Chapter 43.
☆, SpongeBob SquarePants.

“Master, we’re here.” A middle-aged butler held an umbrella to shield the old man in his wheelchair from the scorching sun.

“Go down first,” the old man’s face was complicated, staring at the woman on the tombstone.
He choked up several times, “I’ll talk to Xiaofen alone.”

The butler sighed heavily, “Yes.” He collected his umbrella and bowed to the tombstone before leaving.

The old man sat in silence for a while, then covered his face with his hands and said, hoarsely with regret, “Xiaofen, Xiaofen ……”

Tears streamed down his face, and he sat back in his wheelchair with his back hunched over.


The caretaker of the cemetery saw this, shook his head and sighed, saying to the housekeeper next to him, “The sun is horrible this afternoon.
Don’t let the old man be sad for too long.
His health is important.”

“Master’s heart is bitter.
For the past twenty years, our Eldest Young Lady has refrained from sending news home,” the housekeeper wiped his tears as well.
“He had no idea it would be a white-hair sending a black-hair off.
How could he bear to see you?”

The caretaker of the cemetery was also surprised.
This was a father and daughter? How big was the estrangement that they could not resolve it in more than ten years? He didn’t even know about the burial.
This …… originally, he was going to tell them about the young couple that came in the morning, but now that the situation was like this… There were so many things in the world, and his job was to maintain a peaceful environment for the burial, so he should keep his mouth shut.

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But …… to this day, the remorse of being separated from each other forever cannot be made up.



When Ruan Mengmeng returned, she went to school to receive her report card and packed her books in preparation for her class division.

Zhang Xiaofang, who had been in the same class for a year and hadn’t spoken before, came over.
“Do you want help? I’m in the same experimental arts class as you.”

This Zhang Xiaofang, who had been number one in her class on every major and minor exam since her first exam at the start of her first year of high school, was arrogant and didn’t like to talk to people, especially students with poor grades.

And Ruan Mengmeng was at the bottom when she first came in.

She was the snacker in the class, and they all knew that her family ran a supermarket.
She even brought some snacks to the class to share from time to time during evening study.
After taking the initiative to greet Zhang Xiaofang and being ignored, he just laughed in her face.

She didn’t expect him to offer to help today?

“Ah, it’s okay,” Ruan Mengmeng smiled politely, “I can manage.”

Zhang Xiaofang, however, didn’t leave.
Instead, he came closer and said, “I heard that the people in the experimental class are all about being at the top, and there are many cliques.
Only the two of us in our class got in.
You used to have such frustrating grades, and you’re an art candidate.
We both need to be on good terms so we won’t be ostracized, you know?”

Ruan Mengmeng: ……

Ah – this was to pull her over? She’d never really spoken to him before.
What should she do with him? She missed Jiajia so much.

Ruan Mengmeng gritted her teeth and wanted to scratch her head frantically.
I, I, I guess I don’t match your aura! How could I nod my head?


“Ruan Mengmeng, I’m talking to you!” Zhang Xiaofang was dissatisfied.
How did she manage to pass the exams with such a slow response? It was a bit too lucky.

“Mengmeng.” He Yiyang knocked on the window.

Ruan Mengmeng was delighted, “Brother, come quickly!” Then he said to Zhang Xiaofang, “Thank you, I have help.”

“Oh,” Zhang Xiaofang smiled, looking at Ruan Mengmeng up and down, “I heard that Senior He rejected many girls, saying that you would be jealous, eh.
He’s your boyfriend, right? You’re also quite affectionate, calling your boyfriend “brother.”

“Er ……” Ruan Mengmeng was a little embarrassed.
A blush rose up on her face, “Haha.”

She was used to calling He Yiyang “brother.” He Yiyang didn’t mind, so Zhang Xiaofang was too nosy.

He Yiyang, as the school bully, the school grass, or the president of the student council, had many girls confess to him, one after the other.
He was not afraid of these arrogant girls’ continuous confessions, but they were quite annoying, so he directly pushed her out. 

They said she was just a good sister? He was a sister lover.
Had they never heard of it?

They said he didn’t like fat people? Heh, she’s fat, soft, and cute.
She was the one that this president grew so well.
Do you have any opinions?

Besides, now Ruan Mengmeng could be considered slim.
The areas that should be slim were slim and the areas that should not be slim did not lose.

She was just cleaning up the drawer and there was actually a love letter inside.
Wow, what a surprise.

The world was really a world of face value and body shape.
Ruan Mengmeng was happy for a second, but He Yiyang’s cold face passed in front of her eyes.
She was torn for a while before she decisively threw it into the trash.


If you don’t look, of course you don’t know anything, and you haven’t seen anything.

He Yiyang walked into the classroom.
His pair of long legs was extremely eye-catching.
His cold and detached face was a bit sweaty, and the blur between a teenager and youthful manliness was more than enough.

As soon as he appeared, the girls instantly exploded, with one shouting “wow”.
The people gathered around her were not enough for her to discreetly take pictures.
She also muttered senior, senior, but her legs could not stand straight.

He Yiyang picked up her books and asked, “What floor is your new classroom on? I’ll help you move there.”

“The second classroom on the west side of the third floor.” Ruan Mengmeng said, “Has brother moved to the senior Hongzhi class?”

He Yiyang carried away all the heavy books, and Ruan Mengmeng carried only a loose book bag and a SpongeBob SquarePants pillow in her hand.

He glanced at it quietly, “Ahem, this is the same as the one at home?”

“Eh?” Ruan Mengmeng was puzzled, and when she saw the light from the corner of his eyes fall on her arms, she smiled and nodded, “Yeah.”

He Yiyang had a large SpongeBob SquarePants on the sofa at home, and she had later bought a smaller one to use when she dozed off during evening study.

“I want one too,” He Yiyang whispered, adding after a moment’s thought, “You buy it and send it straight to my class.”

It used to be too childish, and Ruan Mengmeng knew him well enough for his mouth to be righteous.

“Why should I send it to your class?” Ruan Mengmeng was puzzled.
“I’ll send it home, and you can then just bring it directly from home.”


“What do you know!” He Yiyang’s brows knitted together in a bit of shame.

Ruan Mengmeng looked at him insistently, trying to figure it out, especially noticing that the tips of his ears were still red.

“I’m a guy,” He Yiyang hesitated for a moment, side-stepping and whispering to her, “and it’s humiliating for people to see that I bought it myself, so you have to send it to me! Then I can say that I didn’t want you to cry and had no choice but to accept it.”

Ruan Mengmeng was speechless.
Just sending a yellow and soft SpongeBob SquarePants pillow still required so much thought!

It was really tiring being the high-cold tyrant.

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