ouldn’t say anything, because he really couldn’t think of any other excuse.

           “Go back, don’t come here again.”

           But Zhou MuHui didn’t ask anymore, he only took a look at his handphone, and turned around to walk away.

           His phone was very old, it seemed to be a flip cover style from many years ago, Xin Yi sneakily took a few looks at it, because he kinda wants Zhou MuHui’s WeChat.


           But he didn’t dare to open his mouth, only obediently nodded, and bid goodbye to Zhou MuHui.

           Xin Yi was nearly eaten alive by his deskmate because he came too late, his deskmate found him another excuse, and let him skip another period, but if he still didn’t return, the teacher would have surely called his parents.

           Xin Yi apologized in a small voice, and sprawled on his desk in a daze, the other party asked him what was wrong, he quietly shook his head, and stared at his books without even blinking, and was concentrated on thinking about Zhou MuHui.

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           Xin Yi always thought that he was an obedient kid, but he lied that night, he called Yu TingYun and told him that he was going to eat with his deskmate, his deskmate hated that iron couldn’t become steel, but was shielding him on one side.
Yu TingYun didn’t think too much about it, and just said that he was going to get him when he was done, Xin Yi hurriedly shook his head, and said that he was going back by himself.

           Both of them let out a sigh of relief when the call was hung up, but Xin Yi didn’t wait for the other party to ask him, and just put on his backpack and ran out.

           “Xin Yi!”

           Xin Yi turned around while running, “I’ll tell you tomorrow!”

           He didn’t have much time and only wanted to leave it for Zhou MuHui.

           At that time, it wasn’t like Xin Yi was not curious about what Zhou MuHui looked like, he secretly thought about it in his heart, was it because Zhou MuHui wasn’t very good-looking, or maybe disfigured, that he was always wearing a mask.

           Xin Yi saw him so many times, but never saw him take it off.

           But Xin Yi seemed to not really care, he schemed for many days, and found out that he could accept it no matter what Zhou MuHui looked like, Xin Yi thought about it embarrassedly, maybe he was what other people called a brainless romantic, the one he likes would be the most good looking.

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           But when he saw Zhou MuHui’s face without his mask, it took a long time before he reacted, he made a lot of guesses about how Zhou MuHui could be not good-looking, but he didn’t think that he could be that good-looking.

           Xin Yi’s eyes were stuck, squatting in a corner and looking at him in a daze, he was frightened by what happened at noon, wandered a long time at the intersection of the alley but didn’t dare to go over, and was only waiting for Zhou MuHui to come out.

           Maybe his gaze was too searing and too fascinated, so Zhou MuHui looked over there, Xin Yi had forgotten to hide, until the man furrowed his brows, turned sideways, and put his mask back.

           But it was already too late, Xin Yi had already seen the scar on his face.


           Zhou MuHui didn’t walk over like usual, but guarded against him, looking at Xin Yi with a cold glance, and even took a step back.

           Xin Yi was sensitively aware that something was wrong, he didn’t know where that courage came from, staggeringly ran toward Zhou MuHui, grabbing him with force.

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           “Zhou, Zhou MuHui.” He looked up with a smile, “I’ve come to see you.”

           “Little kid! It’s time to eat!”

           The table in front of him was suddenly knocked on by someone, Xin Yi suddenly returned to his senses, and lifted his head to look at the other party blankly.

           He still hasn’t woken up from his old memories, even the shadows became illusory, and the other party’s mouth opened and closed, Xin Yi thought in his mind about that cold, precautions, and familiar face.

           Told him, “Get lost.”

           “Xin Yi.”

           A hand landed on his shoulder, that hand’s owner bent down to look at him, his face carried a constant alienation, but his eyes were soft.
The cat in his arms quietly slipped away, Xin Yi slowly blinked, then suddenly trembled, and hurriedly hugged the other party.

           “Zhou MuHui!” 

           Xin Yi suddenly cried.

           Big teardrops fell one after another, crying inexplicably and turbulently, Zhou MuHui didn’t even get the time to react, his natural reaction was to catch him.

           “What’s wrong?”

           Zhou MuHui’s voice was nervous, hurriedly lowered his head and comforted him.

           The suppressed fear suddenly collapsed with the memory of the past, Xin Yi cried until he couldn’t breathe, buried himself in his embrace with flurry and uneasiness.

           Xin Yi was afraid, afraid that he would really leave, afraid that it would really be just as he thought, when they weren’t married yet, he already planned to leave Xin Yi, then the like that Qi Fang has analyzed, does Zhou MuHui really loved him in those situations.

           All these messy feelings were about to crush him till he collapsed, along with Zhou MuHui from the past who fiercely told him to get lost, and the numbers of it burst out.*

           “Don’t be fierce with me…”

           Xin Yi hugged him tightly, choked, and said, “I like you, don’t be fierce with me.”

           Don’t leave me.

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