Chapter 8- Sell like kids

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        When Zhou MuHui opened the door, Xin Yi had already stopped crying, he was lying on the bed and doing his homework, after seeing Zhou MuHui enter, he raised a finger on his lips to tell him to be quiet.

        Zhou MuHui was carrying the plate of food and gently walked toward him, carefully bypassing the cat that was sleeping on the bed next to Xin Yi. 

        “I am getting up soon, I am almost done.”

        Xin Yi helped him and took over the thing, and said in a soft voice.

        Zhou MuHui uttered an answer and lowered his head to look at him do his homework.

        “It’s an assignment given by the tutor, we have to hand it in two days.”

        Xin Yi was a bit embarrassed, because he delayed it for a long time, and he was only about to finish it now.

        Zhou MuHui nodded, he put down the things but did not leave, Xin Yi hurriedly wrote down the remaining few sentences, got off the bed, and told him, “Let’s go out.”

        He was afraid that they would wake up Mao Mao if they were in the bedroom.

        Until they went to the living room and discovered that it was already late and the sky was already dark, Xin Yi went to the bathroom to wash his hands, Zhou MuHui was in the kitchen to take the bowls and chopsticks, the sound of porcelain falling was clear and crispy, Xin Yi heard that from aside, and couldn’t help to stretch his head to take a look.

        And was caught red-handed by the man who had just come out of the kitchen, Zhou MuHui’s expression didn’t change, only telling him, “come out if you’ve finished washing.”

        Xin Yi busily jogged out but there was no food on the table. 

        “Come here.”

        Zhou MuHui sat on the sofa and called to him, in front of him was a basin of water. 

        Xin Yi confusedly walked over, and was pulled on his lap.

        “The soup is being reheated, apply a hot compress first.”

        Zhou MuHui applied the hot towel to his eyes, and rubbed his temple with some kind of medicine ointment. 

        The swollen eyes because of crying got appropriate care, Xin Yi couldn’t help but let out a shiver.

        “Does it still hurt?”

        Zhou MuHui stopped and asked him with a low voice.

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        “Doesn’t hurt…”

        Xin Yi exerted restraint against the growing numbness and said with a small voice.

        After applying it for five minutes, the water was changed again, Xin Yi didn’t open his eyes during the whole time, he heard the sound of swaying water on one side, and felt that Zhou MuHui’s hand went over his cheeks and stirred the water in the basin.

        He pursed his lips in silence, then quietly grabbed the corner of Zhou MuHui’s clothes. 

        The towel was changed thrice, but they did not say a single word.

        As if there was still remaining awkwardness from this morning, no one mentioned those things first.


        “Xiao Yi.”

        They talked at the same time, Xin Yi licked his lips in the dark, and let out a soft reply.

        He couldn’t let it go, because Xin Yi wanted to know his unfinished sentence from this morning.

        And also…

        Keeping a little bit of hope, he wanted Zhou MuHui to say he loves him.

        “… Do you have something to say?” Zhou MuHui asked.

        Xin Yi whispered shaking his head, pulled at the hem of his clothes and pursed his lips, “You speak first.”

        There was not a sound for a long time in the darkness, Xin Yi couldn’t hold back his impatience, but did not wait for him to inquire about it, Zhou MuHui called him once again, and carefully took off the towel on his eyes.

        “Xin Yi.”

        Zhou MuHui’s expression was imposing, lowered his head and looked at him seriously.

        Xin Yi’s heart tightened, looking at him with anxiety and fear.

        Zhou MuHui gathered the hair that got wet because of the towel and tucked it behind his ear, whispered, “I do not know what I did wrong, Xiao Yi, can you tell me?”

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        Xin Yi was in a daze, and stared at him blankly, he didn’t think that Zhou MuHui would ask him this question, he thought that…he was going to say what he hadn’t said this morning.

        “Xiao Yi, I want to reconcile with you.”

        He pursed his lips, and said seriously.


        That was what he had said this morning, but Xin Yi did not really get it.

        The one who was sad was obviously him, why did Zhou MuHui look this sad.

        His eyes unexpectedly got red again, and the eyes that got relieved just now started to hurt again, Xin Yi rested his head on his lap and looked at him, and thought.

        What did Zhou MuHui want to do.

        Why did he want to leave him on one hand, and on the other hand… asked Xin Yi these questions.

        Why did he get angry.


        “You bullied me, you did not pay attention to me…”

        Xin Yi spoke, carefully hiding his sadness and tears behind these words.

        Because you bullied me, did not say you love me, and even put at home a divorce agreement paper that made me scared…

        You even want to leave me.

        “Did not— —” Zhou MuHui grasped his hand, and swallowed the rest of his words, “Then is it too late if I change now?”

        He said that so seriously that Xin Yi almost took it seriously.

        Xin Yi thought, he never gets Zhou MuHui, before that he did not get what he was thinking, and now he did not get what he wanted to do.

        Just like the fact that he wanted to divorce Xin Yi, but now he wanted to reconcile with him, even send him to school, and said that he was his boyfriend.

        Moreover… he also didn’t want to say he likes, did not want to say he loves him.

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        Obviously, when Xin Yi pestered him before, he did say it, but these last days Xin Yi thought about it carefully, between them, it has been a long time since they’ve said it.

        Does Zhou MuHui still like him, still love him?

        Xin Yi did not dare to ask.

        “Xiao Yi.”

        Zhou MuHui called him again.

        Xin Yi’s nose twitched, and made a sound in acquiescence, he took over the towel in Zhou MuHui’s hands, covered his own face, and nodded randomly.


        He said and did his best to hide his hurt.

        “Then… let’s reconcile.”

        In the end, he did not ask the question that was hidden in his heart, because he was afraid that the reply he would obtain would be different from what he expected, he was afraid of Zhou MuHui’s….acts that Xin Yi couldn’t understand, was even willing to spend time and energy that he was willing to do before in order to accompany Xin Yi’s activities.

        It was only the compensation that Zhou MuHui was giving him.

        That’s why he would let it go first, and let him have a brief time to heal his wounds, if it’s until when he is better, or until he has a bit more courage, wait until he can accept any outcome from Zhou MuHui, then Xin Yi would ask him.

        Zhou MuHui breathed a sigh of relief and lowered his head to kiss him.

        “What did you just want to ask?”

        Xin Yi shook his head.

        “Nothing, just want to ask you when the food is going to be ready.”

        He used the towel to wipe his tears, looked up and hugged Zhou MuHui.

        Before Xin Yi fell asleep, he told Zhou MuHui that he already apologized to Fang YiHe.

        “But he knows that he was wrong, told me to apologize to you, and hope that you can forgive him.”

        Zhou MuHui was stunned, and caressed his head, “It’s nothing.”

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        When he went to wake Xin Yi up, he accidentally heard their conversation.

        Xin Yi said nothing, buried in his embrace but the hand that was holding the hem of his clothes gripped it so tightly that it turned white.

        “I know, but I don’t want you to be unhappy.”

        His voice was very small, but very serious, as if even a normal apology could hurt Zhou MuHui.

        Zhou MuHui lowered his head, looked at the small part of his head that was protruding, and called him in a whisper, “Xiao Yi.”

        The timid quail that was cuddling in his embrace finally lifted his head, and used a pair of moist eyes to look at Zhou MuHui.

        “What’s wrong?”

        “All these matters aren’t important.” Zhou MuHui turned around, and lowered his forehead to lean on his, “Xiao Yi, you know that, don’t you.”

        “I won’t be influenced by those things.” He kissed Xin Yi’s ears which were still red and puffy.


        Xin was lying under him and said nothing even after half a day, only stretching his hands after a while and tightly hugging Zho MuHui, and nodding hard.

        “I know, I know…” 

        “Zhou MuHui, you are very very brave.” Xin Yi lifted his head and kissed him, “You protected aunty, you’re very great.”

        There were often people who would wonder why Zhou MuHui would be together with Xin Yi, they looked vastly different, no matter if it was their age or their identities, no matter how one looked at it they were not the most perfect pair.

        Not to mention that Xin Yi was much younger than him.

        Even when the two of them started to be in a relationship, it looked like they were playing house, as if Xin Yi was just a kid making a fuss, saying that he wanted to be together with him, then Zhou MuHui, under people’s strange glance, silently nodded. 

        They were never thought highly of, for so many years, only Xin Yi relentlessly said he loved him, said that Zhou MuHui was great, just like a small beast protecting his calf, standing in front of him to block any violent storm and gale-driven rain from him. 

        From seventeen years old to twenty-two years old, it has never changed. 


        Zhou MuHui gently looked at him, then grabbed the back of his neck and pressed him into his embrace, and switched off the light behind.
“It’s late.” He said, “Sleep.”

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