Chapter 25.
Little Goon

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When Lu Zhengyuan came downstairs with his friends, he saw Ruan Mengmeng standing in the corner aisle, and before he could greet her happily, he saw her pounce on Li Manle.


The sound of a slap was so crisp that Li Manle had five fingerprints on her face.


Lu Zhengyuan looked on, shocked beyond belief, ready to bend his leg and jump down the steps.



A scream stung his nerves, and when he saw Li Manle trying to hit back, his thighs ran over uncontrollably and blocked Li Man Le’s hand.


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Li Manle cried and cried as the girls around her gathered around, some didn’t say anything as eating melons, while others surrounded Ruan Mengmeng with condemning eyes.



“What are you doing in class 371,” Chen Linjia blocked in front of Ruan Mengmeng and glared angrily at everyone, “Come at me if you have anything to do with it.”


Class 371 was a science class, with more boys and fewer girls.
Regardless of the previous intra-class rivalry, they were now all united in their opposition.


“You’re calling out a thief,” a girl next to Li Manle pointed at Ruan Mengmeng, “She was the one who hit her first.
Li Manle, come on, let’s go to the teacher for a review.”


By now, Lu Zhengyuan had already let go of her hand.
As more and more people gathered in the hallway, he looked at Ruan Mengmeng who was pulling Chen Linjia’s sleeve and said, “Mengmeng, apologize to Li Manle.”


Li Manle, who was in tears, was secretly happy to hear those words.


Chen Linjia glared at Lu Zhengyuan and defended, “Apologise for what, no!”



Mengmeng was standing up for her.
If she hadn’t, she would have felt that she was not only slapping her, but also scratching Li Man Le’s face and flattening her breasts!


She hated rumour-mongering b*tches!


“Mengmeng ……”


Lu Zhengyuan’s tone was a lot harsher.
He didn’t even look at Chen Linjia.
He remembered that it was Chen Linjia who started the fight in the basketball hall.
Maybe this time Ruan Mengmeng was also affected ……


Li Manle glanced at their three faces at full speed from the corners of her eyes.
She cried and sniffled as if she had been greatly wronged, and the students who knew her comforted her.

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Now riding a tiger, Lu Zhengyuan frowned and shouted at Mengmeng again.



Ruan Mengmeng’s his mouth deflated.
Her gaze cleared up as she stood out from behind Chen Linjia, swallowing the complicated and unspeakable emotions, “Right ……”


“What are you doing?”


A cold, majestic voice came down from the top of the stairs, and He Yiyang stood there towering over them.
His eyes shone brightly, glancing at the people in the aisle before slowly walking down the steps.


“What? Are you going to do it in front of me?”


The people surrounding the staircase aisle automatically dispersed, and He Yiyang stood behind Ruan Mengmeng, like a wall that would not collapse.


His presence here gave Ruan Mengmeng a sense of security to rely on, and also served as a deterrent to those unrelated spectators.



Glancing at the few girls across the room, he focused on the face of one of the tear-stained eventers, pausing.
Look at how fake it is, ugly crying.


He Yiyang looked at Lu Zhengyuan, “What’s going on?”


Him staring at her made Li Manle cower.
Remembering that the influential president had backed up Ruan Mengmeng at the beginning of the school year, she didn’t dare make any more noise.
However, looking into it, what she had just said would not go down well in Lu Zhengyuan’s eyes.
Now at least ……


Li Manle calmly leaned against Lu Zhengyuan and said in a soft voice,”Forget it.
Both of us are at fault.”


When these words came out, He Yiyang raised his eyebrows with his hands in his pockets, while Lu Zhengyuan tightened his brows and looked at Ruan Mengmeng with disapproval.


Ruan Mengmeng’s previous apology was interrupted by He Yiyang.
She knew her brother was here to help her, but this was something she didn’t want to make a big deal out of.
Bad words hurt the most, and she didn’t want her best friend to be hurt a second time.


Since Li Manle gave a step, she went down, “I was too impulsive, I’m sorry.”


“Mengmeng! What are you doing?” Chen Linjia was furious and looked at Li Manle viciously, wanting to slap her again.


Li Manle let out a small cry of shock and hid behind Lu Zhengyuan.


He Yiyang wanted to laugh, all these little tricks ……

He eyes mockingly swept over Lu Zhengyuan and the girls behind him, “So, still staying here are you planning to skip class as a whole and wait for disciplinary action from the student council?”


The group of people finished their melons and dispersed one by one, commenting on the melon as they walked away.


A sentence or two of what Li Manle had said earlier drifted into Lu Zhengyuan’s ears, and his face stiffened slightly.


Li Manle looked at his expression and was annoyed with those people in the class who were talking out of turn.
She called out to Lu Zhengyuan in a weak voice.

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Lu Zhengyuan did not reply, turning his head to look at the three people standing in the same place, who were not looking at him.


When everyone had left, He Yiyang took Ruan Mengmeng’s hand, “Does it hurt to beat your hands? You’re great, stirring up trouble every now and then.”


The words were addressed to Ruan Mengmeng, but his eyes looked at Chen Linjia.


Chen Linjia turned her face away, her tightly clenched fist giving away her inner unrest.


“It’s my fault for starting it,” Ruan Mengmeng said, looking down at her fingers and then lifting her eyes to He Yiyang a moment later, “I’ll still hit her again!”


“Yo,” He Yiyang poked her little fleshy face in amusement, “What’s with the goonies here today?”


Ruan Mengmeng: “No! For the sake of my friends, soft bread can also be turned into baguettes.
That’s my principle!”


He Yiyang laughed.
Her little fleshy face was poking out even more.
His little goon still had principles ~ how cute.


She finished and was a little embarrassed.
Her eyes rolled around and asked, “Why is brother coming over all of a sudden?”


He Yiyang’s class was on the east side of the third floor, so he couldn’t have come around here just to pass by randomly.


“I informed him.” Qin Tian stood on the stairs holding a pile of heavy examination papers, showing only one pair of eyes, “Say, are you guys really not going to class? It’s only a minute before the bell rings, okay, ouch! I’m going to drop it!”


The test paper stack was high, and there were exercise books in the middle, shaking.
Ruan Mengmeng was worried about them falling down, and hurriedly stretched out her hands, ready to catch it.


He Yiyang took two big steps up the stairs and cut off half of the test paper to carry it himself.


Ruan Mengmeng’s free hands were awkward.
She glanced at her own short legs that were still on the first step, and silently withdrew them.


“Pfft,” Chen Linjia laughed mercilessly at her silly appearance.


An arm wrapped around Ruan Mengmeng’s neck and nose-dived out of the corner of her eye, “Let’s go, short legs.”


Ruan Mengmeng was furious, “It’s great that you’re taller than me, I can still grow.”


“Oh, if you can, I can too!”


Hiya, so angry!


“If you can, you’re shoulder to shoulder with the sun! Brother, I ……”


“Brother my ass.
It’s almost late, let’s go!”

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Chen Lin Jia, this bossy woman, didn’t like He Yiyang, so she was not allowed to say thank you to her brother and Qin Tian.
She was so angry!


But what could be done? This was her best friend! It was a best friend who had gone from a bubble princess dress to gray hair at the temples, Ruan Mengmeng thought to herself as she looked at the corners of Chen Linjia’s slightly red eyes.


“Boss, don’t look, people are gone.” Qin Tim said.


He Yiyang glanced at him lightly and walked towards the classroom.


“Snort~” Qin Tim couldn’t help rolling his eyes.
Looking at Sister Ruan with incredibly soft eyes and looking at him without a hint of temperature.
The difference shouldn’t be this big!


He didn’t know what came to mind, but Qin Tian smiled again and chased after him to tease, “You guys made up, huh?”


He Yiyang didn’t even turn his head back, and his long legged step of 1.85m, took a big step.”What?”


“It was that day at noon.


Qin Tim gossip winked his eyes to indicate that his 1.75n legs stride was a small half step behind, but it is difficult to contain the bear gossip soul, so he stretched his hips, struggling to keep up.


“Private matter, I’m not speaking about it.”


The more he hid it, the more curious he became, and Qin Tian shyly pursued the question, “Eh, reveal a little ……”


“Since you are rushing to be my buddy, shut up.”


Oin Tian was stunned for a long time, then he shook his head with a laugh.


In the playground, the two class teams gathered together.
The physical education teacher separated the boys and girls.
Ruan Mengmeng’s class of over thirty girls plus a dozen girls from Class 371 began to run 800 metres first, and only after a lap did the rest of the boys set off.


Li Manle took time off to go to the infirmary, and Ruan Mengmeng secretly sighed.
So it was good to avoid embarrassment.

“Don’t you run after me, you can’t even measure the results.” Ruan Mengmeng huffed and puffed and pushed Chen Linjia helplessly.


“No, I’ll keep you company.” Chen Linjia’s breath was even, and she accompanied Ruan Mengmeng, saying that it was more like a race than a run.


With one hand covering her stomach and the other still swinging her arm, Ruan Mengmeng pouted in frustration, “I can’t run anymore, you can push me from behind.”


“Cheating, huh? Then those two laps are useless, oh.” Chen Linjia smiled and said as she backed up behind Ruan Mengmeng and pushed her back.


“Whatever, whatever, I feel like I’m dying,” Ruan Mengmeng said, giving up, “It’s just the two of us left, we’ve probably been running for more than five minutes, there’s still a hundred metres left, right?”


“Nah, hang on, just fifty,” Chen Linjia said, “I’ll buy you a drink when you’re done.”



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Ruan Mengmeng didn’t have the courage to check the time on her watch.
She was in last place anyway, “Jiajia, I’m exhausted, I want to eat chocolate.”


Chen Linjia laughed and scolded, “Can you behave, how many calories do you think you can burn at the speed of a turtle crawling, and chocolate.”


“I don’t care.”


Out of the kiosk, Chen Linjia ate a yogurt, “Have you lost some weight?”


“Have I?” Clicking off a piece of chocolate, Ruan Mengmeng blinked and looked at herself, her wide school uniform and loose jumper, “It’s your illusion, isn’t it? Look at the flesh on my face.”


Saying that, she pinched her face and said innocently, “How come I didn’t notice that I’ve lost weight?”


“You have a small round face, your father has a big round face, your mother …… um, I have not seen her.
Anyway, you have a fleshy round face, so you can’t do it accurately.” Chen Linjia said offhandedly, “You have to weigh it on the scale to know.
You felt a little thinner when I pushed your back.”


Ruan Mengmeng didn’t care, holding up the chocolate and saying, “Two chocolates and I’m back.
Don’t talk about me, Jiajia.
Can I ask about Aunt Lili?”


The smile on Chen Linjia’s face instantly narrowed a bit, and she paused before saying, “She went to Canada with Uncle Gu to play, and I only found out later that she …… didn’t pull the marriage license with Uncle Gu.”


“Ah? Why?” Ruan Mengmeng was surprised.


Huang Lili and Gu Wei had had an extremely lavish private wedding banquet at the Regency Hotel, and both she and her dad had gone.


“Not sure, she wouldn’t say.” Chen Linjia turned and threw away the plum, showing her teeth, “It’s so sour.”


“Oh,” Ruan Meng Meng was not at liberty to pry much into the personal affairs of adults, “then why did Li Manle say that just now? Jiajia you can’t hide something from me.”


“Is it not because of Gu Tingzhi? That man in charge’s family’s crummy relatives.
They do all sorts of bad things.
I hate looking at him!” Even when Chen Linjia was angry, her eyes were still bright.


“Person in charge? Gu Tingzhi?” Ruan Mengmeng remembered the handsome boy she had met, “He gave me a good first impression, ah! You even said he was a long-winded man before, haha.
Jiajia, why do you always have trouble with him? What kind of nicknames are you giving him?”


“He’s just nosy, you don’t know him ……”


Chen Linjia’s eyes lit up, as if she had opened the box to talk.
The phone in her pocket rang at this time.
She took it out to look, flew a glance at Ruan Mengmeng, and pressed it off.


The phone rang again not even three seconds later, Chen Linjia’s face tightened and she still pressed it off.


The last bite of chocolate was nibbled by Ruan Mengmeng, who shook his head and said, “Alas, the gods on the Internet said that those who braided their hair together had a secret, so it must be a boyfriend who could not see the light of day.
I’ll go away.
You can take it.
Don’t have any psychological burden.”


“What boyfriend! It is ……” Chen Linjia’s half tongue was swallowed.
Her face was uncomfortable, but also slowly reddened.


Ruan Mengmeng originally opened her eyes wide and waited for the following, but she blushed through and did not say, “Mysteriously, I went to buy yogurt.
No points for you, hum!”

TLN: I hope you guys see why I genuinely dislike the 2nd ML.
This is the third time.
It’s also why I dislike Chen Linjia.
Simply because she didn’t like the ML, she would disregard the fact that he treats her well, and try to put her with someone like that.

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