Chapter 20 Dark Rock Incident(8)

On the other side, Qian Yue is on her way back.

Considering that today might be the last day she had to move around freely, she specifically brought a bag and a bucket to collect materials.

Due to the dead trees, firewood is readily available, and collecting it is not troublesome.
During the process of logging, Qian Yue also found a few pieces of synthetic stone.

However, on the other hand, a large number of fruits were falling and rotting from the trees, making food collection even more difficult— when it was already not easy.

She encountered a few small animals on the way, hesitated for a moment, but ultimately decided not to harm them since eating wild animals is not allowed.

Fortunately, she mainly stocked up on food earlier, so it should be enough to last until the end of this round of the game.

The immediate task is to find materials to make a gas mask.

When she sensed someone following her, Qian Yue happened to find an item fragment (Craft).

Initially, she thought there might be a large predator and instinctively assumed a defensive posture, but the next second she heard footsteps.

Qian Yue, “…It’s a player.”

However, why would a player appear in this kind of place at this time?

Qian Yue had a vague feeling that something was not quite right, so she immediately packed up her things and headed back.

However, she had gone quite far to collect materials earlier.
When she rushed back near the base, she happened to see a group of people poking their heads in front of her stone house!

These people wanted to mess with her house!

How can she survive the next few days without her house?!

Without thinking, Qian Yue threw the bucket to the ground and picked up the ice pick, hurling it directly at them!

“This house is well built, and there are decorations…”

Du Yuanlang unraveled the vines used as camouflage outside the stone house, and just as he was about to step inside, a gust of wind suddenly struck from behind!

“Be careful, Yuanlang!”

“Don’t move!”

Two voices almost sounded simultaneously, and Du Yuanlang didn’t have time to distinguish them.
He instinctively wanted to dodge, but in that instant, he felt something brushing against his face and flying away!

“What the hell was that thing!”


At a critical moment, Du Yue kicked it away, and the ice pick rolled in the air before landing a few steps away.

In that instant when it plunged into the ground, the tail end of the ice pick was still trembling, showing how much force Qian Yue had used!

Du Yuanlang was still in shock, but Yulu suddenly covered her mouth and exclaimed, “Your face!”

My face?

Du Yuanlang belatedly reached for his own face—

“Why are you making such a fuss? Are you even a man, just a scratch.” Qian Yue rolled her eyes and walked out of the woods.

Du Yuanlang hadn’t recovered yet, and upon hearing her words, he immediately became annoyed, “You’re the one who’s not a man!”

Qian Yue looked at him as if he were an idiot, “I was never one in the first place.”

Du Yuanlang: Damn!

A rare sight to see Du Yuanlang lose an argument, neither Du Yue nor Yuan Dongqi said anything.

Instead, their gazes fell on Qian Yue, and a hint of familiarity flashed in both of their eyes, but they could not fathom why they had this feeling.

While these two watched from the sidelines, Yu Lu, who had always played the role of a confidante, couldn’t just sit idly by.

She immediately pulled Du Yuanlang, signaling him not to be impulsive, and frowned at Qian Yue, complaining, “You are so unreasonable.
How can you act without distinguishing right from wrong?”


Qian Yue sensed something was wrong when she frowned, and sure enough, white lotus* words followed.

She rolled her eyes on the spot, “Auntie, with which eye did you see that I didn’t distinguish right from wrong?”


Qian Yue calmly walked to the side of the ice pick, exerted a little force, pulled it out of the ground, and swung it around.
The splashing soil flew toward those few people, causing Yu Lu to instinctively take two steps back.

Qian Yue sneered, disdainfully saying, “Do I need a reason to hit you?”


Du Yuanlang immediately widened his eyes and exclaimed, “What did you say? Say it again if you dare!”

Qian Yue replied, “Are your ears not working, despite being so young?”

How could he tolerate this!

Du Yuanlang was always like a barrel of gunpowder that could be ignited with a single spark.
He immediately wanted to roll up his sleeves and argue with Qian Yue!

But as soon as he took a step, someone grabbed his collar.

Du Yuanlang roared, “Let go of me!”

Du Yue remained unaffected and turned to look at Qian Yue, asking,

“Is this your house?”

Compared to Du Yuanlang and Yu Lu, Du Yue’s attitude was much better, but after being in a high position for a long time, it was difficult to change certain things— such as tone of voice.

Qian Yue was already unhappy, and she retorted without mercy, “Are you questioning me?”

Du Yue was taken aback.

He paused for a moment before realizing that his tone did seem inappropriate.


Yuan Dongqi, who was present, sensed that the situation was off and timely intervened.

He politely smiled and said, “Sorry, when we were climbing the mountain, we suddenly saw this house and became curious, so we came over to take a look.”

“I can assure you! We didn’t touch anything inside, and we didn’t even go in!”

Although Yuan Dongqi was usually carefree, he had a handsome face, especially when he smiled.
Few people would not be convinced by him.

But Qian Yue was clearly an exception.

She glanced at him and suddenly changed the subject, “The person in the forest just now was you, right?”

Yuan Dongqi was taken aback.

He remembered that he had quietly left as soon as he sensed the other party, but she could tell?

Qian Yue mocked, “Knowing that someone lives on the mountain, you still deliberately came to take a look—do you think the rocks have turned into playing blocks, or do dinosaurs build houses?”

Yuan Dongqi, “…”

There was no way to respond to that statement.

They did intentionally approach knowing that someone lived on the mountain.
Although only Du Yuanlang acted recklessly, they were still implicated as teammates.

Yu Lu said with a grievance, “You misunderstood, we didn’t mean anything else.
We just wanted to say hello…”

Qian Yue hated that kind of tone and interrupted, “Am I talking to you?”

Yu Lu, “I…”

Qian Yue continued, “Didn’t your parents teach you that it’s bad manners to enter someone’s house or interrupt someone’s conversation without permission?”

Yu Lu, “…”

She immediately turned to Du Yue, tears almost falling.
On the other hand, Yuan Dongqi secretly enjoyed it!

That’s right!

He had long been fed up with Yu Lu’s fake gentle demeanor.

The reason why Yuan Dongqi is called Dongqi is because his father has many sons, making the family situation extremely complicated.

[T/N: Dongqi (东七) translates to East(东) Seven(七)]

Over the years, he has encountered all sorts of things, so he can’t help but frown when he sees girls like Yu Lu pretending.
The reason he was able to endure these past few days was entirely due to his respect for Du Yue.

To be honest, someone like Yu Lu can only deceive someone like Du Yuanlang, who doesn’t understand the ways of the world.

For a moment, Yuan Dongqi’s favorable impression of Qian Yue soared, forgetting that she had just confronted him.

Yu Lu looked at Du Yue with a pleading gaze, and Qian Yue’s eyes followed suit.

At first glance, this man seemed somewhat familiar, but for a moment, she couldn’t recall who he was, so Qian Yue couldn’t be bothered to think about it.

She raised an eyebrow and asked, “Are you her man?”

Yu Lu, “!”

Du Yue, “…”

He stared at the rough and shabby face towel on Qian Yue’s face for a long time, as if trying to see through it and clearly see her appearance.

After a while, Du Yue shook his head and replied, “No.”

The light in Yu Lu’s eyes instantly dimmed, and she even felt a burning sensation on her face.

Killing her with words was more uncomfortable for Yu Lu than if Qian Yue had directly attacked her.

Du Yue nodded slightly, “It’s true that we were wrong to trespass without permission, sorry.”

“What trespassing? We haven’t even entered yet…”

Du Yuanlang felt uncomfortable being confronted and was about to say something, but Du Yue stared him down.

Turning to look at Qian Yue again, she resumed her seemingly smiling appearance.

Du Yue felt a headache coming on, “Don’t mind what the kid says, we’ll leave now.”

After saying that, he didn’t wait for Qian Yue’s response and prepared to leave with his teammates.
However, at this moment, Qian Yue added a remark,

“Kids like this should be taught a lesson at home before being let out so that others don’t feel the urge to teach them a lesson.”

At the moment her words fell, Du Yuanlang suddenly flew into a rage and swung his fist towards Qian Yue!

“Who the duck do you think you are, cursing at me!”

“Du Yuanlang! Get back here!”

Du Yue shouted sternly, but it was too late.

Du Yuanlang, who had just turned sixteen this year, was the youngest among his older brothers and sisters at home thus he was spoiled at home.
By the time his older brother, Du Yue, returned home from the military, the once obedient little brother had turned into a pretentious little tyrant.

Qian Yue never holds back when facing such brats.

Effortlessly dodging his punch, Qian Yue even kindly reminded him,

“Left side.”

In the next second, she kicked Du Yuanlang’s left shin, causing him
to stumble.

Du Yuanlang grunted.

“Right hand.”

The moment her words fell, he suddenly felt someone grab his back and forcefully twist his right shoulder.
It made a cracking sound, and Du Yuanlang let out a cry!

“Yuanlang!” Yu Lu instinctively worried, but was stopped by Du Yue.
At the same time, Qian Yue made another reminder, “Abdomen.”

Du Yuanlang hadn’t recovered from the pain in his arm when he instinctively covered his stomach as soon as he heard the words.

After waiting for a moment, the attack did not come.
He looked up and saw disdain written all over her face.

“So weak.”

Qian Yue directly pushed him on the forehead with her hand, ignoring the expressions of others, and turned to the woods to fetch her own water bucket.

If it was not for her consideration of the presence of his older brother, she would have just stomped his head into the ground and let him taste regret.

Unable to launch a surprise attack and instead being taught a lesson by the other party, Du Yuanlang stood stunned in place, his gaze fixed on Qian Yue’s figure, his hands clenched tightly.

At this moment, Du Yue calmly walked over with long strides, his hands crossed in front of his chest.

“Have you had enough fun?” Du Yuanlang pursed his lips and remained silent.

Du Yue spoke in a calm tone, “When she initially threw the weapon, she had no intention of hurting you.
It was your own reckless movement that caused the collision.”

Du Yuanlang was momentarily stunned, and a sudden pain returned to his face.

It was burning.

So initially, it was his own impulsive act, that caused him to misunderstand it as the other party’s provocation?

In the end, he was still his younger brother.
Du Yue knew when to stop and threw a few props into his arms.

Du Yuanlang hadn’t forgotten that he was still in a cold war with his brother.
He was about to stubbornly say that he didn’t need charity, but then he heard his brother say,

“Go place the items at the entrance.”

Du Yuanlang, “…”

When Qian Yue hurriedly threw the water bucket earlier, many items scattered around.
By the time she gathered all her belongings and returned, the group of people had already quietly left.

Glancing at the three items neatly arranged in a row at the entrance, Qian Yue couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.

“At least my help to guide a child on the right path is not in vain.”

White Lotus*- Urban Dictionary definition: The White Lotus, also called the White Lotus Bitch, is a stock female character type commonly found in Chinese internet novels.
The term refers to a female character who appears innocent, naïve, impossibly perfect, and pure on the surface, but uses this reputation to back stab, blame, or sling mud on others.

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