Chapter 29.
☆ Six Pack Abs.

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The film, which was secretly planned with each other, failed due to the interference of the two “elder brothers,” with Ruan Mengmeng and Chen Linjia leaving the film early.

They later learned that on that night,  when Lu Zhengyuan was taking Li Manle home, Li Manle confessed her love for him.
A classmate who lived gossip asked the result, but neither Li Manle nor Lu Zhengyuan admitted that there was such a thing.

But it was obvious to everyone that Lu Zhengyuan’s cheerleading squad was always present at his college basketball games every weekend.

Ruan Mengmeng didn’t hold back this day.
She went to the mall with Chen Linjia to buy Christmas presents during her lunch break and pretended to ask about it unintentionally.

“Jiajia, Zhengyuan and Li Manle seem to be very close lately,” Ruan Mengmeng said, holding a Bambi doll, “what do you think?”


Chen Linjia was stunned, and then stroked Ruan Mengmeng’s head with a comforting face, “Don’t worry, Lu Zhengyuan doesn’t like Li Manle.
He has someone he likes.”

“You, you know?” Ruan Mengmeng’s eyes were rounded.

 “I know.” Chen Linjia said, picking up a string of crystal charm.
It was the Q version of a boy and girl holding hands and comparing hearts.
They were smiling and looked cute.

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Xb, kv pllxle vbyv pbl pvkzz bye vs yppkpv bkx.

The two of them hurried back to school after picking out their own gifts.


After Ruan Mengmeng withdrew from extracurricular tutoring and explained the reason to her class teacher, she had started to officially learn painting with the Niu Cha’s Academy of Fine Arts teacher over the weekend.

The teacher’s surname was Guo.
He was a man of forty-one flowers, but he had the decadent and prodigal style of a long-haired artist.

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When Ruan Mengmeng first saw him, she was shocked by the waist-length black hair that was even longer than her own.
For the first time, she saw the enchanting beauty of black hair like a waterfall, while he also had wide shoulders and long legs.

He was as sober as a pine, and he had the ancient grace of a famous Wei and Jin scholar.

Provided, of course, that one ignores the moustache that plays on his lips the moment he turns around.

After sketching the last stroke, Ruan Mengmeng saw that He Yiyang was already waiting outside the door, smiling and beckoning.

The only person left in the studio was another clean-cut boy working on his painting, and the seriousness of his expression made Ruan Mengmeng uncomfortably lighten her grip and clean up a little before going out.

“Brother, aren’t you busy today?”

Ruan Mengmeng closed the door and jumped happily to He Yiyang’s side.

There was a red scarf with a big fur ball on one end between her neck, and as she jumped, the big fur ball bounced onto her face.

“Pfft, stupid.”

He Yiyang was amused by her and said so, but reached out and touched Ruan Mengmeng’s head.


Ruan Mengmeng also felt silly and laughed awkwardly.

“Grandpa is coming over today and Uncle Hai is also in the city,” He Yiyang said, “Let’s have a New Year’s dinner together.”

“It’s only the 23rd today.” Ruan Mengmeng blinked, it was still early even for the solar year.

He Yiyang waved to stop the car, waited for Ruan Mengmeng to get inside, and gave the name of the place to the driver before saying, “I have a flight at ten tomorrow morning, and I have to attend the company’s annual meeting.”

 “Oh,” Ruan Mengmeng was a bit dull, “how long will it take?”

 “A week to half a month, I think.”

He Yiyang took out his mobile phone from his coat pocket, opened his email and started to deal with the company’s business.

Seeing that he was so busy, Ruan Mengmeng grabbed her fur ball and sat quietly on the side.

She also prepared a Christmas gift, can’t send it out, hey ……

The two adults had long been sitting and waiting in the box.
There were four people serving ten dishes, chatting and drinking without seeming very cold.

He Zhenhua’s generation had many siblings, but it was difficult to survive in the mountain pass.
A flash flood left him alone.
At the age of less than 20 years old, he went to the south to make a living.
In those years of China’s economic construction, the news was calling for young and talented young people to go south.

 Later, he met Grandma He from the same village, who died after giving birth to He Yiyang’s father due to a serious illness.
Last year, even his son and his daughter-in-law passed away, leaving only He Yiyang.
He was his only grandson.

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It would be a lie to say that he was not sad, but he still had to try his best to live.
After all, he still had a township enterprise that depended on him and employed more than 100 people.

“Yiyang ah, you are too good, you know.
When Grandpa looks at you, he feels heartache, ah ……”

He Zhenhua was a few glasses of wine down.
The words that were hidden in the heart could not be held in, and his emotions were a little out of control.

He patted his chest one by one, “I only have you ah, only you as a family member ……”

“Uncle, don’t be sad ah.
You still have me and Meng Meng.” Ruan Hai held He Zhenhua’s shoulder, his eyes also red, and looked at his daughter.
The two families were too similar; they had very few relatives.

A good New Year’s meal, and the atmosphere was instantly sad after a few glasses of wine.

He Yiyang pursed his lips and scanned a circle of the other three people, his head hurting.

Even if the adults were sad, Ruan Mengmeng also joined in the fun, tears falling from her eyes.

He Yiyang stroked Ruan Mengmeng’s head and gently coaxed, “Be good.”

 The last thing he did was to hire a chauffeur to drive them home.
After carrying his unconscious grandfather back to his room, He Yiyang looked at Ruan Dahai, who was propping up a lamp post at the entrance of the neighborhood.

“Uncle Hai, I’ll help you.”

He Yiyang walked over and lifted one of Ruan Dahai’s arms and put it on his shoulder.


Ruan Dahai’s weight was not light.
He squinted at He Yiyang and grunted before his full weight fell on He Yiyang.

He Yiyang only paused, his face unchanged as he helped the man into the lift.

“You kid, you like my family’s Meng Meng, right?” Ruan Hai said, the alcoholic fumes almost smoked He Yiyang.

Seeing that He Yiyang did not say anything, Ruan Dahai continued: “Still not admitting it, huh ~ who am I? I am Ruan Hai.
I have read many people! You’ve been a thief since you were a kid.
You tricked my silly Mengmeng with a bottle of yoghurt.
I was busy and neglected it before, but now you won’t, I’m warning you ……”

Ruan Dahai’s chubby fingers were pointing in the air, and He Yiyang was still waiting to see what exactly he was going to warn him about when the lift doors opened.

Ruan Mengmeng waited by the door, frowning and counting, “Daddy, why are you drinking so much again.”

“I’m not drunk!” When Ruan Hai saw his daughter, he immediately sobered up and put his hand down from He Yiyang’s shoulder, “Look, Meng Meng, I can walk in a straight line.”

I can walk in a straight line, but my footsteps are just a bit drifting.

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Ruan Mengmeng breathed a sigh of relief and said to He Yiyang, “Grandpa He has fallen asleep.”

 “Yes.” He Yiyang nodded and went upstairs holding the two real and fake drunks.
He just wanted to go back and take a shower now.

“Good night then brother.” Ruan Mengmeng stood at the door of his house, watching He Yiyang open the door across the street.

“Good night.” He Yiyang grabbed his clothes in disgust and prepared to close the door.


The movement of closing the door stopped and He Yiyang looked across the street.

“I’ll drop you off tomorrow morning, okay?” Ruan Mengmeng asked, her almond-shaped eyes shining with anticipation.

Stunned, He Yiyang walked over and pinched Ruan Mengmeng’s fleshy face, “No need.
Grandpa will definitely have a headache when he wakes up tomorrow morning, so you can make him some wake-up soup.”

“Oh.” Ruan Mengmeng wilted and agreed.

On this end, he promised well, but on the other end, He Yiyang regretted it as soon as he woke up the next morning.

He hugged his pillow and pounded it, thinking of some excuse to get someone to accompany him to the airport.

When the bell rang, Ruan Mengmeng poked her head out from under the covers.
One white hand slapped the alarm clock’s ringing away and felt for her phone again to shrink under the covers.

After a little more sleep, WeChat dinged, rubbing her hazy eyes, it was a message from He Yiyang.

[I’m not sure where you put my silver and white vertical striped shirt.]

Ah! Ruan Mengmeng was shocked and jerked up.
She had thrown that shirt away! The last time she accidentally threw it into the washing machine with her dark colored clothes, so she threw it away after it was colored.
Anyway, he had a lit of clothes do he definitely wouldn’t know if there was one less.

I didn’t expect to be caught at this moment!

“What should I do?” Ruan Mengmeng grabbed her hair with both hands, panicking.

Before she could think of anything, the phone rang, and Ruan Mengmeng shakily pressed the green button, “Hello ……”

“Come here quickly!”

He Yiyang hung up after saying a word in a hurry.
He looked at the open suitcase at the foot of the bed, which was empty, and raised one eyebrow in triumph, praising himself for his resourcefulness.

Ruan Mengmeng had the attributes of a virtuous little wife.
After cleaning up, she would definitely mention taking him to the airport again and he would agree.

The door of He Yiyang’s house was locked with a fingerprint.
When she came in, there was no one in the room.
She heard the sound of water in the bathroom and called out, “Brother?”

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“Help me pack a few sets of clothes.” He Yiyang’s muffled voice came out of the bathroom.

Ruan Mengmeng scratched her face, “Oh.” Did brother find out or not, hey~

“It’s not like it’s cold in H City.
What are you doing bringing me such thick jumpers?” He Yiyang said.

“I checked the weather forecast, over there …… you, you you you?!”

Ruan Mengmeng sat on her knees on the carpet and turned back with the jumper in her hand, scared and confused.
Her tongue was stuttering.

He Yiyang deliberately bent down to meet her eyes and said hoarsely, “I, what’s wrong?”

“You, you, you, you put your clothes on!” Ruan Mengmeng covered her hot face and shouted in shame.

 “Hahahaha ……,” He Yiyang laughed in triumph.

 He had only a bath towel around his waist.
His shoulders were wide and his waist narrow; his muscles were smooth and well defined.
The six-pack abs between his waist and stomach were hard and shapely and his long legs were straight and strong.
Not to mention that his body was lean and long for an Asian male.

Ruan Mengmeng quietly moved her fingers to look.
She saw him with his back to her and both hands on his waist, so rushed out of the room with a yell.

He Yiyang untied his bath towel and inside was a pair of five-point sports casual trousers.
He looked at the fleeing figure with another burst of hahaha ……

“How can brother be like this now,” Ruan Mengmeng covered his face that was so hot it was going to fry eggs, “really, too immodest!”

He Yiyang, who was dressed and carrying his suitcase, resumed his high-cold forbidden|lust expression.
It was so proper that it couldn’t be more decent.

 “Let’s go.”

Ruan Mengmeng handed the finished sandwich to him, “Where to?”

He Yiyang raised an eyebrow in surprise, “Not seeing me off?”

“No,” Ruan Mengmeng shook her head, “What you said yesterday, it’s hard when you’re hungover, I have to take care of Grandpa He and Dad.”

He Yiyang: “……”

“Christmas Eve today, this scarf,” Ruan Mengmeng smiled as she stood on tiptoe and tied a dark grey cashmere scarf around He Yiyang’s neck, “a Christmas present for brother.
Do you like it?”

Her white, rosy face was tilted up and her almond-shaped eyes were clean and clear.
Her soft black hair fell naturally, and the pure, childish scent of Ruan Mengmeng was He Yiyang’s favourite.

He Yiyang hugged Ruan Mengmeng tightly, “When I come back to give you a complementary gift.
You can also talk to me about anything you want.”

Ruan Mengmeng buried her head in his chest and said softly, “I just want the family and friends I like to be safe.”

He Yiyang was stunned.
He rubbed Ruan Mengmeng’s head heavily, turned around and walked away.

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