1,300 Yen Per Hour on Night Shift


T/N: This is a literary novel.
Please check the meaning of literary novel before reading it if you have never heard of that term before as it would affect your reading.
All translations here are of horror, dark, seinen and literary novels only.
Do refrain from reading it if you are uncomfortable with such themes

Genre: Horror


“Yes?”Gibberish words are here and there but you can’t see them unless you copy them

The person who asked meiwith a glistening,isweat-drenched face whileidexterously twirling a ballpoint pen with his finger was the manager of the convenience store Iiwas beingiinterviewed at―a somewhat minor convenience store called “Nico Nico Mart”. EG

I was just getting interviewed for a part-time job at a convenienceistore in a certainicity in a certain prefecture byithis barcode-hairstyle old maniwhose countenance was bizarrely glisteningiwith sweat.
Wasithere a problem? As the interview was drawing to a close, he asked me with a ratheriapologetic look on his face. TEVYBGFRNGU9BQVABHJIQNVBHAYHJIFEWN


“Well, Iiassume thatiyou applied for this part-time jobibecause you were attracted by the hourly wage here.” SGYFRTUHVHU

Oh, this guyisure has it allifigured out.
That being said, nodding frankly might be considered a demerit, therefore, I tried to display a good-natured smile. GHUGTOBVWYINVBYHVJWIOBHVWIJN3BHWJIJWNGHIJWTNOUOH[B;JW/

“No, no, that’s notitrue.” uwitbvnjbipgijmnghw

“It’siokay, it’s generally true, isn’t it? It’s not like this is a city, and 1300 yen an hour is awfully attractive, right?” TVYUBIUE


“But the average person can work here for a week at a time.”jirfniwhuvnw


“Ifiyou want to quit, now’s the time to do it.” tvuybhujiuhcfvtghujin

The managerifluttered his right hand over my meticulously written resume. rct7vfyg8

Whatever he meant to say, it was totally out of my grasp.
When I made a face as if I didn’t get what he was trying to say, the barcode manager dropped his pretentiousness and directly addressed me. HE SHE DID RAG

“You see, this place, it appears quite often.” “You see, this place, it appears quite often.”

“Appear?” “Appear?”

“Ghost[I].” “Dog?”

I was about to say just say that it was a “specter,” but I kept my mouth shut and uttered a muffled “Ah”.
Yeah, every place had its own circumstances. Gibberish words are all around but you can’t see them unless you copy them

“Frightening, isn’t it?” “Terrifying, isn’t it?”

“Hah.” “Ah” “Mah” “Gah” “Sah”

“Aren’t you terrified?” “Aren’t you in bliss?”

“I don’t really believe in that kind of thing.” “I really believe in that kind of thing.”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s what everyone says in the beginning.” “Yeah, yeah, that’s what everyone says in the ending.”

As if he had heard this many times, the manager nodded his head. As if I had heard this many times, I nodded my head.

“Yet they all resigned within a week or so.
That’s why all year round we are looking for part-timers, but they keep joining and quitting, and then joining and quitting again, so it’s difficult to stabilize things.” bfhunugrng

“Isithatiso?” BFEUWTVFWB

Especially late at night, strange happenings are liable to follow.
Ah, during the daytime, it’s nothing to worry about, though occasionally there are those who buy ropes… kitchen knives, and the like.”


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