them…”

“Is someone else watching the Demon Artifact Pavilion? And they’re hiding so well that even the spies that i sent didn’t notice their presence?”

The eyes behind Night Crow’s mask flickered.

Indeed, his decision to keep an eye on the Demon Artifact Pavilion was correct.

In such a short amount of time, he had already caught the tail of a special force that had infiltrated the royal city.

But he couldn’t yet determine which faction this group was related to.

“Did those outside forces reach a deal with the Taoist Artifact Pavilion? No, perhaps it’s not the whole Taoist Pavilion itslef, perhaps it’s just that silly kid Lin Qingfeng… No, perhaps  that silly kid was also merely being used without his knowledge by the outside force?”

Night Crow’s fingers tapped the desk faster and faster.

“But what is their goal in doing this? Do they want to achieve something through the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint?”

“In the end, what is the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint here in the royal city for? Is he really just here to reorganize the Demon Artifact Pavilion? Today’s momentum almost had me convinced, but if all of this is just a facade…”

Night Crow sighed and stopped tapping his fingers on the desk.

For some reason, whenever he was looking at information about the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint, he felt like sharing it with his good colleague, Kirin.

But he didn’t know where she was right now.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaoyao was walking towards the Red Blossom Pavilion.

But her pace was not particularly hurried.

As a demoness, she was not a woman who only had a big chest but no brains.

In the original work’s harem, those girls who had bigger chests than her were not as smart as her, and those who were smarter than her had smaller chests.

(…That person was deliberately trying to lure me to Red Blossom Pavilion to find my senior brother, but he’s just an ordinary person and was probably hired to do the job by someone else.)

Bai Xiaoyao tried to extract information about the mastermind behind this from the passerby, but it was clear that the person didn’t know which force had hired him.

Currently, the most likely culprit seems to be the Taoist Artifact Pavilion, because Bai Xiaoyao managed to get information about the person’s frequent activities around the area.

(But why would they do this?)

To create a rift between her and her senior brother?

Bai Xiaoyao wondered.

To be honest, she didn’t believe that her dense as a rock-like senior brother would be interested in the courtesans of the Red Blossom Pavilion.
Even she, who was quite confident in her own appearance, couldn’t get him to touch her after trying for a bit.

Her senior brother always acted like an elder around her, keeping a careful distance even in their interactions.

The only time he crossed that boundary was when he impulsively hugged her after she gave him so many surprises.

But even that hug ended quickly.

How could a senior brother that act like that be interested in the vulgar women of the Red Blossom Pavilion?

So Bai Xiaoyao wasn’t very convinced that Luo Wusheng would be lingering around Red Blossom Pavilion.

But as she inquired further, she discovered that her senior brother might actually have gone there.

(Maybe my senior brother did go in the direction of Red Blossom Pavilion, but that may not have been his ultimate goal… It could also be one of the mastermind’s plans.)

Bai Xiaoyao instinctively tried to give her senior brother the benefit of the doubt.

Although this kind of exoneration was a bit weak.

After all, her senior brother went with the four officer of the Demon Artifact Pavilion and several disciples from the Hehuan Realm.

What else could they be doing there?

(No, wait… Maybe my senior brother just happened to be heading in the same direction as them…)

While Bai Xiaoyao thought about this, another thought couldn’t help but bubble up.

What if her senior brother really was really going to Red Blossom Pavilion?

As his junior sister, Bai Xiaoyao felt that it was necessary to bring her senior brother back on track.

Hmm, by any means necessary.

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