Chapter 31.
☆ Always Obedient.

As soon as the company was finished, He Yiyang declined the dinner party that Uncle Li wanted to offer him and bought the latest flight back to C City.

The reason was to accompany Ruan Mengmeng to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

After landing, he called her phone, but he couldn’t get through.  Just when he was becoming irritable, he received a call from Qin Tian.
He couldn’t even go home to put his luggage away, so he hurried to Fujiang.

The moment he saw Ruan Mengmeng holding a red rose in her arms and bowing her head shyly, He Yiyang’s anger spiked to a critical point.

What made He Yiyang’s anger rise even more was that Lu Zhengyuan was still chasing after him, shouting at Ruan Mengmeng as he did so.


No one could stand it, not even He Yiyang!

He turned around and punched him.
Pointing at Lu Zhengyuan on the ground, he warned him in a cold voice: “If you shout Ruan Mengmeng one more time, you can lie on the ground and don’t get up!”

He Yiyang’s eyes were dark and sullen, and his handsome face was cold and stormy.

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Opening the door, He Yiyang let go of his suitcase and reached out to pull Ruan Mengmeng against the door panel with a thud.


Using his own tall body to cover her, he pinned her in the small space between himself and the door panel, so that she would feel only himself from head to toe, from eyes to heart.

What’s yours should be hidden away.

Ruan Mengmeng tensed so much that her small hands flinched and subconsciously blocked her chest.

Her apricot eyes twitched in panic as she mumbled, “Brother?”

He Yiyang looked at her from above, and when he saw that she was on the defensive, he was somehow even more angry.
He grabbed her hands and pressed them above her head.

Ruan Mengmeng saw that He Yiyang didn’t say anything.
His face was gloomy and his eyes looked as if they wanted to eat her.
Her heart beat even harder, “Brother …… um?!”

He Yiyang lowered his head and kissed Ruan Mengmeng’s lips.
She was so shocked that she didn’t even try to close her eyes.
Between the two of them looking at each other, He Yiyang bit the corner of her lips in anger.

Ruan Mengmeng grunted in pain, and He Yiyang’s tongue took advantage of the opportunity to dig in.

Her breathing stopped as a series of wind chimes from the eaves of her childhood inexplicably rang in her mind.

The warm touch, the silky tongue, and the familiar scent, all at once filled her mouth and flowed into all her limbs, softening her to a fault.

He Yiyang’s lips retreated a little, “Close your eyes.”

Ruan Mengmeng had always been obedient, especially to her “brother’s” commands.


She closed her eyes, and He Yiyang smiled quietly.
He rewarded her with a peck and wrapped his hands around her waist ……


Lifting the quilt, Ruan Mengmeng didn’t sleep at all.
Her eyes were wide open.
Her eyes could still be seen moving in the dark room, and they were very agile.

An hour ago, He Yiyang had kissed her.
He kissed her!

“Ah!” Ruan Mengmeng let out an incredulous scream as she smothered the blanket.

Immediately afterwards, the covers bulged and tossed, as if a few rowdy puppies had leapt inside.

When the wind chimes in her head died down, Ruan Mengmeng had somehow been hugged by He Yiyang and sat on the sofa.
She was sitting with her legs spread wide, her buttocks next to his thighs, her upper body nestled in his arms.

When their eyes met, Ruan Mengmeng blinked with difficulty, but the person in front of her was still there.
When she blinked again, she was still there.

She leapt to the ground and ran home without her shoes on.

“Why is it like this? It’s obviously brother.”

Ruan Mengmeng flipped from side to side, grabbing the corner of the quilt and rubbing it for a long time.
Her heart was in turmoil.

When the bell rang, the phone rang abruptly.


Ruan Mengmeng saw the caller and sat up violently.
She turned on the bedside lamp and swallowed nervously before connecting.

“Hello, Zhengyuan ……”

Lu Zhengyuan was standing in front of Ruan Mengmeng’s neighbourhood in the cold wind.
He Yiyang’s sudden disturbance had disrupted his plans, and Ruan Mengmeng’s silent departure had also made him lose face.

He stopped a taxi to go home, and when he was halfway there, he asked the driver to take a detour to the Hua Ya neighborhood.

The Hua Ya district was very large.
It had ordinary residential houses with relatively small spacing between them in the front.
After a large iron gate and then a walk along a slope upwards for ten minutes, a luxurious and comfortable apartment building with an atmospheric appearance and wide windows appeared.

Lu Zhengyuan stood downstairs, blowing the night breeze for an unknown period of time before taking out his mobile phone.

“It’s so late.
Why are you still coming over?”

Ruan Mengmeng ran out, wrapped in a black down jacket.
Lu Zhengyuan’s nose was frozen red.
She wondered if he had been foolish enough to wait here.
Initially, she wanted to ask him to come upstairs and sit down, but the time was past eleven o’clock.
It was too late.

“Mengmeng, we’ve known each other for four years, and I’ve gone from a big, fat guy with low self-esteem and an aversion to school to being the mainstay of the varsity basketball team now.”

Lu Zhengyuan had just thought about it a lot, and there were some things he couldn’t say without spilling the beans after all.

“You know who has had the biggest impact on me?” Lu Zhengyuan took a step closer, “It’s you.”

“Your optimism and kindness, your transparency and intelligence, your unique comforting aura, all of them fascinate me.”


Ruan Mengmeng looked at him and tried to stop him, but didn’t even get the opportunity to say it.

“I like you, Ruan Mengmeng.”

The night wind was blowing, and neither of them felt the cold.
You were looking at me and I was looking at you, standing in a daze.

Lu Zhengyuan had been holding back his thoughts for most of the year and finally said it.
There was a kind of relieved emptiness of a big stone falling to the ground.

The emptiness made him nervous and made him want to fill it urgently.

He looked forward to an equal response.
He wanted to embrace Ruan Mengmeng.
He took two steps forward and opened his arms ……

Ruan Mengmeng subconsciously took a step back.
Lu Zhengyuan froze and stood in place in a daze, with a pair of sad, warm eyes that made people feel distressed.

“I scared you, right? I’m sorry, ah.
I was presumptuous ……”

His expression couldn’t hide the sharp pain.
He pulled at the corners of his mouth with difficulty and lowered his arms to gather a tight fist.

“I ……” Ruan Mengmeng met Lu Zhengyuan’s unabashedly disoriented gaze and didn’t know what to say.

After all, there was quite a bit of excitement tonight.

Ruan Mengmeng had never been confessed to by a boy, nor had she secretly crushed on anyone.
But a few hours later, He Yiyang’s behaviour crossed the line, and Lu Zhengyuan confessed.

Ruan Mengmeng also panicked, and she was trying to sort out her disoriented feelings……

It didn’t take long for her to quickly cut through the mess and clarify her feelings.

When she received the roses, her heart started to beat really fast.
But after twenty minutes of watching the fireworks, she knew how she felt about Lu Zhengyuan.

It was mostly just the ambience, combined with the vain satisfaction of accepting a gesture of affection from the opposite sex for the first time ever.

She had heard that love was impulsive at first, and she was excited, but not excited enough that she wanted to rush into his arms and ask for a hug.

It was only when you truly liked someone that you could leave behind your reserve and restraint, and you couldn’t help but want to be close to each other, and close again.

The double romance of fireworks and roses did not burn Ruan Mengmeng’s passion either; she, for one, did not like Lu Zhengyuan.

And more than an hour ago, He Yiyang kissed Ruan Mengmeng passionately.
Her uncontrolled heartbeat could not lie ……

Ruan Mengmeng couldn’t find the slightest bit of restraint in her heart towards He Yiyang, but rather, she sank with him.

How should I refuse politely? Ruan Mengmeng has never done such a thing before.
She was as clumsy as she always was.
She didn’t know how to be able to become ordinary friends with Lu Zhengyuan.

Another cold wind blew by, and the branches of the trees that had lost their leaves swayed with the wind.

The hallway behind Ruan Mengmeng suddenly lit up, and she turned her head to see He Yiyang leaning against the door.

The hallway was sensor-lit, but if you consciously lightened your footsteps, the light would not come on.

Thinking about this, Ruan Mengmeng felt a pang of panic in her heart and moved on her toes, trying to go and explain something to He Yiyang.

He Yiyang narrowed his eyes and looked back and forth at the two of them.
Then, he bent down and pinched something from the flower bed next to him and gently knocked it on Ruan Mengmeng’s head with one hand.

Ruan Mengmeng touched her forehead.
It didn’t hurt, but she felt more panic.

He Yiyang turned around and walked into the building after knocking her forehead, and the lights in the hallway were dark again.

The soft voice was like a thin veil in the night.
Ruan Mengmeng looked at the entrance of the building, turned back to Lu Zhengyuan, and said, “Zhengyuan, I don’t have any other intentions toward you.
We are friends, and I’m also rather stupid ……”

Seeing that Lu Zhengyuan was quietly listening, Ruan Mengmeng continued, “I just want to spend all my energy on classwork and the studio, and just be friends.
I think it will be better.”

The guessed ending was confirmed.
Lu Zhengyuan smiled in relief and stroked Ruan Mengmeng’s head, “I just wanted to tell you that I like you.”

His eyes swept over the building in front of him.
Five minutes had passed, and there was not even a single floor with lights on.

Lu Zhengyuan: “Mengmeng …… do you really only think of He Yiyang as a brother?”

Ruan Mengmeng’s eyes widened for a moment, nodding and shaking her head.
Her face was reddening little by little in the cold wind.

There was no need to ask any more questions; Ruan Mengmeng’s expression was already the answer.

Lu Zhengyuan withdrew his hand.
His tone was gentle and accommodating, “You are special in my heart.
Even as a friend, you will be the most special one.
It’s late.
I have to go now.”

Lu Zhengyuan didn’t hold back in the end and still hugged Ruan Mengmeng, “Good night.”

She smiled and waved her hand, “Good night.”

After seeing Lu Zhengyuan leave, Ruan Mengmeng shivered and bounced in place before heading to the entrance of the building.

The lights suddenly came on, chasing away the cold air.
Ruan Mengmeng pressed the lift button, and when the door opened, He Yiyang was standing inside.

“Brother!” Ruan Mengmeng said in surprise, “Why are you still here?”

He Yiyang looked at her silently and said, “Come in quickly.
A girl coming down in the middle of the night, you’re not afraid of anything happening.”

“Oh,” Ruan Mengmeng approached the lift and said to him, with a sideways glance, “It’s a classmate; it’s okay.”

He Yiyang said lightly, “That’s also a male classmate.”

Ruan Mengmeng: “……”

Not knowing what to say, Ruan Mengmeng felt embarrassed and was even more uncomfortable when she glanced at He Yiyang’s face.

It was only the ninth floor; why was the lift so slow!

He Yiyang frowned and asked, “Mengmeng, you treat me ……”

Ding! The lift door opened.

Ruan Mengmeng was in a relieved mood and took the lead in exiting the lift.
Then she remembered something and turned back, “Brother, what did you just ask?”

Brother! Heh, these two words suddenly became incomparably heavy, like invisible shackles.

He Yiyang’s deep, narrow eyes swept lightly over Ruan Mengmeng’s lips, and as he passed her by, he said, “Nothing.”

Ruan Mengmeng pursed her lips and watched He Yiyang enter the door and close it again.

She didn’t know if she was thinking too much, but that glance He Yiyang gave her just now was lonely and vulnerable.
Ruan Mengmeng felt her heart clench and hurt.

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