Chapter 41.
☆、You should hug when you kiss.

Chen Linjia dropped out of school quite suddenly.
It took a week for her classmates to realise she wasn’t there, and then they excitedly came over to ask Ruan Mengmeng what was going on.

“There was an emergency at home, so she’s gone abroad.”

These were the words she used to get rid of whoever asked.
She found out that most of the students were not really concerned, just curious.

It was enough to give a vague answer.

Time flew quickly, and the final exams were coming up soon.
Ruan Mengmeng was a bit upset for Chen Linjia, who had been in the same class for a year and had just been forgotten.


But apparently, she misunderstood.
When she saw the posts on the school’s forum about Chen Linjia, she would have rather had no one remember.
Their disgusting faces could make up anything dirty and disgusting.

“Who are these people talking nonsense!” Ruan Mengmeng was so angry that her scalp tingled, “Who on earth could make up such a story about an abortion? She ran off with a married man.
A third party? She’s crazy!”

She couldn’t take it anymore.
Ruan Mengmeng dropped her phone and wanted to find the poster immediately and shake them to death, “Are you crazy? Go to the hospital then if there is something wrong.” 

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He Yiyang said half and kept half to himself.
Instead, he smiled quite profoundly.
Ruan Mengmeng opened her eyes and waited for a ling time.


“Hey!” Ruan Mengmeng complained softly, shaking his arm, “Quickly say it, brother brother……”

He Yiyang was quite happy to be shaken, and when her mouth was pouting enough to hang a water bottle, he fished out a set of test papers and slapped them over, “Finish this maths paper and I’ll tell you.”

Ruan Mengmeng looked down.
I go, why are there big questions on the front and back? Where are the single choices?

“I gave it to you.
For your final exam, after you finish these, eighty points is secure.” He Yiyang said.

“Don’t,” Ruan Mengmeng still wanted to fight for it with cuteness, “You tell me first, okay.”

“Heh.” The corner of He Yiyang’s mouth hooked.
He grabbed her chin and kissed her lightly.
“Non-negotiable, write it down.”

“Humph, eating my tofu.” Ruan Mengmeng didn’t get her way, and her test papers rattled.

He Yiyang glanced at her, “If I can eat it, I won’t eat it for nothing.”

Suddenly, he wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up.

“Ah!” Ruan Mengmeng exclaimed, “What?”

He Yiyang frowned, holding her and weighing her.

Ruan Mengmeng hurriedly wrapped her arms around his neck.
What kind of rhythm was this? He kissed and hugged, but what about the old agreement not to touch her?


You just couldn’t trust a man’s words.

“Mengmeng, have you lost weight again?” He Yiyang carried her to the scales, “107.
You lost another two pounds.
I said it feels worse in my hands.”

Ruan Mengmeng: “……” Two pounds can be noticed?

“Don’t follow the example of other people to lose weight.
You have to take the flesh route,” He Yiyang was very dissatisfied, “or else, what should I do if I hit something I shouldn’t in the future?”

Ruan Mengmeng was embarrassed.
Where could she pinch? Where should she not? She didn’t want to make her mind dirty.

“Why are you blushing?” He Yiyang looked serious, “Go and write your paper.”

Ruan Mengmeng sullenly jumped off him, tugging at the hem of her rolled up dress.

How was it that a previously cold, aloof teenager who clearly snarled “stay three metres away from me” could now touch her butt without changing his face?

The persona of the high-cold school tyrant was not wanted anymore? Her heart was tired.

After the final exam, Lu Zhengyuan also packed his luggage and prepared to leave the country.
Ruan Mengmeng flipped through a photo in her circle of friends, feeling slightly melancholy.

Before the third year of high school, her friends went their separate ways.
After a while, it would be difficult to get together again like now.

After taking a bite of yogurt and transferring the photos from her phone to her computer to save them one by one, her phone screen suddenly lit up.


“Hello, Zhengyuan?” Ruan Mengmeng picked up the phone, “You have a flight tomorrow morning, right, and you’re still awake now?”

Below Ruan Mengmeng’s house, Lu Zhengyuan was standing under the tree where his last confession had been rejected, looking at the melting light from the window.

“No, I couldn’t sleep.
Do you have time for a chat?” Lu Zhengyuan said.

“Sure, I was looking through the photos of the last time we went to the resort together.
Zhengyuan, you turned out to play the electronic piano.
I didn’t even know that.” Ruan Mengmeng clicked on a photo with her mouse and chatted casually.

“I learned piano,” Lu Zhengyuan smiled, his eyebrows gentle, “I didn’t want to go out when I was fat, so my mum hired a piano teacher for me.
She didn’t want me to become too bored and fat, so she thought I could also learn some art to cultivate my emotions.”

“Hahahaha, auntie is very worried about you,” Ruan Mengmeng laughed, “and my father also wanted me to learn to play the piano.
When I just opened my fingers when I yelled in pain and he was wiping my tears on the side.
The next day, the teacher resigned, and later, I learned painting …… “

The two people could haphazardly pull together a topic and talk.
It was unknown as to why, but at this moment, it felt like the previous times when they were at the same table.
There was no wrong vibe.

Lu Zhengyuan listened to the soft voice on the phone.
The corners of his mouth were raised in a youthful and despondent curve.

It was only when he heard her yawn that Lu Zhengyuan carefully tried, “Mengmeng, will you remember me?”

The hand rubbing the corner of her eyes paused, “Of course! We were the most compatible tablemates.”

“Hahahaha, the fattest tablemates with each other,” Lu Zhengyuan laughed, “Only now we’re both skinny and not tablemates anymore.”

The regret in the laughter was not pleasant for Ruan Mengmeng to hear.
She puffed up her cheeks to hold in the sadness of parting, and her eyes flexed as she looked around.


She pouted, pretending to be relaxed.
“Be well in England.
Let me know if there’s anything you want to eat.
After all, my family owns a supermarket, so don’t be polite.”

“Hahahahahaha,” Lu Zhengyuan looked at the window, “I’m sure I won’t be able to adapt to the food anytime soon, so if you have any specialties from home, you can send me some on New Year’s Day.”

“No problem,” Ruan Mengmeng said quickly, “the supermarket couldn’t send you enough to eat!”

“Good ……” Lu Zhengyuan sighed out, “See you later.”

“…… See you later.” Ruan Mengmeng had the illusion that it was as if this goodbye was said in her own ears.

She ran towards the windowsill, where the familiar slender figure downstairs waved his hand with his back to her.

An inexplicable astringency made her eyes sour.
She steadied her emotions and waved at his back as well.

Every breaking point was both an end and a beginning.
Ruan Mengmeng’s character was indifferent and introverted, so she wouldn’t force herself on people as they came and went.

It was just that recently there had been a lot of separations, and the sadness piled up in her chest, making her a bit stuffy for a while.

She opened her WeChat and sent a message to He Yiyang.

[Brother, are you busy?]

During this period of time, He Yiyang’s mood was a little low.
Ruan Mengmeng asked him what was wrong, but he perfunctorised things too much, and he obviously didn’t want to say more when he met her gaze.

Ding, a weibo message came in.

[The little fat pig is not resting? Then come over and make me a cup of coffee.]

‘I’m out of the microfat world now, okay?’ Ruan Mengmeng picked up her keys and rushed next door.

He Yiyang turned off his phone and left through the window sill, his face as dark as the coffee in his hand.

After pouring the coffee out silently, he sat back down in front of his computer.

He usually stretches and goes for a walk after working long hours at his desk.
The night was as dark as ink, and he pushed open the window to catch the cool breeze.

The unexpected person downstairs made the newly relaxed nerves tense up instantly.

He Yiyang leaned against the window, having spent forty minutes on one stakeout.

Heh, the little fatty can really talk! He Yiyang was in such a depressed mood that if Ruan Mengmeng had really gone down, he would have wanted to rush downstairs and beat Lu Zhengyuan, who was arrogantly staring at him, to the ground.

Ruan Mengmeng came in, called out to her brother, and went into the kitchen to make coffee.
When she came out, she even helped herself to a mousse cake.

“I thought you couldn’t sleep after drinking coffee,” He Yiyang looked at the tray in her hand, which contained two cups of black coffee, “and your face doesn’t look happy.
Talk to me about what’s wrong?”

Ruan Mengmeng didn’t say anything.
She cut a piece of mousse cake and handed it to him.

Seeing that she really had something on her mind, He Yiyang patiently did not rush.
It wasn’t until Ruan Mengmeng had eaten half of the cake that she slowly raised her head.

“Brother, do you have other things on your mind besides being busy lately?” Ruan Mengmeng still looked wilted, “Is it that you don’t want to talk to me because I can’t help?”

He Yiyang was surprised.
He thought it was because Chen Linjia and Lu Zhengyuan had left one after another, and the pressure of studying in the second year of senior high school was even greater, making her feel lonely and at a loss, which was why she was less worried, but it turned out to be herself.

“Come here.” He Yiyang said.

“En?” Ruan Mengmeng gave him a puzzled look.
She wiped her mouth, and walked around from across the table to him, “Ah!”

He Yiyang waited for her to come over and wrapped his arms around her waist,sitting her on his lap.
Ruan Mengmeng was so startled that her hand almost dropped the coffee cup, but it had also dripped a bit on the paper.

“It’s not my fault.” Ruan Mengmeng said innocently.

He Yiyang kissed her, his gaze burning, “You tell me what you said to Lu Zhengyuan first, and I won’t blame you if you have to talk for so long.”

“How do you know?” Ruan Mengmeng blinked.

“He was standing right under our building.” He Yiyang squeezed the side of her waist, “Come on, what’s the story?”

“It tickles,” Ruan Mengmeng slapped his hand away helplessly, “How come Zhengyuan didn’t tell me he was downstairs at my house? Really, he’s not afraid of mosquito bites.”

The hand around his waist was tightening as He Yiyang’s eyes narrowed.
Ruan Mengmeng said, “I didn’t say anything.
I was just chatting.
He’s going to England tomorrow.
He must not want to leave his home to study and live there alone.
He must be nervous, so I just chatted casually.”

“Okay, I’m done,” Ruan Mengmeng wiggled her butt and faced him, “What about you, brother? Why are you unhappy lately? You have a blank face every day.”

“Aren’t I high and cold? A palsy face is normal.” He Yiyang said perfunctorily.

Ruan Mengmeng rubbed her hands on his handsome face, “But you’re just not in the right mood, I can feel it.”

“Mengmeng ……” He Yiyang said, and then stopped talking.
His entire face was buried in her neck for half a minute before saying, “The anniversary of my parents’ death is coming up.”

Her heart thumped.
How could she have forgotten!

Ruan Mengmeng hurriedly put her hands around He Yiyang’s back, “I’ll go back with you to pay my respects, okay?”

“Your drawing room will be closed for training.” He Yiyang’s voice was muffled.

Ruan Mengmeng’s almond-shaped eyes were bright and firm, “I want to go with you and come back to make up for the progress, even if I don’t get a day off for the summer.”

He Yiyang didn’t say anything, he just hugged her tightly.

The author has something to say: Happy holidays, little lovelies and fairies~~

He Yiyang: The love rival is finally gone.
The tablemate was particularly unpleasant to look at.

Age: Gu Tingzhi > He Yiyang > Lu Zhengyuan, Zhengyuan is in the same grade as Mengmeng and Jiajia!

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