Chapter 7.
☆ The Male Lead Is In Trouble

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Ruan Mengmeng felt that there should be a girl who was trying to confess to He Yiyang, so she didn’t want to go.
Wouldn’t it be embarrassing for the other girl if she was thin-skinned enough to be disturbed by her?


But she had just made up with He Yiyang.
If she didn’t listen, she would definitely be scolded again.


Feeling tangled, she went to the woods and saw the two of them not far away.
She held down her skirt and squatted behind a tree.



He Yiyang was indifferent.
He had one hand in his pocket and the other on his mobile phone, not taking the girl in front of him seriously.


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Annoyed, the girl pouted and called out to He Yiyang.


“What do you want?” He Yiyang said unhappily, “I already said I don’t like you.
Why won’t you leave?”


The girl moved, trying to pull He Yiyang’s arm, and Ruan Mengmeng finally saw who it was.


My goodness, the school beauty of First Middle School, Lou Yueru ah!


He Yiyang shook off the pestering girl and caught a glance at the person poking her head behind the tree.


Now that she was here, she was hiding? Didn’t she know he had been waiting for a long time?



He Yiyang shouted, “Come here, you.”


Ruan Mengmeng walked over awkwardly.
She felt so guilty that she wanted to say sorry to Lou Yueru for interrupting her confession, but before she could open her mouth, she met her disdainful and mocking gaze.


Ruan Mengmeng was confused for a moment.
She lowered her head as she puffed out her cheeks in frustration.


Lou Yueru: “Who is she?”


He Yiyang put his hand on Ruan Mengmeng’s head and barked at Lou Yueru without caring, “None of your business!”


“He Yiyang, you!!!” Lou Yueru’s proud face swelled red.



Ruan Mengmeng tugged at the hem of He Yiyang’s shirt nervously, “Brother.”

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“Let’s go home.”


He Yiyang clasped Ruan Mengmeng’s head and turned it, like he was clasping the door’s pull ring.
He didn’t care that Lou Yueru was behind him, stomping her feet and shouting that she was not allowed to leave.
As if there was no such person, he turned and leisurely walked away from the side door behind the grove.


Ruan Mengmeng looked back, and the school flower’s beautiful face was twisted with anger and hideousness.
Oh mum, she shivered with fear.


“Brother, Lou Yueru is beautiful.
Why don’t you accept her?” Ruan Mengmeng asked as she drank her double-skinned milk.


He Yiyang sat lazily on the bar stool, propping his head up with one hand.
His eyes were half-squinted as he yawned, “Is she pretty? I think she’s average.”



“She’s the school flower!” Ruan Mengmeng said.


“Hey~” He Yiyang laughed lightly, pinching Ruan Mengmeng’s cheeks, “A white dress and an internet celebrity face and you can call her a school flower? Then the standard of your school is really low.”


Ruan Mengmeng was not happy, “You are also a member of the First Middle School now.
Why would you say that?”


“Dare to discipline me now, eh?”


He Yiyang gritted his teeth and threatened, pinching Ruan Mengmeng with the full force of his fingers, causing her to wail and whine.


“You should go back to cook after you finish the double-skinned milk,” He Yiyang loosened his hand and got on the treadmill to start exercising, “The food at the restaurant near the school is awful, not half as good as your cooking.”


“Really?” Ruan Mengmeng said happily.


He was too lazy to compliment Ruan Mengmeng for the second time, so he stretched his long legs and started running.

When Ruan Mengmeng received praise from He Yiyang, she finished her double-skinned milk and ran back across the street to her house, dragging her house shoes with her.


In the evening, when Ruan Dahai returned, he saw a table of eight dishes, and He Yiyang, who had come out of the kitchen with a dish in one hand.
He lamented that he had been blessed with a lot of food.


At ten o’clock in First High School, after the evening study session, when he arrived home, He Yiyang would drag Ruan Mengmeng by the collar to continue studying for an hour.


Ruan Mengmeng dutifully sat next to him and studied her homework, but before half an hour was up, she began to nod her head, drowsy.


When she fell asleep, He Yiyang pinched her little fleshy face and she woke up with teary eyes.

The corners of He Yiyang’s mouth raised in a dangerous arc, and without having to say anything more, Ruan Mengmeng straightened her back and continued reading.


The news of Lou Yueru’s confession being rejected went viral and overnight, the whole school knew about it.


Chen Linjia sat next to Ruan Mengmeng to catch up on the school’s forum postings, her face gleaming with interest and occasionally smiling strangely.


While she peeled open a spherical candy and put it in her mouth, Ruan Mengmeng glanced at it and asked, “Jiajia, what are you looking at?”


“Hey, look,” Chen Linjia shared as she brought her phone over, “Lou Yueru confessed to He Yiyang and was secretly photographed.
She used to be the flower of the high mountains[1], but when she met He Yiyang she turned into a petite flower, poutinging and stomping her feet.
There was no sense of contradiction.
Her persona collapsed too much, tsk tsk ……”


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The owner of the post had several photos uploaded.
He Yiyang was either bored scrolling through his phone or turned sideways, ignoring her.
The picture at a glance showed Lou Yueru’s face looking both anxious and in love.

Ruan Mengmeng flipped through her phone and her blurred figure appeared in the last photo.
She tilted her head and said, “Who is so bored to take these photos secretly? I was there that day, but the confession was rejected.
What’s the fuss?”


“You were there?” Chen Linjia asked in shock.


“Yes,” Ruan Mengmeng pointed to a photo, “I was hiding behind a tree.”


Chen Linjia zoomed in on the photo and it was really Ruan Mengmeng, “Why are you hiding there?”


“I ……”


Before she could explain, she was shocked by the suddenness of the situation.


“Who is Ruan Mengmeng?! Come out!”


Three aggressive girls appeared at the door.
The other students in the classroom subconsciously looked in Ruan Mengmeng’s direction.


As Ruan Mengmeng sat on the edge of the aisle, looking at the people rushing over, she asked warily, “Classmate, is something wrong?”


One of the girls, her face drawn,  snorted coldly.
She grabbed her by the collar and pulled her out.


Chen Linjia shouted, “Eh eh eh, what are you doing!”


Another girl who came with her saw the mobile phone on the table.
Her face darkened and she grabbed it, smashing it on the ground, “What for? Teach the peeping toms who invade other people’s privacy!”


Peeping Tom? Chen Linjia saw Ruan Mengmeng being dragged away and her own phone being smashed.
As soon as her mind turned, she knew it had something to do with Lou Yueru and He Yiyang.


“Damn it, He Yiyang, you are a disaster.”


Chen Linjia ran angrily to the third floor of her sophomore Hongzhi class, wanting to rant loudly.
But when she looked around, the atmosphere of the good students atrophied hers as a poor student as they were all buried in their desks.


“Senior, please help me find He Yiyang.” Chen Linjia lowered her voice and nudged the boy in the doorway seat.


“What for?”


A cold voice came from behind her.
He Yiyang had one hand in his pocket and was looking at Chen Linjia expressionlessly.


Chen Linjia became angry when she saw the visitor, “F*ck, Mengmeng is being bullied because of you, and you’re still acting like a b*tch here.”

He Yiyang’s careless face was instantly serious, “Where is it?”


“You come with me.”


Chen Linjia went to pull He Yiyang’s arm, but he dodged it with disgust.
She rolled her eyes and cursed countless MMP in her heart.


At this moment, in the toilet behind the girls’ bathhouse, Ruan Mengmeng was cowering in the corner.
She was scared in her heart but still wanted to understand, “Are you going to beat me? Why?”


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“Pretentious fatty, didn’t you post the forum thread?” The girl who dragged Ruan Mengmeng in asked.


Ruan Mengmeng shook her head, “No!”


“There were only three of us there and you were hiding behind a tree, who else was it?” Lou Yue Ru, who had waited in the toilet early, questioned in a sharp voice.


“It really wasn’t me,” Ruan Mengmeng explained anxiously, “At that time, my brother shouted at me to go over.
I also felt bad, but ……”


“Brother?” The girl mocked her face, raised her hand and slapped her head, “He Yiyang is an only child, where did he get a sister? Adopted god-sister? Heh, don’t even look in the mirror.”


“Don’t talk nonsense to the white lotus b*tch.
Beat her up first.”


Ruan Mengmeng panicked.
She cowered and held her head, arguing, “I didn’t.
I didn’t send it.
How can you hit someone?”


Lou Yueru, who had been standing beside her for a long time, raised her hand without saying a word.
Ruan Mengmeng subconsciously closed her eyes to hide.
After waiting for a while with no movement, she opened her eyes.




When He Yiyang rushed over, he saw the little fatty cowering pitifully in the corner.
Tears streamed down her little fleshy face.
He was so angry that his blood pressure spiked instantly and his temples throbbed.


The little fatty was someone only he could bully.
Who else dared to touch?!


“Get lost!”


He Yiyang shouted angrily, and with a flick of his hand, Lou Yueru fell to the ground.
She looked at He Yiyang incredulously.
She didn’t expect that one day a boy would dislike her and even hit her.
Her heart was filled with shame and anger, and her white face was filled with tears.


He Yiyang gave Lou Yueru a fierce glare and shouted towards the corner, “You won’t come here yet!”


With tears in her eyes, Ruan Mengmeng wanted to go over too, but the three walls of people surrounding her wouldn’t let her.


She deflated abashedly and looked towards He Yiyang.


“Soft bun!” He Yiyang scolded under his breath.


He took a step forward and swept his stern eyes over the three girls, who seemed to wake up and ducked away.


He Yiyang pulled Ruan Mengmeng over and wiped away the eye-catching tears on her face.


Ruan Mengmeng looked up at the grim-faced He Yiyang and didn’t say a word, even though her face hurt a little from his wiping.
Her sixth sense told her that as soon as she spoke, He Yiyang would blow up.


“No one is allowed to leave,” Lou Yueru blocked the doorway, “I’ve lost all face.
Why can you leave like nobody’s business? You have to give me an explanation today!”


“An explanation?”


He Yiyang’s voice was low as he hugged Ruan Mengmeng in his arms and pressed on.
With every step he took, Lou Yueru’s tough face turned grey.


“You threatened my sister and I still haven’t settled the score with you yet, and you dare to ask me for an explanation? How much is your face worth? If you say one more word, I’ll make you drop out of school for bullying and get out immediately!!!”

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He Yiyang became more and more agitated as he spoke, and almost shouted at the end.


Ruan Mengmeng stood next to him and shuddered from the yelling, not to mention the Lou Yueru who was being sprayed straight in the face.
Her face went white and she slumped on the ground, sobbing.


He Yiyang scolded, and the irritability in his heart finally dissipated.
His eyes glanced over, and he saw Ruan Mengmeng even sympathetically looking at Lou Yueru on the floor.
The tip of his eyebrows twitched.
He was so angry that his liver hurt!


He pinched the little fleshy face, “Stupid fatty, won’t you call me if something happens? There’s no use cowering in the corner and dropping tears!”


“I, I, I ……” Ruan Mengmeng’s cheeks were stretched to the extreme, unable to speak.


“Speak up!” He Yiyang continued to yell.


Chen Linjia, who was a step late, watched in confusion as the cold He Yiyang transformed into a roaring emperor, a contrast that also collapsed his persona to pieces.
She stood there looking at the two people, hugging her arms around her chest in thought.


He Yiyang had been different toward Ruan Mengmeng since he was a child.
In front of outsiders, he always had an indifferent expression.
Only when it came to Mengmeng, would it involve his various emotions.


Ruan Mengmeng wanted to say something, but she was so anxious that she choked.
Her face suddenly turned red.
So red that it turned purple.


He Yiyang was alarmed and hurriedly loosened his hand.


Ruan Mengmeng bent over, coughing loudly and pinching her neck.


Chen Linjia ran over, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”


He Yiyang put his hands up in the air and wandered around behind her.
It couldn’t be that he had just pinched her too hard, could it?


Ruan Mengmeng punched her chest twice, put her fingers down her throat again and poof! She spit out a green candy ball.


She said, “The candy from before was just swallowed in one go.
My throat is so uncomfortable.”




The corner of Chen Linga’s mouth twitched, “You just had candy in your mouth when you were being bullied?”


“Ah, yeah,” Ruan Meng Meng nodded as she rubbed her neck, “Didn’t get a chance to spit it out.”


He Yiyang was so angry that his eyelids were shaking, “Idiot!”


Ruan Meng Meng’s almond eyes watered.
She looked at He Yiyang who had rushed away, blinking inexplicably.
She turned her head and met Chen Linjia’s ‘you’re amazing, you’re a talent’ gaze.


“Did I do something wrong?”


“Huh ……”

The Author has something to say: Good candy.

╮(╯▽╰)╭The past is unbearable, advise you not to be a demon ha.

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