Chapter 27.
☆… A Strange Brain.

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He Yiyang was at home after the results of the monthly exams were announced.

He took Ruan Mengmeng’s science paper and read it over, then glanced at a certain fatty who had his back turned to him.
Without saying anything, he threw away all the foot-high exercise books he had bought a while ago.

“Come here.” He Yiyang said.

Ruan Mengmeng’s eavesdropping ears twitched, and she walked over from the big bookcase.
She stepped on her fluffy shoes and sat next to He Yiyang.

Her fleshy white face was lifted, and her half-open eyes squinted at him.

“What is it?” He Yiyang smiled gently and lightly.

“Give me a squeeze,” Ruan Mengmeng pushed up again and said obediently, “For the sake of my initiative, don’t talk about it anymore.”

He Yiyang took her by the waist and dragged her closer to him.

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He Yiyang sensed her nervousness but did not move.
Instead, he deliberately rubbed against her again.
He laughed and hot air sprayed out.
Ruan Mengmeng shivered again.

“Brother, it’s cold.
You should go to your room and sleep.” Ruan Mengmeng said.

“That’s it, save taking off your clothes,” He Yiyang’s thighs were also sideways with his knees against hers, “remember to call out to me.
There’s a company teleconference at two thirty.”

Ruan Mengmeng was distressed, “It’s not even two o’clock yet, why don’t I shout at you to get up at twenty?”

“No, I still have to prepare the information.” He Yiyang’s voice was soft, but his tone was unquestionable.

Ruan Mengmeng had no choice, “Then you wait, I’ll go get a small blanket.”

He Yiyang smiled with his eyes closed.
His little fatty knew more about the location of the items in his house than he did himself.

Not to mention the small blanket, even the bed quilt and clothes for the new season, Ruan Mengmeng had helped him organise and put them away.

She was like a virtuous little wife.

As for his grandfather, he probably thought that he was grown, so in terms of life and studies, every time he would just say “How is it? Is it okay?” on the phone.
As long as it wasn’t a big problem, it wasn’t a problem.

Now that He Yiyang has also figured it out, it was not a shame to transfer back home for her.

When Ruan Mengmeng covered him with a small blanket and rested it back on her neck and shoulders, his heart was soft and warm.

So be it, and let Ruan Mengmeng like him.

The warm afternoon sun shone through the glass window, and the dazzling light fell on the sleeping face.
The handsome face seemed to be gilded with a layer of soft golden light, incredibly handsome.

The long eyelashes cast a clear line of shadows.
The bridge of his nose was high, his lips were beautifully shaped, and his hard, well-defined jawline made it seem that even if he was quiet and unmoving, he was a ruthless man who could not be underestimated.

Ruan Mengmeng stared intently, and the page of information on her lap was unturned.

So far, He Yiyang was still the most handsome and attractive boy she had ever seen, better looking even than the million stars on television.

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But this was her brother.

Ruan Mengmeng put her right hand on her chest and steadied her irregular heartbeat.

Twenty minutes quickly passed before He Yiyang buried himself in her neck and inhaled deeply.
Ruan Mengmeng almost shivered again.

She gritted her teeth and held it in.
How can someone breathe so deeply and be so sexy!

The dark brown curtains were drawn to block the light, and a curtain was lowered in front of the large bookcase.
A sober He Yiyang sat in his office chair with his glasses on, information in hand, listening to the first meeting of the annual general meeting.

The large living room was dark, with only one floor lamp on.

Ruan Mengmeng did not want to be on camera, nor did she want to go home, so she could only lie down on the sofa with her headphones and brush up on her drama.

Occasionally, she could hear a sentence or two in a foreign language from He Yiyang, probably discussing something with the people in the meeting.
However, Ruan Mengmeng, a dumb student, couldn’t understand it anyway, and couldn’t even tell if it was English or German.
She just felt like the “rrrr” would twist her tongue around.

The meeting was very long, and even after two episodes of the TV series, it was still rattling on.

Ruan Mengmeng climbed on the back of the sofa and glanced at it quietly, but He Yiyang had not moved.
He was still in the same position.

He had good staying power, Ruan Mengmeng sighed silently.
It didn’t take long for her to fall asleep.

In her sleep, she felt like her calf was cold, so she raised her calf to hook the quilt. 

The meeting lasted three hours, with a ten-minute break in the middle.
The first part of the meeting revolved around a big project in the second half of the year, and no one got up to leave for two hours in a row.
He Yiyang also followed the thoughts of various people and secretly weighed the pros and cons in his mind.

Until the speaker at the end of the meeting suddenly snorted with laughter, the serious and intense atmosphere was instantly relieved and everyone looked at the camera together.

He Yiyang glanced at the small window on the computer and realised that someone’s pair of little legs were wobbling around on the sofa.

“Hahahaha ……” the middle-aged man sitting at the top couldn’t help himself and teased, “Xiao He, take a ten-minute break.”

He Yiyang nodded slightly towards the middle-aged man in a breezy manner, “Uncle Li, I’ll go check it out.”

Ruan Mengmeng was still kicking.
Her fleece trousers slipped down a notch to reveal her white calves.
Her hands were clenched in fists resting on the side of her face, and her two thin, light-coloured eyebrows tightly were gathered.
Her mouth murmured cold.

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He Yiyang poked her fleshy face, “I really can’t help you.”

He bent down and held her in his arms as he walked towards the bedroom.
Ruan Mengmeng buried herself in his chest and rubbed against him unconsciously.
Her small hands clutched his collar with dependence, like a good cat.

After covering her with a quilt, He Yiyang squatted by the bed and watched for a while.
He leaned in to press his lips against the pink, moist lips, whispering, “Sooner or later, it’s all mine, so I’ll just collect some interest for your naughtiness first.”

Just like that, Ruan Mengmeng didn’t even know her first kiss was gone.
She even smacked her lips contentedly, seemingly reminiscing.

With a smile, He Yiyang closed the door and continued with his business.

“Brother.” Ruan Mengmeng woke up, standing in a daze at the bedroom door.

He Yiyang put down the paper in his hand, picked up the slippers from the sofa and threw them at Ruan Mengmeng’s feet, “Put them on.”

Ruan Mengmeng asked, “What time is it?”

“Six o’clock.” He Yiyang said, “You can really sleep.
Uncle Dahai called and said he wouldn’t be back tonight, so we’re going out for dinner today.”

Ruan Mengmeng nodded, and in a trance she felt her way to the sofa and picked up her mobile phone.
The screen lit up and showed many missed calls.

Lu Zhengyuan had called five times!

She hurriedly called back, and before the phone was even pressed to his ear, it came through.

Lu Zhengyuan’s voice had a hint of urgency, “Mengmeng ……”

“Zhengyuan …… didn’t hear the phone.
I fell asleep.
What’s the matter ……”

Ruan Mengmeng’s voice was a little dry, and she was a little hoarse as she had just woken up.
She took the phone while talking and went to the kitchen to pour water to drink, not noticing at all that behind her, a burning line of sight closely followed.

The laptop was switched off and He Yiyang chased her into the kitchen with his hands in his pockets.
Ruan Mengmeng had just poured the water and hadn’t even picked it up to drink when a hand reached out behind her to carry it away.

Ruan Mengmeng was stunned for two seconds and turned around to see He Yiyang drinking it all in one gulp, saying breathlessly, “If I didn’t know we were the only two in the room, you could have scared me, brother!”

“I don’t see it; I rather think you have a lot of guts.” He Yiyang looked at her askance and said a double entendre.

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“Huh?” Ruan Mengmeng didn’t understand and didn’t bother to ask further questions, turning to other things, “I want to go see a movie tonight.
‘The Little Prince’ is in theaters, yeah!”

He Yiyang’s face sank.
She dared to go out with other boys in front of him, not only was she bold, she was also quite fat!

He pretended not to know and asked, “With whom?”

Ruan Mengmeng’s almond-shaped eyes suddenly shone brightly, “Brother, I’ll tell you a secret, but you can’t tell anyone else.”

He Yiyang raised an eyebrow and gestured for her to continue.

“Zhengyuan and Jiajia like each other, but both seem to be in a hazy phase, wanting to get closer but shy,” Ruan Meng Meng hugged her water cup, her little fleshy face glowing, “I think it’s so funny and awkward, ah.
They want to drag me along whenever they go out.
How bad is it to be a light bulb, right? “

She said while also asking He Yiyang for approval.

“The two of them had agreed to go to the movies a while ago, but Zhengyuan called me first, so I had to inform Jiajia again.
The two of them are really awkward.”

He Yiyang had a complicated face, first shocked then wanting to burst into laughter.

Ruan Mengmeng felt like she was the matchmaker and not the person being set up.

Hehehe …… his little fatty’s brain circuit was really different from normal people, but it also proved that she loved him so much, ah.

He Yiyang nodded his head, feeling happy all over.

“Why doesn’t Brother join us? We’re going out to eat anyway.” Ruan Mengmeng said.

He Yiyang nodded unmistakably.
He also wanted to see the look on Lu Zhengyuan’s face when he saw him.
What to do? This mood of taking out his love rival without any effort was really going to be awesome.

“Hahahaha, Mengmeng, you are awesome!”

He didn’t hold back and pinched the little fleshy face while giving a sentence of encouragement.

Ruan Mengmeng was confused.
Why did she feel as if He Yiyang’s laughing point was different from hers?

Forget it.
Let’s go out to eat.
I’m starving.

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