Chapter 31 Ten Square Metres Island(8)

“Are you all in cahoots?!”

Du Yuanlang was suddenly startled as the opponent’s dagger approached his neck.

The chubby man sneered, “My young master, are you naive or just stupid? You didn’t realize it until now?”

Du Yuanlang became furious, “You!”

“Hmm?” The knife-wielding person approached, and a blood mark appeared on Du Yuanlang’s neck, causing his health to decrease.

At this moment, Du Yuanlang finally understood that he had gotten into big trouble.

However, Du Yuanlang wasn’t afraid at all!

As a child of a prestigious family, Du Yuanlang had undergone rigorous training when he was young, but he got distracted by other things as he grew up and didn’t practice much.

After the last instance, he couldn’t swallow the humiliation of being beaten up, so he specifically hired an instructor to train himself! Not to mention these small hooligans, he was more than capable of dealing with Qian Yue!

The chubby man raised his arm and shouted, “Hand over everything you have!”

Du Yuanlang said, “You want me to surrender? I…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the person with the knife kicked him in the stomach.
Du Yuanlang instinctively bent over, demonstrating textbook reflexes.

According to his instructor, he should have grabbed the person’s leg, tripped them with his foot, and then used his elbow to choke them.
But before he could make a move, the person directly struck his neck with an elbow!


In that instant, Du Yuanlang felt as if his neck was about to break.
He curled up in pain, and the next second, someone was choking him from close quarters.

Du Yuanlang widened his eyes.

“Why… not playing by the rules!”

The other person had no care for what Du Yuanlang was thinking and forcefully restrained him, making it hard for him to breathe.
Du Yuanlang tried to twist their wrist with all his strength.

Du Yuanlang couldn’t understand why he could not even withstand a single move.
Clearly, when he was practicing with the instructors, they all said he had great talent!

Seeing his incredulous reaction, the chubby man laughed, “What’s wrong? Young master, are you scared now? Weren’t you full of confidence just now?”

After saying that, he suddenly changed his demeanor and kicked Du Yuanlang’s knee unexpectedly.
The latter couldn’t resist at all and even failed in his last struggle.
He fell heavily onto the iron plate, making a loud noise.

As his neck was suddenly released, Du Yuanlang began to breathe rapidly.
But before he could make a move, someone stepped on his back!

The thug said, “Stay still!”

Du Yuanlang’s eyes turned red, “You… dare to kick me? If you have the guts, let me get up and fight you, you chubby piece of…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the chubby man kicked him again, and Du Yuanlang’s head hit the driver’s seat, causing the entire speedboat to tilt.

Du Yuanlang’s head buzzed, and his health dropped rapidly.
His mind went blank for a few seconds.

“I kicked you, so what? If you have the guts, stand up and fight me!”

The chubby man sneered and rummaged through his backpack, swearing all the while.

“Listen to your big brother’s advice, young master.
Keep your mouth shut until you grow a beard.
Do you know why I targeted you? I’ve long been irritated by you.”

He turned his head while speaking and looked at Qian Yue and another passenger.
Arrogantly, he said, “See that? That’s the result of overestimating oneself.
I advise you all to be sensible.”

The passenger felt unlucky and trembled in fear, “Did you mistake me for someone else? I’m not with him…”

The two people blocking him burst into laughter, “It doesn’t matter if you’re with him or not.
What’s the matter? Can’t you see that we’re robbers?”

Others chimed in, “This person is almost scared to death.
Alright, those who are sensible, hand over your backpacks.
Don’t force us to take action.”

Except for the chubby one, all the others were burly and intimidating.
With so many people staring at him, the passenger’s legs immediately went weak, “Can’t we talk it through? I’ll give, alright?…”

Trembling, he reached for his backpack, but as soon as he touched the strap, a voice sounded beside him.

“You’re right.
Those who are sensible, quickly hand over your backpacks.”

This time, it was a female voice.

Wait, a female voice?

Du Yuanlang, who was confused, suddenly became alert and lifted his head with a piercing gaze!

At the same time, everyone turned their heads with unfriendly expressions.

The person speaking was sitting with one leg crossed, leisurely leaning against the railing.
Not only did they not show panic or fear on their face, but there was even a hint of boredom.

Qian Yue said, “Oh, finally done chatting?”

She boredly stretched her arms backward while exuding a ruffian-like aura, “Let me remind you, my tuition fee is not cheap.
If you don’t want to pay, you can still leave now.”

There were a total of eight people on the speedboat.
The person in the copilot seat and the chubby one had subdued Du Yuanlang, while the remaining three surrounded Qian Yue and the other passenger.

Presumably, because she was the only woman among the three hostages, this group of people heed no attention to her and gave her no care.

Only now did the chubby one remember that there was still one person here.
He raised his chin and sneered, “Almost forgot about you.
Since you’re a girl, I won’t give you a hard time.
Hand over your belongings, and you can go.”

If it were any other girl, by now, they would probably have been terrified and at a loss.

Unfortunately, the one sitting here was not just any other girl but Qian Yue.

With a lifeless expression on her face, she replied, “Considering you all are a bunch of weaklings, I’ll say the same to you.”

She paused for a moment and lazily added, “Oh, by the way, the same applies to what I said earlier.
You have three seconds to get out of my sight.”


Seeing her arrogant attitude, the group of people glanced at each other.
Instead of getting angry, they burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, this is hilarious.
She’s good-looking but is such a fool.”

Qian Yue continued indifferently, “Two.”

Seeing that she was counting seriously, the group of people became even more lively.

“Did you hear what she just said?”

The person standing next to Qian Yue, with a pockmarked face, lewdly glanced at his companion’s lower body, “I heard.
She called you a weakling.”

His companion laughed and retorted, “You’re the weakling.
She gave you three seconds!”

The people around immediately started making a commotion, and the pock-faced man pushed and shoved shamelessly, saying, “Didn’t you hear that the tuition fee is not low? Three seconds are not enough!”

He smirked and lecherously approached, saying, “Little girl, how much for a night? Your uncle here can offer an overnight deal—”

Before the pock-faced man could finish his sentence, Qian Yue suddenly erupted!

“So you want your head to explode? Consider it done!”

The moment her legs touched the ground, Qian Yue fiercely kicked the lecherous man in the groin.

Qian Yue’s kick was swift and fierce.
Even the people around were still immersed in vulgar banter and hadn’t reacted yet, and the man had absolutely no defense!

With one swift kick, everyone’s minds were filled with the imaginary sound of something breaking.


Intense pain instantly engulfed him, to the extent that even his cries were cut off.
The pock-faced man’s face quickly turned red and purple.
He belatedly opened his mouth and crouched down—

At the same time, Qian Yue braced a hand on the railing and the other on the back of a chair jumped up and kicked him in the face.

The pock-faced man’s face jerked backward, and before he could even scream due to the pain from somewhere, he was sent flying off the speedboat and crashed into the water!


Qian Yue gracefully landed back on the speedboat and slowly uttered the final number,


Qian Yue unabashedly scanned the lower bodies of the others with her gaze, not just the members of the gang, even Du Yuanlang instinctively shivered.

Qian Yue, “Did you really think I would wait until I finished counting to three to take action?”

She sneered, mocking with a hidden meaning, “Three seconds? Heh, you don’t even deserve ‘one’.”

This situation is the exact definition of “torture of the heart surmounts all physical sufferings in killing a man.”

Such words were like trampling on the last remnants of a man’s dignity underfoot!

The chubby man had originally thought of letting her off the hook, but now he was furious.
“Damn it.
Do I have to take action myself? Brothers! Take down this bastard!”

With his command, the two nearest men immediately threw punches, and the sharp fist wind made Du Yuanlang’s eyelids twitch!

“Watch your back! Watch your back!”

Du Yuanlang loudly warned, and the person restraining him immediately tightened his arm, causing another blood mark on his neck, and his life value plummeted.

Du Yuanlang, “Damn it!”

The other party warned, “If you want to stay alive, shut your mouth!”

At the same time, Qian Yue calmly turned her head, and the punch coming from behind missed her directly.

“You’re quite something, but it ends here!”

The man quickly adjusted his attack, but at that moment, Qian Yue grabbed his arm.
A tremendous force surged from her arm to her entire body.
Before he could react and figure out how to break free, he suddenly spun around!


The speedboat tilted violently, and the man was thrown into the water, causing waves over a meter high!

The unmanned speedboat remained in the middle of the sea, shaking like a leaf battered by wind and rain.

Qian Yue, “You’re right, it ends here.”

The man sinking in the water, “Gurgle, gurgle…”

The speedboat shook vigorously from side to side, and the chubby man quickly held onto the railing to stabilize himself, infuriated, “Damn it, I shouldn’t have believed in you.”

Qian Yue sighed, as she leisurely took a glance at the time.


If we don’t solve this soon, it will be dark.

She directly hooked her finger and said, “What’s the use of trust? What’s the use of distrust? Just be straightforward.
If you’re a man, let’s fight.”

No man can endure this!

With a wave of the chubby man’s hand, even the person who had been binding Du Yuanlang rushed forward.
The three of them surrounded Qian Yue tightly!

Du Yuanlang had already been choked to the point where his face turned purple.
Suddenly being released, he immediately fell to the ground and started coughing violently.

But if someone nearby paid attention, they would notice that Du Yuanlang’s spirit seemed to have improved!

Even he himself felt that he had never been so excited before!

In less than a moment, he shouted hoarsely at Qian Yue, “To your right! Be careful on your right!”

The reason this group of people had the confidence to do these things was that they all had some fighting skills, to some extent.
Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been so arrogant at the beginning.

However, until now, they still unanimously believed that the reason their two companions were defeated by Qian Yue was because they underestimated her.

Qian Yue: Well, you’re all mistaken.

The speedboat was not that big, and with three people attacking at the same time, Qian Yue couldn’t fully display her abilities for a while.
It was not like before when she was overwhelming them, but rather a back-and-forth exchange of moves.

The speedboat shook like a dice, with water constantly splashing in, gradually flooding the floor.
The sound of water filled the air during the fight.

The battle mainly concentrated in the passenger area of the speedboat.
The innocent passenger repeatedly tried to escape but was continuously blocked, ending up crouching at the edge of the seat, like a frightened hamster.

On the other hand, Du Yuanlang shouted enthusiastically,

“On your left!”

Qian Yue sidestepped with a beautiful elbow strike, causing the left man’s fist to miss and hit another person instead!

Du Yuanlang, “In front – ah, be careful behind!”

Qian Yue squatted in place, then suddenly turned around and pounced.
The tall person who was standing behind her directly stumbled backward and fell onto a seat as Qian Yue punched him in the face.
She then rolled and avoided the attacks of the other two!

Du Yuanlang’s voice grew louder, his growing increasingly excited, “Someone is climbing up from underwater!”

Qian Yue couldn’t bear it anymore, “Shut up!”

But there really was someone behind…

Before Du Yuanlang could say anything, Qian Yue suddenly took a step and reached the last position on the speedboat.
With a swift sound, something brushed against his nose, and the next second, the person who was about to climb onto the speedboat was stabbed and thrown into the water!

Yes, stabbed.

Who could have expected that Qian Yue would carry a seven to eight-meter-long bamboo pole with her! Even the Beggar Sect’s dog-beating staff wouldn’t be used in such a way!

Normally, the longer the weapon, the more difficult it is to control because the inertia is too strong, making it easy to lose control.
However, it was evident that this rule had almost no effect in the face of absolute power control.

The chubby man shouted, “Down!”

Qian Yue, “Too slow.”

The passenger who was about to stick his head out exclaimed, “Oh my god!!!”

The bamboo stick swept past with a swoosh, and the three people who were just full of momentum immediately crouched and covered their heads!

However, except for the chubby man, the others were all burly men.
The gaps between the seats on the speedboat were only so big, even if they all lowered their heads—


Oh, and because they were too tall, they couldn’t lower their heads in time at all.

Qian Yue used to hold back and rarely used real force, but today she struck with lethal intent.

In that instant, the person only felt a buzzing sound in his head, as if it were a shattered vase.
His life rapidly declined in the moment he closed his eyes, a buzzing sound seemed to ring in his ears, and his mind went blank.
Then, everything went dark, and in the next moment—

He opened his eyes in a dazed manner and saw the ceiling top of his own nutrition pod.

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