Ch.4 – Follow you wherever you go

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PUBLISHED ON 9 April 2022

         When Xin Yin went back, he didn’t expect Zhou MuHui to still be there, he jogged and rushed over, bent down to knock on the car’s windows, and called out to him, “Open the door.”

         Zhou MuHui was stunned, let him come in.

         “Class was cancelled.”

         Xin Yi gripped his phone, explained to him in a well-behaved manner, then asked again, “How come you didn’t leave?”

         Zhou MuHui paused, said, “Took a phone call, got delayed.”

         Xin Yi just let out an oh, and did not think too much about it.

         So he did not notice how a person as taciturn as Zhou MuHui would have such a long phone conversation. 

         “You can drop me off once you are near home.” Xin Yi put on the security belt, and said.

         His cheeks were a bit red, fingerprints were vaguely visible, Zhou MuHui paused for a moment, and did not answer him, only asked: “What happened to your face?”

         Xin Yi’s skin was delicate, if it was pinched hard it would leave some traces, Xin Yi hadn’t reacted, touched his own face, and asked him, “what?”

         Zhou MuHui stretched his hand, held his thin and long finger, and reached toward his cheek, “here.”

         The man’s fingertips’ temperature was a bit scalding, causing Xin Yi to be quite confused, he looked at that man who was expressionless, and slowly remembered that a moment ago, he seemed to have been pinched. 

         “Fang YiHe did it.” 

          His voice was a little unclear because the man was holding his face while he was speaking, Xin Yi inexplicably messed up his thoughts, just like a cat, he reached forward and rubbed against his palm.

         But Zhou MuHui retreated his hand right at this moment, the man’s eyes were dark, let out a hum, then told him, “Sit well.”

         Xin Yi was a little ashamed, so he didn’t react when the man suddenly turned that cold, only quickly retreating back, obediently closing his eyes and pretending to be asleep, as if saying yes. 

         But very quickly, pretending to be sleeping turned into really sleeping, taking advantage of the red light, Zhou MuHui pulled down the sun visor in front of him, then paused again, looked at the faint redness on his cheek, silently dropped his gaze. 

         When Xin Yi woke up, he didn’t return to his senses for a long time, he looked at the man in the driver’s seat, said in a small voice, “Why didn’t you call me.”

         Zhou MuHui didn’t reply to him, he only closed the laptop and put it in the backseat, asking, “Still tired or not?”

         The man parked the car in front of the house, Xin Yi took a glance outside, the sky was a little gray, and looked like it was about to rain.

         “… Tired.”

         He couldn’t help it and let out a yawn, then took a look at the car’s weather forecast, and said, “It looks like it’s about to rain.”

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         Zhou MuHui let out a hum, got up, and went to open the car’s door on his side. 

         “Tonight I might come back late, there are still some dishes in the fridge, heat them up yourself, don’t eat indiscriminately things from outside.”

         Xin Yi reached out his arm and was about to encircle his neck, couldn’t help but put it down.

         “It’s about to rain… it will be a big rain.”

         “En, windows should also be closed.” 

         Zhou MuHui lowered his head and looked at him, seeing him tightly shrunk into himself, then resisted by extracting himself from his embrace.* 


         Xin Yi gripped the security belt without letting it go, and whispered, “I also want to go.”

         “I don’t have class today, I’m going to wait for you in the car…”

         Zhou MuHui got up slightly, “Xin Yi?”

         Xin Yi took a glance at him, then quickly lowered his head, as if the air leaked, and pursed his lips tightly. 

         “I don’t want to be alone at home.”

         He said in a low voice.

         The rain was heavy, the man will come back later than what he said, Xin Yi will be worried, and will call him to tell him to not come back.

         But Xin Yi didn’t want to stay at home alone.



         Zhou MuHui’s indifference seemed to vary from person to person, because it seemed that he didn’t have a bottom line when it came to Xin Yi. 

         Just like when he came back from his business trip, he couldn’t even endure it for half a day, and followed Qi Fang to the auditorium, just because Xin Yi was also at school. 

         And just like not having a handphone wasn’t such a big deal, but he purposely ignored it, and postponed his work early in the morning, sending Xin Yi to school. 

         Uniquely because the little kid wasn’t happy yesterday night.


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         He nodded, and put the security belt on Xin Yi once again, then closed the car’s door.

         He was too easy to talk to, as Xin Yi hadn’t even reacted, he dully looked at Zhou MuHui as he started the car, and as if he abruptly regained consciousness, he let out a shudder. 

         “I will listen to you, and not cause you any trouble.” 

         He tried his best to contain his happiness,  promised Zhou MuHui in a small voice.

         Zhou MuHui tilted his head to look at him, his gaze was calm, “No need.”

         Zhou MuHui’s work changed in these two last years, he didn’t need to deal with artists all the time, Xin Yi could mostly guess that he wanted to change into working behind the scenes, but didn’t know it would be that fast.

         He was led by the man from the underground parking to upstairs, Xin Yi tilted his head to look at him, carefully using an aspirated tone to ask him, “It doesn’t matter?” 

         Xin Yi because of Zhou MuHui, paid a lot of attention to this circle, and also knew that their line of business was a little complicated, before, when Zhou MuHui had just started to work, Xin Yi would come to fetch him, and would squat near the flower bed at the entrance waiting for him, but the man got angry at him, and did not allow him to go again. 

         The other party seldom had been so fierce, Xin Yi was scared by him, he held his hands and looked at him dumbfounded.
Zhou MuHui had a hard time calming down, in the end, he took him into his embrace, and said that it was really messy here, and that it wasn’t good for Xin Yi.

         Xin Yi grabbed the corner of his clothes and stupidly nodded, but he slowly come to a realization, Zhou MuHui didn’t like him coming here. 

         “It’s fine.”

         Zhou MuHui tightly held him, and brought him upstairs. 

         The elevator was non-stop, because it was lunchtime, it didn’t even stop once at one of the 32 floors, after Xin Yi reacted, his Zhou MuHui had already walked further, and didn’t have that down-and-out look he had on their first encounter anymore. 

         Although he also thought that Zhou MuHui was also very good. 

         “It’s so nice…”

         Xin Yi softly mumbled behind him, Zhou MuHui heard it, then inclined toward him to hold him even tighter, said in a low voice, “Don’t get distracted.”

         Xin Yi let out an oh, and promptly followed him closely.

         Zhou MuHui was very busy, and had started to organize his work right after he have stepped into the office, Xin Yi was lying on the couch and doing his homework, at noon, someone knocked on the door and came in, holding a pile of lunch boxes, and walked toward Zhou MuHui.

         Xin Yi got flustered, hurriedly sat up properly, and hugged his books like a little kid. 


         The person who came was a girl, she widened her eyes in surprise after seeing him, Xin Yi saw her straightforward gaze and was a bit embarrassed, and evaded it by lowering his head. 

         “Put it here.”

         Zhou MuHui interrupted them, the girl was stunned, and immediately put down the things in her hands on the table. 

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         “Brother Zhou, I’ll go out first, this evening’s social activities have already been postponed, it’s been shifted to Tuesday.”

         Xin Yi’s attention had been drawn over, he saw Zhou MuHui slightly frown, and looked at him, then nodded.


         The door was gently closed, Xin Yi looked at the other party.

         “Come to eat.”

         This time, Zhou MuHui didn’t look at him, but Xin Yi couldn’t help but smile, closed his book, and jogged over. 

         The meal was eaten to a half when Zhou MuHui got a call, Xin Yi saw that he still hadn’t hung up, so he took the water cup in front of him and went to fetch water. 


         This floor was very quiet, there was almost no one, so when the girl appeared behind him, Xin Yi got a scare. 


         Xin Yi’s eyebrows slightly trembled, spoke out softly.

         The girl blinked, looked at his empty water cup, and asked, “Are you looking for the tea room?”

         Xin Yi was stunned and embarrassedly nodded. 

         This morning, Zhou MuHui poured a cup of water for him, because he was afraid that he could catch a cold on this rainy day, so he mixed it with medicine granules, Xin Yi was uncomfortable after drinking it, so he also finished drinking Zhou MuHui’s cup. 

         “Our tea room isn’t easy to find, I’ll take you there.”

         Xin Yi thanked her, and the other party hurriedly waved her hand, and said, “No need no need.”

         The tea room was indeed very hard to find, it was at the back of an empty meeting room, and the door also needed to be pushed to go in.

         “There is usually no one here, it’s weirdly designed.”

         The girl explained to him, looking at Xin Yi pouring water, then sneakily asked him, “Are you a newbie? A new trainee?”

         Xin Yi didn’t react, after he finished pouring water and blankly lifted his head.

         “You are so good-looking, your temperament is also good, if you debut you sure will have a lot of mom-fans.” 

         Xin Yi finally reacted, and hurriedly shook his head negatively, spoke in a small voice, “I am not.”

         He didn’t know why the other party had to suppress their voice, as if it was something that couldn’t be known by others, but Xin Yi has always been very well-behaved and was willing to show understanding for behaviors that he couldn’t understand. 

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         “You are really well-behaved.”

         The girl was surprised, then smiled and complimented him.

         Xin Yi got embarrassed after being told by her, and smiled at her holding his water cup.

         “It’s regrettable, back then I kept looking at you, your base is really too good, if it’s brother Zhou who takes you then you sure will be very popular.”

         “He is very amazing.” 

         Xin Yi’s ears moved, said, “I don’t know anything.”

         Then in the next second, couldn’t resist and asked, “Is he really amazing?”

         The girl eagerly nodded, “Yes! He is the type that, is naturally gifted and that also goes all out! We are very impressed by him!”

         “He is a monster, he can skip sleep for a long time, keep working and working, and can still negotiate some amazing contracts.”

         The other party couldn’t stop, and in the end, let out a sigh, “It’s regrettable that he’s going to stop.”

         Xin Yi didn’t understand, dumbly looking at her.


         “He is changing to working behind the scenes, at the end of the year he will completely stop managing people, last time I even ran into him having a meal with another person, it was the boss1 of another company, I suppose it was to poach him, I heard something like inviting him over, brother Zhou even nodded.”

         “That company was also very amazing, just that it’s a little far, it’s in B city.” 

         Xin Yi was confused, he only knew that Zhou MuHui switched to behind the scenes, the other party never mentioned to him about resigning, or even… leaving here.

         “So back then when I saw you, I was very happy, I thought that brother Zhou will continue to stay here.”

         “But it also doesn’t matter, this kind of person will shine no matter where they go, this kind of person that is diligent and skilled are the scariest, it’s simply terminating the existence of normal people like us. 

         The girl grinned and joked. 

         Xin Yi was holding the water cup, after a long while, nodded, and said, “Yeah.” 


*I am kinda confused because there wasn’t anything indicating that they hugged in the first place… But the author had edited a lot of the chapters, maybe it’s an oversight?

A person with some power (high-up)/boss

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