lly leaving.



           It was already nighttime when Xin Yi woke up, the floor lamp in the study room was switched up and emitting dim yellow light, he climbed off the sofa in a daze, and his foot landed on something soft.

           The soft thing called out, and appeared to feel wronged.

           “… Mao Mao.”

           Xin Yi lowered his head, and hurriedly picked him up.

           “How come you are here.”

           He looked at the cat in his arms and asked him, and tilted his head to look out of the window into the pitch-black night.

           And tardily remembered what he did.

           He fell asleep when Qi Fang came over, and he left people outside for half a day, Xin Yi almost bit his tongue, he carried the cat, and hurriedly walked out. 


           When the poor were pushed, Qi Fang happened to turn around, looked at him and mischievously greeted him, and called him, “Little kid, come over.”

           Xin Yi was a bit embarrassed, then paused stiffly halfway, then looked around in a loss.

           “Oh, looking for brother Zhou? He went grocery shopping, and said that you were probably going to wake up.”

           Qi Fang explained, then looked at him with a smile, “He really gets you, he left less than ten minutes before you woke up.”


           Xin Yi’s disappointed spirit returned to its place, pursed his lips into a smile, a bit shy.

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           He wasn’t wide awake yet, his mind still remained in the dizziness of dream, and didn’t know how to answer that question.”

           “You want to drink or not.”

           Xin Yi put the cat down and asked him.

           The cat got on the floor and jumped on the sofa, and peacefully lay down next to Qi Fang.

           Qi Fang let out a surprised sound, “What a fat tabby cat.”

           Xin Yi happened to come back with the water, and explained, “He is old, so his body is also big.”

           “Oh oh*.” 

           *”oh” that shows understanding

           Qi Fang took the water, and told him, “Little kid, brother Zhou said that you’re taking me in, thank you.”

           He smiled candidly, differently from when they first met, Xin Yi blinked and told him he was welcomed.

           Qi Fang stared at him without looking away, Xin Yi felt weird being stared at by him like that but he didn’t say anything, and the other party let out a long sigh.

           “Are you not my fan? How come you got together with brother Zhou?”


           He said that everyone was stunned that day, watching the two of them, and didn’t return to their senses, and also said that Zhou MuHui was very cool, especially the scar on his face, he once thought that his brother Zhou wouldn’t be able to find a wife.

           “Let him go get a laser but he won’t go, he insisted on keeping it.” Qi Fang scratched his head, “He is originally already special, but with a scar, who would want…”

           The words were halfway spoken and he urgently stopped, Qi Fang hurriedly closed his mouth, “I cannot say this.”

           His talk was very long, Xin Yi was originally almost dizzy from his talking, he sensitively could perceive what the half-spoken words were about.
Xin Yi paused for a while, holding the cup of water, and shook his head, “It’s fine, I know.”


           Qi Fang looked at him in a shock, “Ah, you know.”

           “Then I won’t talk about it, it’s all the past, don’t worry, I won’t make you feel sad once again.”

           He smiled proudly, “Look, I didn’t say anything wrong this time,.”

           Xin Yi felt like he was the grass on the top of a wall that sways with every wind, during this short period he came in contact with Qi Fang made him think that person was not bad, and involuntarily pulled him out from his black list. 


           Xin Yi nodded, “You did not.”

           “But you count as someone of his family, I have to seriously explain this matter to you, after all, brother Zhou was my manager at the beginning, these things that everyone knows, especially in this industry, and are quite sensitive towards these things, or else by the time it’s exposed out, it will be another foul wind and a rain of blood.”

           “And some of my fans aren’t very reasonable, although brother Zhou’s matter is a bit special… but you also know, a lot of people won’t really care about the cause.”

           “… en.”

           “Aiya, don’t be like this.” Qi Fang looked at his anxious face, and hurriedly said, “I’ve already covered these pieces of information about him, and already deleted those I could delete, don’t worry.”

           Xin Yi loosened his hand that was clenched the whole time, exerced strength, and nodded, then sat up straight, and thanked Qi Fang. 

           “Thank you.”

           Qi Fang was startled by his serious expression of thanks, and said quite embarrassed, “It’s fine, it’s fine, this is nothing.”

           “Brother Zhou also helped me a lot.”

           He spoke to a half before reacting, “It’s not right, last time I went to your school was only half a month ago, not only you guys are living together, you even know about that matter? Brother Zhou doesn’t seem like someone who would move so fast.”

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           After all, he has been working with Zhou MuHui for three years, and knew his character quite well, so he reacted tardily, and turned around to look at Xin Yi.

           “… Do you guys know each other from long ago?”

           Xin Yi didn’t think that the misunderstanding would be unraveled here, he looked at Qi Fang who had a blank expression, and immediately felt quite tongue-tied.


           “Then the other day, then the other day you went there to find…?”

           “Zhou MuHui.”

           He spoke in a quiet voice, afraid that it would make Qi Fang sad.

           “…” Qi Fang was stunned, leaned against the sofa in a daze, and said after a while, “Fudge, you are actually not my fan…”


           It took half a day to understand that it was a misunderstanding, Qi Fang lost the arrogance he had just now, and leaned on the sofa as if life was devoid of meaning.” 

           “I am your fan from today on.” Xin Yi said in a hurry, “I also have your fan slogan banners, don’t be sad.”

           To console Qi Fang, he took out the props he used to follow Zhou MuHui and showed them to Qi Fang. 

           “Look, I’ve always been your…”

           Xin Yi was stuck midway, he thought for a while but couldn’t think of any term for that, Qi Fang looked at him, and said in despair, “Passerby fan?”

           “All in all, not a real fan.”

           Xin Yi nodded promptly, “I will do my best to become a real fan in the future.”

           Qi Fang took the slogan banner, let out a long sigh, and said in a self-defeating voice, “Little kid, the other day went in the auditorium, was it also brother Zhou who brought you in?”

           Xin Yi looked at him, and moved back a little.

           “Yes.” Qi Fang held his face, “Fudge, I thought you liked me too much, it scared me into taking the front door to leave…”

           Only did Xin Yi understand why Qi Fang changed his route at the last moment that day, he pinched his fingers awkwardly, and said, “I only like Zhou MuHui.” 

           “I know that already, don’t say anything.”

           The banner blocked the light, and cut off a bit the sounds, Xin Yi listened to his muffled beg for mercy, ignorantly comforted him, “It’s ok.”

           Qi Fang exposed half of his face from behind the banner, and said with complex feelings, “Forget it…”

           He spread out the things on his thighs and looked at Xin Yi’s apologetic face, and had another thought.

           “Then can you help me to beg for mercy, so even if brother Zhou resigns in the future, he will give me a hand if I have something, is it ok?” 

           He winked and made signs to him, “Little kid, is it ok?”

           Xin Yi was stunned, that was the first time he was officially hearing from others about the matter of Zhou MuHui resigning, he looked at Qi Fang’s face full of smiles, and slowly nodded, “Oh.”

           Qi Fang was elated, but Xin Yi seemed like he only returned to his senses, looked at Qi Fang in a daze, and asked, “Why… How come he, he wants to resign?”

           His face carried a confused expression, but Qi Fang didn’t notice it.

           “Probably earned enough money.” Qi Fang was carefree, and didn’t pay attention to his weird behavior, “He originally joined this line of job to pay off his debt, or else, why would he go all out during all these years.” 

           “But it’s also his fault for refusing to be a star, or he would have to pay it off eight hundred years ago, and would need to go as far as to almost drink to death for one million.” 

           Xin Yi widened his eyes, shocked by who knows what, Qi Fang looked at him, and hurriedly corrected, “That was before! After that, I would tell people to stay with him, and he did not drink that fiercely ever again!” 


Short for ‘couple’ in Chinese slang Idiom, “死马当活马医” means to make a last attempt in a desperate situation.

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