Chapter 23.
You’re busy!

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The pitch was in chaos and the scoring table was overturned.
Lu Zhengyuan was holding his injured arm, gritting his teeth and hanging on.


In the last ten seconds or so, the guard for the year two team blocked Lu Zhengyuan and the centre for the year one team came over to support him.
The person in charge of marking the year two player followed.


No one knew who moved too much, but Lu Zhengyuan lost the ball in his hand.
When he tried to get the ball back, he was blocked by the year two guard, and the next thing he knew, Lu Zhengyuan was out of bounds.



The year two guard was dumbfounded.
Even if he had hit the ball, how strong could he be?


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“Watch out!”



He Yiyang stepped behind Ruan Mengmeng and put a hand around her waist, tightening it.


A hot, manly scent instantly swept through her body, and Ruan Mengmeng pursed her lips and nodded in panic, “Yes.”


When Ruan Mengmeng stood up, He Yiyang withdrew his hand and stared hard at Li Manle.
His dark eyes frightened her, causing her to take a step backwards.

Li Man Le steadied herself and preempted the attack, “Who told her to run from behind, she’s not on the basketball team.”


He Yiyang questioned in a deep voice, “You’re not either!”


“I’m,” Lai Man Le said, momentarily speechless and angry, “I’m the cheerleader of our class basketball team!”



“Heh, every class has a cheerleading team,” He Yiyang pressed his left hand on Ruan Mengmeng’s shoulder.
His cold and harsh words were like a knife cutting into Li Manle’s face, “What kind of thing are you?”


Li Manle didn’t expect He Yiyang to have such a poisonous mouth, her face turned purple, “You!”


Lu Zhengyuan had already stood up with the help of his teammates, “Mengmeng?”


Ruan Mengmeng saw his arm hanging and was so worried that she wanted to go over and take a look, but He Yiyang pulled her back and refused.


“The game isn’t over.
There are still overtime penalties, so you go sit in the rest area.”


Ruan Mengmeng paused, ignoring He Yiyang, and said to Lu Zhengyuan, “Can you still play? Let’s go to the infirmary first?”



Lu Zhengyuan said soothingly, “I’m fine, you go over there first.” His chin pointed towards the senior rest area.
A match was a match.
Even if it was destined to be a loss, one could not give up the chance of a last point of effort.


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Without saying a word, He Yiyang buckled Ruan Mengmeng and turned around, saying to Qin Tian, who was standing next to him, “We’ve won, let’s go first.”


“Eh! Let go of me,” Ruan Mengmeng struggled, trying to get free of He Yiyang’s hand, “I have to go see Zhengyuan, he’s hurt, let go!”


He Yiyang said, “It’s none of your business, he has a captain.”


Qin Tian looked at He Yiyang, who was holding Ruan Mengmeng’s shoulder with one hand and grabbing his clothes with the other, and wiped the sweat off his forehead.


The president was so capricious.
He could come and go whenever he wanted, damn!



“Come on, I know we’re all tired, so the student council will treat us to a drink later,” Qin Tian took the basketball from the referee and raised his arm to call out, “Sports are all about fighting, winning and losing comes second.
I believe both sides had a great time in this game, but we need to have a finish.
Come on?”


“I ……” the captain of the senior one team spoke up.


Lu Zhengyuan looked at the exit without moving, not knowing what he was thinking.
Li Manle came over and her nervousness was apparent.
“Lu Zhengyuan, let me accompany you to the infirmary.
Your arm is cut and bleeding.
The captains are here.”


“Yes Zhengyuan, let her go with you.”


“Yeah, yeah, it’s just a free throw.
We’re five points short, even if we score it, it’s no good.”




Li Manle smartly picked up Lu Zhengyuan’s school bag and clothes from the rest area and softly said, “Do you want me to help you?”


Lu Zhengyuan shook his head, “No need.”



“Let go of me, you’re sweating all over!” Ruan Mengmeng pushed He Yiyang away.


He Yiyang froze, his eyes narrowing dangerously, “You think I stink?”


Ruan Mengmeng didn’t dare say anything.
Her eyes darted about.
He Yiyang grinned.
He stretched out his arm, grabbed her by the shoulders and dragged her over.
He spread his other hand five fingers wide and deliberately smeared Ruan Mengmeng’s face.
He rubbed it with a vengeance.


“Too much? Still too much? How dare you dislike my smell?”


Ruan Mengmeng’s round face was held by his palm, his lips and nose rubbed against his palm, the smell of sweat was truly unpleasant, okay!




Ruan Mengmeng broke away while yelling in discontent.
She dared not say that it was too much, nor could she in good conscience say that ‘manly scent’ smelled good and sexy.


It was not until the student council president’s office that He Yiyang let go of Ruan Mengmeng and pointed to the sofa, “Sit there and wait for me.”


Ruan Mengmeng wrinkled her little fleshy face, and when he turned to leave, she immediately pulled out a tissue to dry her face.


Seeing the SpongeBob SquarePants coffee cup next to the computer, Ruan Mengmeng was momentarily stunned.

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When He Yiyang came in through the door after changing, he saw the little fatty sitting on the sofa with a pillow in his arms.


He was dressed in a simple black baseball jacket and black slacks.
His feet were also covered in a pair of black boots.
The man’s hair was disheveled and unruly with moisture, and his whole aura and temperament was cold.


He looked at Ruan Mengmeng, who raised her head, and walked towards his desk.


He did not sit in his office chair and start working without wasting time as usual, but leaned against the edge of the desk with his arms around his chest.


The dark, narrow eyes and clear, almond-shaped eyes were locked in a quiet stare.


Not long after, Ruan Mengmeng’s eyes shifted, and He Yiyang spoke up lightly.


“I heard that you have to make up two lessons.”


“En.” Ruan Mengmeng nodded.
Feeling that the pressure of the sight above her head was extremely strong, she slowly explained, “English and maths.
The class teacher has already talked about today’s math class remedial content.
I think just …… forget it.”


The right hand index finger tapped the left arm again and again, before He Yiyang asked again, “I saw you and Lu Zhengyuan come together.
How could he, a science experimental class, also want to make up lessons?”


Ruan Mengmeng nodded honestly, “He’s making up English.”


“A class to make up?”






He Yiyang narrowed his eyes, a little annoyed at the way she hung her head and pretended to be honest.


He himself asked a question before Ruan Mengmeng said one.
If he didn’t ask, would this little fatty dare to revive her youthful memories with her old tablemates behind his back and then have an ambiguous flutter?


Hmph! Just thinking about it made me angry.


He Yiyang looked at her and asked, “Lu Zhengyuan told you to switch to an art student and you listened.
I told you to do a few more sets of exercises and you secretly rebelled.
Is it that what I say now is not as good as what he said?”




He Yiyang pursued, “Then what is it?”


“The exercise sets my brother gave me, I did them too!” Ruan Mengmeng darted a quick glance at him and retorted weakly, “It’s just that …… physics and chemistry are so hard that I can’t get enough sleep.”


He Yiyang glared at someone, looking at this little fatty who was disguisedly admitting that she was stupid and was actually rebelling against his decision.
He simply laughed in anger.


However, it was up to Ruan Mengmeng to decide whether she wanted to study science or not, and it was useless to force her to study science.
He Yiyang’s original idea was to let her study science and later major in management and finance at university, so he could take care of her for another four years.


Now …… He Yiyang sighs in his heart, the little fatty was unhappy and slept badly.
Now, he felt even more distressed over her.


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Ruan Mengmeng fidgeted and pinched the two corners of the hug pillow, not daring to look up.


But she didn’t do anything wrong.
Every time He Yiyang got angry, she was as weak as a bun.
This time …… not this time, it was too hard for her.


“You’ve been very busy these days, Ruan Mengmeng,” He Yiyang spoke again, “cold violence has been playing on my head.”


Ruan Mengmeng looked up.
Her small pink mouth was half open and her big black and white eyes saying: me, cold violence?


“Heh, if not you, who else?” He Yiyang slowly moved closer and reached out to grab her chin, “You haven’t taken the initiative to message me goodnight on WeChat for a week, what are you trying to do, eh?”


Ruan Mengmeng suddenly tightened her grip on the pillow, nervous and aggrieved.


The black eyes in front of her reflected her own face.
She thought she was family and would always be in his eyes.


But He Yiyang treated her like a pet.
The kind that he could pet when he liked and abandon when he got bored.


She could not help but feel the sadness and depression she had been feeling for the past few days.
Her eyes were tingling and red, and no amount of brainwashing with herself was worth hearing with her own ears!


He Yiyang was stunned.
Just now she was stubborn and stubborn with him.
Why was she suddenly crying?


Did he pinch her?


He rubbed his thumb over her skin, lifted her chin again, and even went over to blow on it.


When Ruan Mengmeng saw how cold and hot he was, her little temper exploded with a bang like a punctured balloon.


“It’s brother who’s making a scene.
It’s you, it’s you, it’s always you!”


Ruan Mengmeng shouted, tears swishing down her face, causing He Yiyang to be at a loss for words.


He Yiyang wiped away her tears, “Don’t cry! Speak properly.”

“What to say! What’s there to say! I’m just a tiny bit better than a cat or dog that can speak human.
Go find another humanoid pet, I don’t want to be your pet!”


Ruan Mengmeng finished her howl with a sob.
She slapped He Yiyang’s hand away.
He stroked it again,and she slapped it down.
He tried to stroke it again… In short, he just couldn’t get through with her face!


“What are you doing? Playing with a cat? I’m not!”


Sure enough, she had heard what had happened that day.


He Yiyang saw her face red from crying.
Her eyelashes were wispy with tears and her little mouth whimpered and pouted a bit.


She was so pitiful and cute that he couldn’t help but smile.


Ruan Mengmeng was shocked, “You’re still smiling!?”


A hug pillow hit He Yiyang’s face.


Then Ruan Mengmeng stopped crying.
The air was suddenly quiet, and the small hand holding the hug pillow trembled slightly.

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She had actually hit He Yiyang? Oh my god, Ruan Mengmeng felt like taking pills!


“Brother, brother brother?”


He Yiyang could have dodged, but he didn’t.
He knew he had gone too far that day, “Just hit me a little more to take the edge off, okay?”


Ruan Mengmeng blinked.
She moved away from the hug pillow and looked incredulously at He Yiyang, “Brother you’re, coaxing me?”




He Yiyang coughed uncomfortably, “Mengmeng is the best behaved and most reasonable girl with a generous heart,” one hand poked her fleshy face, “don’t bother with brother anymore, okay?”


Ruan Mengmeng’s goldfish mouth contained anger.
She wanted to say was it that easy?


He Yiyang smiled and his face took the initiative to come closer.


Ruan Mengmeng instantly stopped being angry, and felt she was a little pretentious.
But on second thought, she still was still angry!


She picked up the pillow and gently rubbed He Yiyang’s face.
This was her brother, and she was reluctant to hit him. 


“Other people give a big stick a sweet date, and it’s easy to get hurt on the skin.
Brother, the mouth is the same as the blade; the knife pierces the heart.
If you do this again, I will, I will…”


He Yiyang, who was squatting on the floor, had both arms circling Ruan Mengmeng and propping her up on the side of the sofa.
At this moment, he suddenly raised his upper body, wrapped his arms around her and said in her ear.


“Mengmeng, I have a secret I want to tell you,” he paused, seeing her little ears gradually turning red, and continued with a husky, seductive smile, “but the so-called secret is either a surprise or a shock.
Do you want to hear it?”


Ruan Mengmeng’s heart was pounding.
She pursed her lips tightly, her eyes carefully darting over He Yiyang’s face.
She could not see anything fishy except the shock of the beautiful face up close.

She was curious and a tad timid.


Not knowing which meridian had suddenly opened up, she tentatively said, “Does brother’s secret have anything to do with me?”


He Yiyang laughed, so much so that the autumn light became dull.


It made the serious and solemn Student Union office seem like it was in a wilderness where flowers were blooming and the spring breeze was tantalizing.


Ruan Mengmeng’s soul was almost sucked away.


Her clear, penetrating almond eyes were wide open, then she blinked and shook her head with a strong sense of survival.


Her sixth sense told her not to listen!


“Heh~ Little wimp.”


He Yiyang’s doting smile blinded Ruan Mengmeng once again, and he gently hooked her nose.


The little fatty in front of him blushed like a tomato, and he finally admitted in his heart: Mengmeng, I came back for you.

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