ct it to be so thrilling.
No wonder there are so many people going to the Martial Arena every day.
Although I didn’t win today, I feel like my spiritual power has condensed quite a bit after doing some dual cultivation, and I might even have a chance to advance into the Foundation Establishment realm soon!”

Li Xing, who always had a smug look on his face, was quite excited at this moment and spoke first.

“Heh, you? You haven’t won a single match yet dare to speak so boldly? I’m afraid that by the time I advance to the next realm, you would still be stuck here, I already feel like I’m about to break through to the later stage of Qi Refinement!”

Xu Yuchun looked at Li Xing with a mocking expression.

“Don’t get too cocky, Xu Yuchun.
Haven’t you only won one match too?” Li Xing retorted.

Luo Wusheng was a bit surprised.
He didn’t expect Xu Yuchun, who had the lowest cultivation level, to actually win a match.

And from the looks of it, at least these two don’t seem to be opposed to the task he assigned.

He looked towards the back where Hu Dingtian and Wang Wude were with complex expressions in his face.

“Report today’s situation.”

Upon hearing Luo Wusheng’s order, Little Hu stepped forward and bowed, saying, “Today, I haven’t won a match just like Li Xing, but Lao Wang has won 3 matches in a row.
Although Xu Yuchun won one match, it’s all due to pure luck, his opponent’s strength was not solid, and their cultivation level was also similar to Xu Yuchun’s, but his opponent lost their sword and were defeated by Xu Yuchun who picked it up and turned the situation around.”

Hu Dingtian clearly knew what Luo Wusheng wanted to know, and specifically mentioned how Xu Yuchun won his match.

That’s what a model subordinate does,they are very understanding of their boss’s thoughts.

“Xu Yuchun is really proud of himself.
He even said that he shouldn’t practice the Hehuan Skill, and should be a swordsman instead.
He was able to win against someone of the same level with his first sword strike, and now he’s all puffed up,” Li Xing took the opportunity to gossip.

This made Xu Yuchun’s face turn red in embarrassment and then pale.

But he probably did say something similar, otherwise he wouldn’t have any retort at all.

(Hmm… I do know Miss sword fairy, if this kid wants to change factions in the future, it wouldn’t hurt to introduce her to him.)

But he needs to forget about the matter regarding swordsmanship talent, all the sword talent in this world is in the hands of the real protagonist.

Luo Wusheng was lost in thought, however, he still smiled and nodded gently, “So, where are you all planning to go?”

The few officers exchanged glances between each of them and ultimately left it up to Hu Dingtian to answer.

“Uh, well… During our competition today, we gained some insights on our cultivation, and since we also sustained some injuries during the matches.
We plan to go practice and heal our wounds using our cultivation techniques tonight,” Hu Dingtian said after some hesitation.

Luo Wusheng understood the meaning behind his words right away.

They were planning to go practice dual cultivation with some girls in the red light district to heal their injuries.

“I see,” the Holy Saint nodded his head in understanding, then said, “Shall we go then?”

“Thank you, Your Holiness… Huh?” Hu Dingtian was taken aback, thinking he had misheard something.

Even the other three officers looked surprised.

“Why are you all standing there? Oh, right, let’s go to the Hong Yan Building.
I heard their courtesans are some of the best in the entire city,” Luo Wusheng thought back to the explanations from the wandering cultivators on the ship and added a comment.

This time, the officers understood clearly.

But they still couldn’t believe their ears.

Didn’t they all come to the same conclusion that the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect would stay away from the pleasures of the flesh? Why was he taking them to one of the most famous brothels in the city?

However, they didn’t dare ask and just looked at Luo Wusheng with slightly different eyes.

It’s just like that famous saying, Actions speak louder than words.

Luo Wusheng smiled.

Building friendly relationships with his employees through activities like this was an essential step in maintaining a healthy company culture.

He had already sacrificed too much for the revival of the Demon Artifact Sect, but that was not all.

He made this decision for an even deeper purpose.

(So… I wonder if this gamble will pay off in the end…)

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